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Alexandra Bruce
February 8, 2014

While the US has been squandering its human and financial capital on baseless, illegal wars, destroying millions of lives in the process (on all sides), China has been quietly been becoming one of the world’s leaders in new infrastructure projects and in high technology.

While it’s true that the entire Chinese population still has a way to go, as far as enjoying the high standard of living of the US, Europe and other Western economies (whose standards are rapidly eroding, in some places), it is generally believed that China will eventually be mopping the floor with the West’s behind within the lifetimes of some people reading this.

Author, Michael Fjektland (BBA/JD with honors), has negotiated in about 50 countries since the ’70s, starting with the Fortune 500 and then as a global entrepreneur. He takes us a 7 minute wild Ride on China’s MagLev train and shares personal photos of China from 1982 and in 2012, taken by the author in the exact same places – showing the drastic changes, compared to America during the same time period.

This homemade film shows 7 Key 21st Century Technologies Where China is LEADING the U.S. – and how China’s Space Program has something we won’t have very soon….the film ends with Fjektland’s proposal for an “Agenda for American Greatness”.

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Alexandra Bruce

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