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    On March 13, 2020, President Trump declared a nationwide emergency and everyone was ordered to stay home for 2 weeks to “flatten the curve”. We’ve since been terrorized by the relentless rise of the biomedical security state.

    Many of us have been wondering how such a massive scam is being pulled off on a global scale? How are all the human, civil and Constitutional rights that we always took for granted suddenly being thrown out the window?

    Paralegal and Constitutional expert, Katherine Watt on her Substack, Bailiwick News, has amassed tons of data going back over 220 years, showing how this erosion of our Constitution has been done incrementally and then, how it started going into overdrive about 40 years ago:

    “A whole lot of things that once were federal and state crimes and civil rights violations have been legalized by Congress through legislative, statutory revisions to the United States Code…I think the critical decay began around 1983, when the ‘public health emergencies’ section was added to the 1944 Public Health Service Act…But most of the worst laws have been passed since 2000 – just before 9/11 and the US Department of Defense false flag anthrax attacks…

    “In other words: Congress and US Presidents legalized and funded the overthrow of the US Constitution, the US Government and the American people, through a massive domestic bioterrorism program relabeled as a public health program, conducted by the HHS Secretary and Secretary of Defense on behalf of the World Health Organization and its financial backers.”

    Katherine recently put two heads together with retired pharma executive, Sasha Latypova, someone who was involved for years in the legal hurdles of bringing pharmaceuticals to market and all the ins and outs of FDA regulations. This has been a meeting of two very clear-thinking minds, each one expert in their respective fields of US Law and pharmaceutical regulations, yielding laser like clarity on how the Scamdemic was done, from a legal perspective.

    The big reveal for most of us is that the entire Death Shot campaign is controlled by the US Department of Defense, which is something that emerged during the False Claims lawsuit of subcontractor, Brook Jackson against Pfizer for defrauding the US Government.

    Jackson had attached her company’s Statement of Work contract to prove that they were falsely saying they were doing good clinical trials. She’d assumed the US Government would be grateful. It turns out they weren’t, because they were *in* on the fraudulent clinical trials. They were in on the fraud, in its entirety.

    In Pfizer’s motion to dismiss Brook’s case, they attached another contract called an Other Transaction Authority  – an OTA contract – saying in effect, they had no obligation to conduct valid clinical trials because the only goods and services they were providing to the US government, according to this OTA contract were a “large scale manufacturing demonstration for a prototype”.

    Legally, these shots are not clinical pharmaceutical products so they are not subject to any normal pharmaceutical regulations. They are bioweapons that are intended to maim and kill.

    This is why, in the face of all of the overwhelming evidence of injury and death, the FDA and its counterparts all over the world have not stopped this program. The fake “clinical trials” were just a PSYOP to convince people to get the injections and to inject their babies.

    The way we know for sure these are bioweapons is that the DoD has custody of the vials until their contents are drained into the arms of recipients. If you divert the product anywhere in the chain of custody before it goes into their arms, it’s considered a federal theft under 18 US Code §641.

    It doesn’t look like “the military is the only way”. They’re the ones killing us!

    It is common practice for FDA-approved pharmaceuticals to be available to researchers through a licensed provider, in order for competitors and whoever wishes to do studies. However, testing of the COVID-19 vials is strictly forbidden by these DoD contracts.

    The only testing that has been done has been on those vials that were illegally smuggled out of doctor’s offices and pharmacies. The result is that nobody really knows what’s in these things or what they’ve been injected with and the only way to find out is by observing the damage being suffered and by cross-referencing these observations with the adverse events reports associated with certain batch numbers and also by reverse-engineering the contents of the vials through independent microscopic analyses of smuggled samples.

    Presumably, Congress is filled with lawyers who must have seen these DoD contracts with the vaccine manufacturers and they know exactly what’s going on. So, with this newly-Republican-led House, we have to take these people to task and if they don’t immediately stop the shot, it’s time to kick ALL the bums out!

    We know, from the actuarial work of Wall Street analyst, Ed Dowd that 7,500 Americans are being killed or disabled DAILY, due to the sequelae from these injections. He says that’s roughly 2,500 killed daily and 5,000 disabled daily.

    With all of this legal and actuarial information now revealed, we’ve arrived at the point where, as biotech analyst Karen Kingston says, we don’t need any more information in order to act.

    It’s up to us to stop the shots in our own local communities, schools and governments. No White Hats are going to swoop in. We Are The Plan.

    Karen recently posted a Substack, outlining how Florida can bring criminal charges against Pfizer and the FDA under Florida Title 46 Chapter 790.166.

