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The Queen is dead, God save us from the King. Perhaps the most significant political figure (after Pope Francis) to endorse Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates’s global lockdown was Prince Charles. Today, the King of the Great Reset has got plans for the world that are truly bloodcurdling.

Plus, in this Underground we offer telling footage of a recent meeting wherein the then-Prince Charles congratulated Pope Francis on his “great success with the environment.” What was that all about? Watch and see.

Speaking of the Great Reset, Francis was in Kazakhstan this past week, and his Meeting of the World Religions in the “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation” was something right out of The Lord of the World….well, Star Trek, anyway.

Throughout the Catholic entire hierarchy, however, no one seemed bothered by it at all, except for one. But Bishop Athanasius Schneider was criticized for doing so by everyone from the Jesuit magazines, to the world press, even certain Traditional Catholics.

Why? Michael Matt explains.

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  • I love these religious talks, everybody claims to have the right religion, people talk about Jesus being the only true saviour, but no one knows Jesus teachings, let alone follow his teachings, and they defend their falsehoods as if these were true, such conviction is mind boggling, as if the Creator of the Universe were as petty as we humans are. This gives credence to the saying that God created humans in his image and humans returned the favour.

  • Wow! What a den of thieves, perverts and pedophiles that worship a 3 headed
    Sun god. God will judge this cage full of unclean noisy and greedy birds. Wake up world, you have been deceived by a false ministry.

  • Of course it matters that there is a fake Pope running around. You cannot fight within if you accept this as being true. Expose the fake pope, expose the true Nature of what Christianity represents, Jesus is the Light. The Christ represents the Life Source to us made possible by the Sun, with the other Heavenly Celestial bodies, Moon, Planets, Stars.
    Catholicism is the best equipped of the Christian faith to expose this Truth, due to the fact it has always hid it in its Symbology, and the Vatican sits on the ancient “Mithra” Temple.
    Time to grow and evolve this Faith to its original based origins. It will bring upon an enlightenment to the followers and bring wholeness in the “Full Circle” of evolving from the ancient “Mithra’s” & “Zeus” & “Odin” of old, and any other “Mythology” such as Noah, Abraham, Moses.
    What matters is the Representation of all these Characters and what they stood for. That has never changed.

  • Are we not all temples?
    I need not the guidance of man to tell me what is right.
    When it comes to religions, I am an unbeliever.
    Religions were created to CONTROL the masses.
    God bless, and forgive us all.
    Be careful where you walk, you may step upon a snake.
    A snake will smile at you, and bite you as well.

  • This theatre is to endorse the NWO monarchy as Ambassadors of the UN Empire.
    Their Excellencies (UN Protocol) are purely political, to promote the complete Cultural, Social and Economic AI Global Revolution, without our full knowledge, without our consent.
    Agenda after agenda.

  • Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince Paperback – December 1, 1997 by Joan M. Veon

    It’s been said of him that he is petulant, stubborn, spoiled and worse . We’ve not forgotten how wooden and insensitive he was to his bride while he carried on an adulterous relationship with his substitute mommie!

    He’s up to his ears in secret orders!


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