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    Xiden assures his listeners that he will prevent Donald Trump from becoming “the next president again.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • If we switch Xiden brothers would they still qualify as the “next president again”?

      What about impeachment and can I preorder custom flavored popcorn cooked in olive oil for popeye and bluto?

      What about wimpy? He stills wants hamburgers with invoice dating – usual 3 day terms instead of COD seem to suffice.

      What will we do without the party of wimpy, doing all those swatting attacks against innocent congressional service members?

    • There you have it straight from Der Fuhrer’s mouth!

      Even if Trump win by popular vote and by electoral college vote, this regime will not let the will of the people rule because the nation including all the people belong to them! What confidence, what invincibility! Hahahaha!

      If this doesn’t wake voters up, nothing else will!

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