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    Clif High is addressing Normies in this video so it could be worth spreading to the intransigent wokesters and sheeple in your life.

    He says, “World War IV is the Final War. It’s unlike World War I. This is not the ‘War to End All Wars’. This is the Final War, Because the Powers-that-Be are not telling you about it.

    “In all previous wars, they’ve used one nation-state to attack another nation-state. In World War IV, they’re not doing that. The Powers-that-Be are using the governments to attack the residents, citizens, immigrants and subjects within their borders…

    “So this is a war. We’ve got people all around the planet that are dying. You are blind if you do not understand that this is a war and you’ve been lied to all of your life.

    “You are deluded if you go into denial and don’t go research this stuff. You are at risk of being a casualty of this war if you don’t know the war is on.

    “They’re not going to tell you about this war. They don’t have to, because this is the Final War.

    “The Final War, from their perspective is to eliminate 13 out of every 14 humans on this planet – and they’re well on their way to doing that.

    “Millions of people are dying now. Hundreds of millions may be dying, we have no way of knowing.

    “Children are dying in England at a rate 62% higher since the introduction of the injections that they call ‘vaccines’ that are not vaccines; they had to change the language to accommodate the poison that they’re injecting into you.

    “Everyone is dying faster now and the people that are dying faster now are the inoculated, the injected ones.

    “This is a war. If we believe their numbers, 4 out of 5 people will die over these next two years. Because they’re claiming they’ve got 80% injected. I don’t think it’ll be quite that high. But it’ll be very high in some places, because they’re going on their third, their fourth, now their planning the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth shots.

    “In the Green Pass in Ireland, in the software, there’s pre-designed 8 shots, places for 8 boosters, to register that you’ve had 8 shots.

    “So this is a depopulation agenda. This is a war in which they’re killing you with these people with needles. And the people with needles are, themselves, so deluded that many of them have taken the needle and see nothing wrong in handing the needle out to others. Now, the Powers-that-Be are smart. They gave a lot of people that are using the needles saline, so that nothing happens to them…

    “People are dying rapidly and slowly. We see the people that are dying rapidly. We don’t see the people that are dying slowly.

    “Those people that are dying rapidly go to the hospital and they get killed by the hospitals, because the Powers-that-Be have cleverly engineered a protocol to kill off people that show up in the hospital with respiratory problems that they induced with the injection, because this is the whole point…

    “They’ve turned all of Planet Earth into a concentration camp and a death camp. Instead of ovens and gas chambers, they’ve got…legit crematoria and hospitals.

    “So the hospitals are the death camps and their whole function now is to funnel you right through the system into the mortuary and from there, you go over to the crematoria and they’re gonna just burn you right on up and out you go. If they burn you or dissolve you, there’s no evidence, so to speak, right? There’s nothing that you can go and dig up later…

    “We’re gonna see a lot of evidence. They can’t hide the evidence that they’re killing everybody – but they’re trying – but they only need to do it for a short period of time; just long enough to get everyone to take the required number of injections for them to perish, as well.

    “Bear in mind, the Powers-that-Be have a stated goal of killing 13 out every 14 people. Go and look up depopulation, go and look up the David Icke stuff, look up the old Jordan Maxwell stuff, any of the old conspiracy stuff. It is happening right f*ing now.

    “The death shot is in the injection, so do not bother to send me emails requesting some kind of a protocol to prevent you dying if you are stupid enough to accede to coercion to take the shot. If you take the shot, you will die. You will die sooner than your normal, natural lifespan by a number of years, unless you work your ass off to repair the damage and there’s no guarantee that your particular body can be repaired, even if you work your ass off.

    “So if you haven’t taken the shot, understand this: you put your life at risk the minute, the instant that they put that plunger down. You’re f*ed. You’re absolutely f*ed, from the minute, from that point on…

    “I’m tired of it, Guys. Don’t send me email requests for some kind of savior. There is no external savior and I’m sure as f* not it. If you take the shot, you risk dying right then, the next day, the next day…and every day on there that you don’t address the issues in your body. That risk level increases. If you take the second shot and a booster, you’re stupid. You’re f*ing stupid and I know people who have taken the second shot and now, they are REALLY stupid, because their minds are going…

    “I get very angry but I’m not angry at any individual person sending me an email but I am angry that we are not able to convince everybody to wake the f* up…

    “If they’re threatening your job – f* it – let them fire you. Don’t quit. Let ’em fire you. You let them force you off that property. Make them have that emotional angst. Make them go through that sh*t, so at least, you’re burning out emotions in them. You don’t have to get angry, you just have to be stubborn…let them do what they have to do – but this is a war and there is no external savior for your ass.