    Here is how Katherine Watt responded:

    “Florida’s governor, surgeon general, legislature and/or courts could classify the mRNA injections — once delivered across their state border — as bioweapons, and classify the DoD delivery supply chain as a WMD attack. Then I think they could ban them and destroy them under their own state-level statutes prohibiting possession, transport or use of weapons of mass destruction.

    “In Florida, that law is Florida Statute 790.166. Please do pursue it at the state level. This is the main thrust of what I’m getting at with the federal complaint drafting. If the product gets shifted at every legal level where it’s legally classified in some way, out of the medical countermeasure/FDA pharmaceutical product framework and into the criminal DoD-bioweapon/WMD-attack framework, it changes the whole ballgame. That shift can and should be pushed in every state too. Most of the states have WMD laws, ever since 9/11.

    “In her post, Kingston makes an argument for state prosecutors in Florida and other states to go after Pfizer officials and FDA regulators, but not US Presidents, Senior Executive Service (SES) officials in HHS, DoD or other cabinet agencies, on grounds that US government officials will seek refuge in government immunity, by arguing that their use of bioweapons is authorized under national security frameworks.

    “I think state prosecutors should investigate and charge federal officials anyway, even though they will try to claim immunity. Investigate and charge them, to force them to make their horrific defense arguments under oath in public filings and open courtrooms.

    “Make President Trump, President Biden, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, through Attorney General Merrick Garland on their behalf and as a co-defendant, file sworn defenses to filed charges.

    “Make them argue that the US government must commit global mass murder in order to save humanity from famine, poverty, and climate disasters; that they must destroy the village to save it.

    “Make them argue that they must kill us to save us from food, water, energy and other calamities that — like the chemical and biological warfare program — are threats they themselves have demonstrably planned and implemented for at least a century for the same evil purpose: to kill people.

    “Make Merrick Garland say, loudly and clearly, that Becerra, Austin and Biden are committing mass atrocities using toxic pathogens and lethal injections, ‘with lawful authority.’ Make them say it so everyone can hear them.”

    We are so blessed to have heroes like Katherine Watt, Sasha Latypova, Karen Kingston, Edward Dowd and others on our side!

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    • So…..what if I were to tell you…. The military reservations (a place to have mock wars….and practice being a lie….thousands of acres mind you of which the federal gov is not supposed to have under any guise) well….that’s because it isn’t federal land! Yes that’s correct… it’s privately owned just like the federal reserve!! Pissed off yet? Which means Fort Lewis of Washington State is PRIVATELY owned!! So don’t expect them to come running in anytime soon! At least for your benefit! Get it now? Apply that to the other 50 states then multiply oh shit then you got your answer?!

    • Hmmmm,this would mean we’re paying the worthless assholes for nothing with the tax money they got from us without congress in the first place? And so now that means if we’re paying them to do their jobs of which they are not and haven’t been…..and then also the modifying of the constitution which I’m sure is completely illegal because we all know if it legally could be….some asshole would only do that for their own financial benefit!

    • Wish there was such a thing as “only way” though I believe there’s no such a thing as absolutely correct way.
      But whatever we can do the best is likely the best way available for the moment, not limited to military or anything else.

      Every way has pros and cons

    • Second time my comment was taken down by the AI censorship. Don’t talk about the rope and the Pentagon or the White House, the Congress and the alphabet organizations. Or the bought and paid for military scum and other forms of soy boy. And White Hats and “Q”, being a Psy-Op. Capt Joe Kelley.

    • One of my comments got taken down. It was about getting a rope and starting with the White House and Congress, and the Pentagon, and every one of the Alphabet organizations like the CIA, FBI, etc, etc, and even all the ones that retired thinking the are home free. But soy boys and military pussies that are bought off ain’t gonna cut it. Looks like it’s gonna take grandmas, old military retirees and old farts like me, to get our country back. ‘Cause there ain’t no White Hats and “Q” is nothing more than a military Psy-Op. Wake the f… up and get a rope. Capt Joe Kelley.

      • Yes, definitely Q and white-hats are controlled oppositions.
        There may be brave military men and women, but clearly they are outnumbered by herds of bots and NPC’s that I do not think that there’s any way to save this “physical” world.
        The question is what about spiritual world? We should be digging harder on it.

    • There is a way to stop this, but it will take the public to quit crying, grow some balls and get off their f…… asses and get a rope. And start with the White House, the Pentagon and the CIA and Congress and every other alphabet organization like the FBI and All of the retired scum who think they can escape the rope. Unfortunately, soy boys and pussies in the military ain’t gonna help. You got that, brainwashed ass…..? Capt Joe Kelley.

