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This video about a chart that describes the “16-year plan to destroy America” was posted yesterday on TRUTHSocial by the intelligence collective, Enthéos with the comment:


• Purge Constitutional Military Leaders
• Insert Globalist Military Leaders
• Disarm American Citizens
• Arm Jihadis/ISIS/Cartels
• Persecute Whistleblowers
• Weaponize Gov Agencies (+IRS)
• Transform Education with Revisionism
• Bankrupt USA (Cloward-Piven Strategy)
• Stoke Racial Tension
• Open Borders/Import Refugees
• Weaken NSA Strengthen CIA
• Enable Trafficking/Promote Satanism/End Christianity
• Wet Works/SCOTUS

The chart describes key initiatives to ensure the destruction of the US to be undertaken during 8 years of Obama’s presidency, followed by 8 years of Hillary’s presidency.

Q referred to the “16-year plan to destroy America” on December 21, 2018 in Post 2640 and I first saw this chart in 2018 or 2019.

Seeing it again a few years later, it’s clear that it’s real and that various things that were supposed to be implemented under Hillary Clinton have been achieved, instead under Trump and Biden, including the destruction and censorship of opposing news outlets, a “Population Control Mass Extinction Event”, in which “billions of dollars” would be “pocketed”, open borders (i.e., an endless supply of Democrat voters) and the deliberate destruction of the economy to starve and enslave the public:



• Install Rogue Operators in Government (Comey, Lynch, Holder)
• Remove Good Guys from Government (Valerie Jarrett Sniffer)
• Fund Terrorism (MS-13, ISIS) – Control Domestic Terror
• Leak Classified Intel/Military Secrets (Intel to China/Russia)
Special Access Program Selloff (SAPs on Hillary’s Servers)
• Nuclearize North Korea and Iran (Blind Eye to Nuke Progress)
• Cut Military Funding (Budget Sequestration)
• Weaken NSA/Reveal Programs (Edward Snowden Leaks)
• Fund/Supply North Korea & Iran (Uranium 1, Iran Deal)
• Weaken Command of Generals (End Don’t Ask Don’t Tell)
• Target/Weaken Conservative Base (IRS Targeting, MSM Bias)
• Stage Supreme Court (Antonin Scalia)
• Kill NASA Space Supremacy/EMP Risk (End Space Shuttle)
• Relax Borders/Flood Illegals (New Dem Voters)


• World War III/Real & Orchestrated (Planned Like WW1-2)
• Revise Constitution (Kill Rights & Freedoms)
• Close US Military Bases Globally (Weaken Military Response)
• Population Control/Pocket Billions (Mass Extinction Event) – COVID + Death Shot
• Ban Sale of Firearms (Mass Shootings – No Guns)
• Destroy/Censor Opposing News Outlets (FCC Censorship)
• Eliminate Final Good Guys in Government (No Resistance)
• Install Corrupt Supreme Court Justices (Dem/Liberal Legal Wins)
• Open Borders (Endless Supply of Dem Voters)
• Kill Economy/Starve/Enslave Public (Starved, Blind and Stupid)
• Remove Electoral College (Rigged Voting Machines)
• Limit/Remove Military Funding (Weaken Military Assets)

When “AT” on the TRUTHSocial thread asked, “What can be done to correct and how can we help, Enthéos?” the latter replied:

“You’re doing it AT – the 2nd American Revolution is Information based
concentrate energy on November election
much easier with more hands on deck
keep supporting President Trump’s mission
they’re destroying themselves for generations
be LITE – discard anything meaningless around you
no ‘time killers’ – use talents / be creative / be kind
start with your circle of influence then expand
we’re going to win – not a joy ride though
more like a bull ride.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • “An endless supply of democratic voters” ?!! This is one excuse that I cannot understand how anyone could believe true. Why do they need voters when they control elections and rig outcomes in their favor? No the open border is for (1) the thought long ago forgotten North American Union of America/Canada/Mexico – why not go ahead and mingle the three country’s population NOW, while they can.. and (2) the children are a continual source of adrenachrome, sexual pleasure for these luciferian psychopaths, and eventually organs to be harvested. BTW the nanotech laden jab – regardless of what the deep state owned and controlled media and “fact checkers” tell you, is a weapon designed to infiltrate the body and set up self replicating nanobot systems within. It is NOT going to end well for the jabbed. I have also found out through my research that what they are calling “morgellons” (hyper-toxicity) is actually the precursor to the nano that is in the jab. I was right when I said that we morgie victims are indeed the canaries in the coal mine – except too few listened to us, much less heeded our warnings…

  • “TRUTH Social” is NOT “intelligence collective”, as if aaall these worthless alphabet thug agencies are any good when in fact they are the problem. . TRUTH social is Trump or more like The Trampe!!! He is no better than Obongo or Hillbilly Larry. Trump, and you need to get this up yours by any means necessary has been SELECTED and NOT elected. They fooled her into thinking she got this when she was just being used to make the whole worthless show look like it’s legitimate fight when it was not. They Knew from day one if not year one who was gonna be next.
    Get over it.
    “get the ‘good guys’ out”?!?! Why would they refer to them as the ‘good guys’ if they want them out?!?!?!? whoever wrote the crap upstairs has got to be as stupid as mule if not worse.
    and shame on you for trying to pass “truthcrap” for some hot shot NSA type of crap when Trump is the dork behind it. Anybody who support the dork is yet just another. Fucking morons…

  • This is disinformation.
    “They never thought she would loose.”

    Oh come on, everything went exactly as planned. Q is fake and Trump is not the saviour.
    Anyone who hasn’t got this yet is just another sheeple.

        • Hi Marten,
          I can remember in May of 1985 I Said those words to a friend of a friend (“Watching Football”) this coming season ?
          He laughed So hard for about 20 minutes, it took awhile for him to reveal the inside information Football.
          And he told me I was shocked,
          He said: It’s All rigged by the rules and Referees,
          I said: I need more than that to believe.
          He said: It’s May of 1985 who are you betting on the Superbowl for 1986 ?
          I said Huh ?
          That’s a long way away from now , preseason didn’t even start.
          He said: My inside source already told me the 1986 Superbowl winner.
          The earlier ya place your bet for Superbowl winner the More Money ya win.
          He was right and I never looked at football the way I used to.

    • the originator of this list is the trampe itself. Why would they call the good guys good guys if they were the ones to write that crap?!?!?! you asked a good righteous question.
      I am sick and tried of the bull shit coming from both sides.

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