    “If your relatives are in that position, you need to counsel them on what to do, which is to woo up…and then, stand up and fight. And if they don’t know how to fight, go out, ask for help on how to fight. There’s a lot of places on Telegram, where there’s legal assistance. Other groups that are forming on collective action against this horsesh*t.

    “Bear in mind, you are under attack and they want you to die. They want all of these f*ing houses emptied. When we get down to a certain number of people, they’ll start having all the people that are left go out in work parties to just destroy every f*ing thing. They’re going to roll it all back.

    “The plan is to, here in North America, is they want to return it to the point where there’s 500 million buffalo roaming the plains again. They want to return it to natural North America; their vision of a playground for the elite. All of the sh*t has to go; all of the stuff that you own, everything you’ve ever accomplished, dreamed of, lived in, touched – all of the sh*t’s got to go. It’s in their way!

    “If you don’t grasp that, then you fall into – in a war, you fall into one of three categories. You lead, you follow, you get out of the way. Now, a lot of the people that get out of the way, they die, because they’re not watching out for themselves, they’re just a passive bystander. Passivity gets you killed these days.

    “You’re passive, you take the shot, because they say you’re gonna lose your job. ‘I’ll take the shot, WTF, I’m tough,’ right? You die right then or two weeks later.

    “These people are evil. If you don’t think that the revelations about Fauci the puppy torturer, if that doesn’t give you a clue as to the nature of the evil that you’re dealing with, then you simply just need to go take the shot and lie down and die and get the f* out of our way, because there’s a war on.

    “It’s hard, Guys, it’s tough. I understand. You’re used to the concept that it’s not a war unless the Powers-that-Be come on out and tell you it’s a war. But they’re not telling you it’s a war because this is their Final War. War is just a tool to them. They’ve always used it for population control, wealth harvesting, all of this kind of stuff, country vs country.

    “Now, they’ve gotten sophisticated and made it government against the people. And hey, the stupid f*ing government guys, as soon as they’re reasonably successful in what they’re doing, they’re going to get harvested, too! They’re just gonna get thrown out, because they know too much about what’s going on and the Powers-that-Be need the rest of the population to be stupid and ignorant and drugged so that they just simply do what they’re told and die on cue.

    “This war is going to go on for years. You have to understand that when they attacked the Maine in the early 1900s, we had no idea how long that war would last. Same thing with World War II. The Powers-that-Be know, because they’re gonna shut it down. The Powers-that-Be think they know this time hw long this war is going to last but they’re not prepared for what’s gonna happen; the nature of us reacting to the war.

    “There are circumstances that interfered with the Powers-that-Be and their plans for this extermination event. Basically, there were enough awake people to get a bow wave going ahead of the extermination process as the needle things roll out.

    “This war has many different levels. All these levels are gonna last for years. You’re gonna have political levels, here in the United States that are going to last 4 or 5 years – longer, as we go through and remove people. There are 3,000 counties in the United States. George Soros has worked to pollute the political structure on a vast number of these 3,000 counties and they moved too quickly, because they were not able to get the District Attorney in all of these counties replaced with his people but he was working on it. And that’s the last lynch pin in all of those things.

    “So there are hundreds of thousands of individuals that are working for the Powers-that-Be wittingly and are on their payroll, here in the United States. This will take a number of years to sort out. To clean house. On top of that, it’s got to layer up, we’ve got to woo up to all of these levels, to the small cadre at the top. There’s ways to get there faster and there are certain things going on now but this war is going to last for years.

    “So, if you’re running into it right now, with your relatives trying to deal with their piddly-ass job, tell them, ‘F* the job, stay alive!…Let them fire you, make them fire you, make them go to that effort and then sue their ass! Find someone to help you sue their ass. Even if you lose, you’ve cost them shit tons of money. You’ve cost them aggravation and time. You’ve upped the ante on their actions. You’ve made your action a fighting retreat.

    “‘Cause you’re retreating from that needle, you won’t accept it. Fine. But do it effectively, so that you cost them, every step they take, trying this process. This is how you defeat Fascism. All the petty Fascism, all the way up and all the way down. So you woo up. You man up. You gotta get in the fighting spirit, here. This is what testosterone is for, use it!

    “Get angry. Don’t get violent. There’s a difference. You can get stubborn and vocal without getting abusive, aggressive or loud. They’ll take it as abusive, aggressive and loud, believe me!…

    “In this war, which is going to go on for more years, we’re gonna see a lot of stuff happen. It’s gonna be unique in our civilization, in our understanding of what our civilization has been through but it is a serious war and people are dying now. You can’t treat it as though it’s not happening and be safe.