    • Yes, Military is the only way. YESSSSSS!!!! Keep going, don’t stop now!

      We have to sit back, watch this movie unfold and trust the plan!!!

      I saw how the numbers lined up here:

      You see how the numbers line up? OMG, all this Q stuff just gets me so freaking hard! Gosh, if you excuse me I got a little winning begging for release here.

      Trust the plan people. Good is going to prevail. I will stay in my basement until it does!

      • Soy boys, trusting the plan. Stay in your basement and Jack off into your hand and eat it. The only plan is to screw us all, dumbass. The White Hats and “Q”, is a psy-op. Wake the f… up and get a rope. Capt Joe Kelley.

    • It’s almost funny this belief in law. So the ghouls write the law, the people follow the law, and if they are mandating bioweapons as pharmaceuticals, the people have to find another law that says it’s against the law. Like I said, it’s “almost” funny. When are people going to realize that law itself is a fallacy and stop believing in such nonsense? Not that we don’t live by principles but we have to have a say in what principles we live by, not some ghoulish suited criminals.

    • Images of circuitry in shots that assemble near router disassemble in faraday. scientists and engineers analyze. on red voice media search using duckduckgo Maria Zeee. mac addresses emitting from graves of those who died in 2021.

    • On March 13, 2020 I did what most everyone else did and submitted to Trumps National Emergency, and then went to work doing my own homework.

      By the first week in April, it became clear to me that Trumps emergency was something other than a simple national health emergency. By June 2020 I already had it wired and instantly upon seeing the newly published book by Klaus Schwab, was convinced it confirmed my investigation findings that the national emergency was a global bio war plan.

      Back then hardly anyone took me seriously, but by 21 I was being harassed by my server and finally suspended without cause. Well, I knew what the cause was. They lied about it, like they lie about censoring my emails. Oh, they call it spam blocking. They at one point falsely accused me of spamming. Anyone who wanted me to stop emailing them I happily complied and only a couple of people have ever requested that over a period of years. It happens, I can’t satisfy everyone.

      As a lifelong amateur historian I know that only the mechanism of tyranny is new. Science is being used to destroy on pretexts of saving! Funny thing about it is that the destroyers are open and up-front about their plans and then they lie about them while they execute them. They get away with it because so many people are so jazzed up they don’t have time or peace of mind to think things through rationally. Gas lighting is an ancient tactic, it’s been an effective weapon of warfare for thousands of years. The reason it’s so effective today is that the Decalogue has been destroyed, by neglect and direct attack by and of all places the CHURCH house, from whence it trickled down to the court house and the state house.

      Hence bearing false witness is no longer barred if there is an excuse such as “for the greater good” for instance. Well, how does one define “good” apart from Moses and Christ? Such spurious relativistic definitions are legion. I will quote a CEO of a subsidiary corporation who responded to my questioning his plans on moral and ethical grounds for the coming new year. His response was; “what is that to me, that’s a moving target, it means different things to different people, I’ve got a corporation to run”. That was out of the mouth of a 70’s university graduate, back around 1990 and I paid a political price for my daring to question that imp. Today that is the essence of MORAL RELATIVISM and its everywhere, including high positions of power.

      Those of us who yet believe the Decalogue still stands are simply being run over by moral relativists on the bench, at the head of corporations, in the university, television, POTUS and pulpits!

      These outlaws are convinced the greater good end always justifies the means, as long as ‘aways’ is in their favor!

    • When there is no justice left to save us, then there is just us left to save us. We must get on with it and end this lunacy and Lucifarianism

    • Trump attacked the governor of Georgia for canceling the lockdown earlier.
      Obama retired the top generals and replaced them with libtards.

      • Well, actually, Obama FIRED 197 military officers his first two years in office and replaced them with obedient Leftards.

        • And Trump made it worse later by surrounding himself with bunches of warmongers.
          There’s no end to bullshits from politics, and our opinions don’t matter regardless of who is in charge.
          The system is corrupt.

    • Military IS the ONLY way. The left is cheating in every election, in the open. Either WE have to match their fraud, and show up with billions of fake ballots, because obviously, “chain of custody” makes no difference now.

      • What about the SCOTUS decision of court that any law that subjugated the US Constitution shall be null and void as if it had not passed at all. And all rights not enumerated in the Federal Constitution are reserved to the states and their people.

      • That absolves ourselves from not asking questions, just accepting what those departments say. Who is to blame for that really?

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