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The pseudonymously-named “DJ” from Level9News shares some interesting news with us, regarding patents owned by the US Department of Defense, the first one, #3951134, named “Distant Brain Reading and Brainwave Manipulation” and #6011991 “Remote Brain-Computer Interface Neural Monitoring”, both of which have to do with the Global Neural Net GeoINT and the JADE II software, which have been referenced in other posts of hers to this site.

DJ only has time to discuss the latter, reading from the patent file, itself:

“Remote Brain-Computer Interface Neural Monitoring.


“A System and Method Enabling Human Beings to Communicate by Way of Their Monitored Brain Activity.”

DJ comments that , “This is artificial telepathy. Moving on with the document:

“The brain activity of an individual is monitored and transmitted to a remote location by satellite. At the remote location, the monitored brain activity is compared with pre-recorded, normalized brain activity curves, waveforms or patterns, to determine if a match or substantial match is found.”

DJ notes, “I can see this going to the edging of the human nodes on the network, as well as going to the ABI data being collected, going to thought-based activity, for mapping and mastering the human domain.” Continuing from the document:

“If such a match is found, then the computer at the remote location determines that the individual was attempting to communicate a word, phrase or thought, corresponding to the match stored in the normalized signal.”

DJ notes, “If this technology’s employed by GeoINT, you won’t even have the privacy of your own thoughts.” She also opines that she doesn’t think that this technology was not funded, developed and patented for government and military use, to sit on a shelf to be “collecting dust.” She continues reading from the patent:


“This invention relates to a system and method for enabling human beings to communicate with one another by monitoring brain activity. In particular, this invention relates to such a system and method where brain activity of a particular individual is monitored and transmitted in a wireless manner; i.e., via satellite. From the location of the individual to a remote location, so that the brain activity can be computer-analyzed at the remote location, thereby enabling the computer and/or individuals at the remote location to determine what the monitored individual was thinking or wishing to communicate.

“In certain embodiments, this invention relates to the analysis of brainwaves or brain activity and/or to enable the remote firing of select brain nodes, to bring about a predetermined effect on the individual.

DJ stops reading and comments, “Now this is mind control; MK-Ultra – not necessarily by human handlers but by a computer system, that sits on a Global Information Grid, network-centric environment.

“They can not only monitor your thoughts but they can modify your behavior, remotely. Moving on:


“Generally-speaking, this invention fulfills the above-described needs in the art by comprising the nine steps, that in here will be employed.

“1. Providing a first human being at a first location. This would be equivalent of your “Patient 0” or a target node on the network.

“2. Providing a computer at a second location that is remote from the first location.” DJ interjects, here: “This would be the GeoInt, AI (Artificial Intelligence) system on the Global Information Grid – or, in a more localized aspect, the JADE II software.

“3. Providing a satellite. This would be the space component of the domain of the Global Information Grid (GIG).

“4. Providing at least one sensor, preferably a plurality – or tens, hundreds or thousands, with each sensor monitoring the firing of one or more brain nodes or synapses in the identified individual or individuals.” DJ comments, “Now, this ties in with the remote nano-sensing devices discussed in the previous GeoINT Symposium’s End Papers.

“5. Detecting the brain activity of the first human being, using at least one sensor and transmitting the detected brain activity to the satellite as a signal, including brain activity information.” DJ interjects, “Now, once you are a human node on a geospatial intelligence network, with a unique bio API or network identifier, this is a piece of cake for these psychopaths!

“6. The satellite, then sending the signal, including the brain activity information to the second location -” DJ stops, “Or, in other words, down to the Global Information Grid for processing.

“7. A receiver at the second location receiving the information and sending the information to the computer.” DJ says, “Now, remember how we discussed how the HTA tool and the AI programs being developed for identifying the signal in the noise? This brain-mapping technology goes to that aspect of GeoINT.

“8. Comparing the received brain activity information of the first human being with normalized or average brain activity relating to the first human being from memory.” DJ comments, “This goes to the mapping of the individual nodes for normalcy patterns. From a telepathic ABI standpoint, by way of mapping the human brain activity, casting a neural net over humanity.

“9. Determining whether the first human being was attempting to communicate particular words, phrases or thoughts, based upon the comparing of the received brain activity information, to the information from memory. Now, if it can distinguish reminiscing thought from present space-time activity communication of words, phrases or thoughts, this technology can, in essence, determine intent before an action is executed by the first human being.”

DJ stops and comments, “Now, I want you to imagine the implications of this technology, layered on an AI core, on the GeoINT network system….”

This is just a transcript, I wrote of the first 8 minutes of this clip. There are 15 minutes more of totally mind-blowing information in here…

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