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    We need all heads on all swivels across America right now.

    “Ranchers in heart of California concerned about 100’s of rail cars full of unknown substances brought out to heart of agricultural land and head of aqueduct to San Francisco unordered by landowners. No one knows what or why they are here”

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    • IF this is actually Liquified Natural Gas, at the worst you have a miles-long string of giant firecrackers, a string of fiery explosions on flatland. During this energy crisis, where are they obtaining all that LNG, and for whom? LNG burns hot, but burns clean, comparatively.
      This is not the “Target”; there’s no nearby population. No, I don’t think so. I think these tankers are likely filled with some caustic chemical or a nasty mix of several, and it is probable that these cars are full and in “storage” safely in a “Blue” state and available for rapid deployment elsewhere, or several “elsewheres”. If each car was filled with some sort of reactive chemicals separate from each other, the chemical reaction could be safely stored until the tanks are ruptured, allowing them to mix reactively. The “Controlled Burn” in Ohio was initiated by Thermite charges, which implies a military or demolition source. I doubt that the “Blue” California agricultural land is the immediate target.
      It’s time for another MAGA Fukushima somewhere else in Trump Country.
      BTW, if you don’t yet realize it, this is a thinly-veiled open war on America, especially Conservatives. East Palestine is meant to look like a toxic mistake by buffoons. It is beginning to appear that it was well-planned and perpetrated by several cooperating interests.

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