    “You can deny it. You can deny it all you want but you’re going to suffer the consequences of that. And it’s everywhere. Fatal accident rates so far this year are up 18%. Overall road accidents are up over 400% this year. These are ‘vaxxidents’ in my understanding. These are vaxxinated people whose minds are starting to experience micro clots and dysfunction running into sh*t. And you’re seeing it all over the place. This is gonna get worse.

    “At some point, it will occur to people – hopefully, a lot of this changes – when Trump’s social media comes on in February. Because then, there’ll be a large enough area of people discussing these things in an adult fashion, that maybe it will overwhelm what’s left of the corporate media…

    “Even so, we don’t get anything like – we get an emotional boost in January, according to my data but we don’t get anything in the way of a real reinforcement, a real validation of success until May or later next year. And even then, there’s still people gonna be dying, they’re still gonna be suffering from these injections. There’s still gonna be a lot of f*ing horror going on.

    “And so, you’re gonna have to beware that by the time we get into that, we’re going to have a lot more horror and a lot less obfuscation, a lot less cover-up. You’ll be able to see it more, you’ll be able to see big holes in your local social order, as the vaxxinated people drop out of it…

    “In this war, the dead are ‘clean’. They’re accommodating. You don’t have a bomb hit your neighbor’s house and have to go on over there and put your neighbor into a garbage bag and take him out to the street for some kind of a pick up.

    “You don’t have to collect the body parts of your neighbor’s children, his wife and that sort of thing, just because they were at home, just because they were at home and they were asleep when that bomb hit ’em. You don’t have to worry about that. You don’t have to scrape his blood and the contents of his intestines off the side of your house. It’s not that kind of a war.

    “But in this war, the dead are going to be very accommodating. They’re gonna, for the most part, they’re gonna either die alone unnoticed, with no real problems or they’re gonna make their way to a hospital and they’ll be exited off this mortal coil, exited off this plane through this protocol.

    “So it’ll be nice and clean. They’ll go right to the mortuary. So a lot of the infrastructure will be saved. So it’s a weird-ass war, guys. I get it that it’s difficult for you to grasp this but you must grasp this. You need to watch this guy, he has a channel, he does the X22 Report. Go watch his interview, released today with Dr Zelenko and you’ll get reinforcement for what I’m telling you, at a much more detailed level about the nature of the weapons and the threats that are being deployed to kill you and take it seriously and take heed of it.

    “I’ve just got to the point now, where I’m simply not going to answer emails asking for assistance on preventative protocols on shots…Don’t send me emails about that…

    “I do have ‘what you can do if you’ve taken the vaxxination’ pinned on my Twitter account

    “It’s gonna get really weird, it’s gonna be years of this really weird sh*t to go through. You need to pace yourself, understand where you’re at and you need to understand it is a war and in a war, you must fight.

    “So even the civilians in World War II, civilians in any war are the ones who die. They’re the ones who fight and die. They fight to get food, water, heat, clothing, medical care, because they die from the deprivation from the supply chains, mostly, not from bombs, stray bullets and sh*t, because those are being shot at each other by the combatants – usually, mostly.

    “So anyway, go watch X22 Report…”

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    • On April 1, 2020, when I was reviving my alanforcongress Twitter account back up to launch my defense of humanity, I gave my location as “Concentration camping in place”; as Cliff points out, the entire world had been turned into a concentration camp. The only way OUT of the camp is to take it over. I was hoping the NY cops would start that process today (Nov1st) by sticking together (like unions are supposed to do), tossing the genocidists in jail, and taking over New York’s executive functions. Looks like this is one of those cases where “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately”. Too bad; I was hopiumly hoping that they had it in them.
      Looks like we have to go with Plan B, where we all leave our various and sundry religious beliefs at home and come together to form THE CONSENSUS PARTY (or maybe we call it the PLAN B PARTY, you know, whatever the consensus is) where we only have laws, regulations, candidates and elected and appointed officials that 88% of whoever is affected can agree upon (88% rather than 100% cuz we probably do want some things like “having sex with babies” to be illegal even though a certain minority allegedly disagrees, and requiring 100% agreement would continue to allow us to be ruled by an icky minority). RESCISSION would be used to get rid of any and all laws, regulations and “mandates” garnering less than 88% support, and SOME officials would be chosen by what the ancient Athenians called “SORTITION” (see
      but as I envision its use, sortition would serve as “the stick” that would make compromise (to reach 88% agreement on one candidate) preferable.
      Some things that many people (but less than 88%) find horrifying or dangerous would very likely be not (or no longer) illegal, but that would cut both ways. The alternative is where we are now.

