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    Civil rights lawyer, Harmeet Dhillon joined Tucker Carlson to talk about Mark Zuckerberg’s shocking admission last week that Facebook had censored the Hunter Biden laptop story after the FBI told them that it was “Russian Disinformation”.

    She says this confirms what she already knew, saying, “I already sued Twitter after the election for taking people down, including my client, Rogan O’Handley – and it turned out that he was taken down at the request of the California Secretary of State, who was auditioning to become a United States Senator in the Biden administration.

    “So we filed a lawsuit, went to court, showed the judge all the evidence of how the Government was involved in the censorship and the judge didn’t buy it. This case is pending before the 9th Circuit and there have been other cases like this. Hearing it from Mark Zuckerberg’s mouth is truly stunning, and I don’t know how the government can deny this.”

    Listening to Harmeet, I was struck by the parallels with what we learned from Tore Maras, about how the Feds gained control of US elections via privatized cut-outs of the DHS contracting with state secretaries of state.

    One wonders how many people have gotten de-platformed by social media at the request of a state secretary of state? Is this the exception or the norm? How many of these secretaries of state have requested de-platformings on the orders of the FBI? What’s the ratio of the number of people de-platformed by AI, versus by green-haired social media employees, versus by the Government?

    We know that Twitter has a revolving door with the FBI. After helping to orchestrate the Crossfire Hurricane endless coup that ran throughout Trump’s presidency while he was FBI General Counsel, Jim Baker then joined Twitter as Deputy General Counsel and VP of Legal, where he presided over the censorship of Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell and the de-platforming of the sitting President and Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces.

    Jim Baker invited Michael Sussman to work at Twitter, the same Michael Sussman who represented the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and who hired CrowdStrike to help them cover-up Hillary’s corruption by pushing the Russia Hoax about the DNC servers being hacked by Russia during the 2016 elections – the same CrowdStrike that contracted with the States of Colorado and Ohio, as well as Hoke County, North Carolina to control their elections!

    We’re beginning to see where the rubber meets the road, in the implementation of the Globalist agenda. It keeps coming back to a small group at the FBI and Deep State fronts, like CrowdStrike.



    Documents obtained by NATIONAL FILE prove that Twitter and Facebook colluded with the government to censor the national conversation. The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) pressured both Facebook and Twitter to censor information on their platforms ahead of the 2020 election and made it clear that Facebook and Twitter were both willing to play ball with the government to censor data.

    These revelations further prove that social media does the bidding of the government to censor Americans. Recently leaked emails suggest that collusion occurred between the CDC and Facebook, Google and Twitter to censor anti-vaccine information. The Biden White House reportedly tried to get a journalist named Alex Berenson banned from Twitter for criticizing the official Coronavirus narrative. And Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the FBI played a role in Facebook’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 election. Now, we know that Facebook and Twitter were collaborating with the government in the run-up to the 2020 election…

    “Is Twitter an independent entity in its relationship with government actors?,” an expert legal analyst remarked to NATIONAL FILE

    The legal analyst continued: “Even more puzzling, these people appear oblivious to the inherent restrictions imposed on them due to their government roles. Why do they feel so emboldened? They write they’re frustrated Twitter imposed an additional step to remove posts they don’t like, forcing government actors to use a third party intermediary to make the request. Stunning they’re so oblivious as to the illegality of this, they write asking Twitter to remove this inconvenient step, and post the letter online!! The other shocking ask is their request to have direct input into Twitter’s user agreement. Legally, everything about that is outrageous…

    The legal analyst continued: “That of course begs the question, did Twitter change its user agreement at this groups request and or direction? Did they influence any language directed at removing users? Did they have a role in the creation of fact checkers? Anyway, I’m not giving Twitter an out with this. In my opinion they acted illegally by creating the additional step for intermediaries to request removing an individual’s post or account.”

    This step, initiated and taken deliberately by Twitter, denied users any legal remedy. It gave state actors the ability to illegally silence speech of individuals and a means for those illegal acts to be hidden behind the wall of a well funded corporation. This scheme between powerful state actors and a moneyed corporation, effectively denied users the ability to discover the true source of their injury. This prevented users potentially from comparing election irregularities in their areas, similarities of injury, maybe even complaining about election law changes and organizing to counter government overreach. Shockingly, this is 2019. How bad did this get? We don’t know, but we can see they’re clueless that what they’re doing is illegal. So why would we assume they recognize any boundaries.

    No wonder state actors and their vendor experts can say confidently all contrary opinion is debunked, when this is what’s going on behind the scenes.

    When people complain that Americans are being complacent and not speaking up on all the blatant wrongs we’ve witnessed, this letter goes a long way to explain the silence.”

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    • Famous Joe Rogan joined by MK ULTRA ZION Zuck?
      Didn’t he suppress Joe’s horse dewormer, and what are those 2 actually doing there?

      Of course, this story will feed sheep well to let them forget about injections and about other controlled oppositions from both sides, including with Trump.

      • Speaking of the horse-dewormer and pine needles, notice how the story of the drug has diminished as people became aware that it is about bioweapon rather than virus?

    • As one of the best at your job Tucker your just nibbling around the edges of the evil corruption that’s going on in our leadership

    • The Key is what happened in China years ago with Censorship is now everywhere.
      Censorship is done by AI now adays and it AI even censors comments automatically .
      My people perish from a lack of knowledge.
      It’s about money , profit, Loosing Your Soul or Saving Your Soul, and Control for the one world order.

      • One cannot fix anything if one cannot see the problem. No one is more hopelessly enslaved as he who thinks he’s free. And it will take a clear mind to see it. I heard a high ranking Satanist claim that Satan has two tricks up his sleeves. Brainwashing and mind control. Think about all that implies. Capt Joe Kelley.

      • But it’s not fair for unlearned people to perish as some of the difficult situations weren’t created by them, in fact God created everything that he should be more responsible in his creations (if he’s complaining about it).

        What I think is that we are on our own here, but depending on strength of our belief, we can make big or small changes.

    • Zuckerberg is given the choice of Gitmo or spilling the beans!
      And sure this isn’t all – there’s more revelations to come!

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