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    @DC_Draino tweeted:

    Nothing to see here

    Just a guy wearing an earpiece physically forcing people inside the Capitol on J6 & a woman calling him out on it

    I’m sure he wasn’t a Federal Agent of any kind

    *This* is why they don’t want more video footage released

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Well it’s just more proof & a reminder that clubs, organizations get infiltrated.
      To me it just reenforces the idea that the people were setup so more Freedoms (FreeDumbs) can be limited or reduced to the public people.
      People need to Wake Up and Realize What’s Really Going On with a 2 party political system.


    • Im sure the whole story falls apart now.
      But even tho you saying you were pushed in might be true, its sounds a bit far fetched.
      What were you doing on the doorstep there in the first place?
      This part i find a bit difficult to support or sympathize with.
      Simply because occupying federal buildings and trespass like this is something we should leave up to Antifa and those scumbags.
      But i do enjoy watching the hypocrisy of AOC and co, as they were so upset over this situation right here, yet were caught in a zoom metting conspiring to do the exact same thing.
      But hypocrisy is nothing new from her

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