      (If you found this idea of any value or interest, you can find a plethora of such profundity by looking up my FKTV or Twitter acct name (alanforcongress) which can also get you to a Library of Congress-archived copy of my 2010 Congressional campaign website wherein you can find a full explanation of what I presumptuously named “The Millennium Plan”, the tweetable version of which goes like:
      $500/wk = UBI DONE RIGHT=Replace Fed$ w/EBT debt-free credit$ converted from $200T public&private debt (=DebtJubilee w/creditors made whole);Replace ALL Income Taxation with 1%/mo EBT acct deduction 2 fund govt & 2 Compensate all ADULT LEGAL residents w/$500/wk EBT credits&put kids$>in2trusts.)

    • To Clif’s comment about accidents that he’s calling “vaxx-idents” up 400%, look at this article of a doctor who’d been vaxxed. Inside the article is an embedded video as he’s communicating with the traffic controller just before he crashes: . HORRIFIC! This is serious people. And we’re seeing the front end of tragic events ahead. God help us all. Prayers.

    • We were never the target with previous wars, hence we were told. The reason we’re not told we’re at war now is because We The Citizens of the World are the target. Their war is against us. They want us dead!

      As Clif said, it’s a war that’ll last for years. Probably in several phases. The first being all the sheeple taking the jab and boosters. Sleepers are the easy targets. Perhaps the 2nd phase (overlapped with the 1st) will be with those of us awake who’ve refused the jab. That war will be their struggling to get us in the camps. God help us.

      What is Clif talking about when he said, we won’t get an emotional boost until January and no real success until May? What data? Can anyone explain?

      When my neighbor told me his his brother, a doctor, had a stroke after his 2nd shot, I shared this protocol with the hope that it helps:

      • He has no “Data” cause he’s part of a ‘Psychological Operation.’ There is No Variant or Pandemic. Be more concerned how he is using this platform to communicate with his “Gin” agents!

    • Why do people ruin good communication with vile language? This would’ve been well worth the share, but sadly, he’s ruined it with inflammatory language. I understand anger and perhaps this is where that’s coming from. I also know that if you work on improving your vocabulary, it’s amazing how it can more effectively get your message across. And when addressing a mixed audience, you can certainly reach more people with clean language.

      Sorry for my sound off. I guess it’s because I’m dealing with this now in my business. Social media has popularized the ‘f’ word to the point young and old alike ‘think’ it’s acceptable language. It is not. And it never will be so long as God’s light shines on this earth.

      That said, I know Clif means well, and I’m sure he has a good heart. I appreciate the share, Alexandra. Thank you.

    • Dr Zelenko revld ovah 200 mbrs of Congress and their staff r tkn ivermectin and HCQ…by Dr Koury…as a preventativ…they r not tkn the death shot…

      He also said Goog execs r also tkn ivermectin…the very same goog who is shuttin’ dwn every dr who is opposin’ the death shots and tellin’ y’all abt the deaths and njuries of the vaxd..

      They hav censrd them all…


      Supposedly Jen Psaki, bein’ dbl vaxd now has covid…but she is thankful 4 the vax cuz she has a mild caze…hahaha…

      What she doesn’t know is the death shot has weaknd her immune system…with each jab…she now has 44% less immune system and 5% less with each jab…accrdin’ 2 research from the UK…

      Teenagers deaths r up 86% n the UK…

      Soon Psaki will hav no immune system left…same with FOX NEWZ Neil Cavuto…who has been triple jabbd, now has covid…and he wants a 4th jab?!?!…he doesn’t realize the jab has dstroyd his immune system…and he has all kinda health probs…

      We’re hrin’ more every day abt the jabbd gettin’ covid.. [ journos and celebs ]…or dyin’ suddenly…






    • My most recent dreams were if ww2 vets who are dead walking up the side of the mountain with jesus leading the way.

      Another recent dream was called the Great dying has now commenced ..then shown 2 net articles.
      1st one about the Premian traasic period where 95%of all life died…this timeframe was before the dinosaurs roamed the earth.
      2nd…1616-1619…95% of the native Indians died in the new England region of the usa when the europians explorers arrived there….having to do with a mysterious disease/virus killing off 95% of the natives there.

      Last recent dream was about the global history of insane asylums…esp the one in toronto where children,women were housed with criminal and we’re also abused,tortured, lobotomy zed abd ectroshocked repeatedly by the medical establishment and staff. That’s what is happening now too globally infact. This warfare is also assymetric in nature and has many angles…saw that last year via dreamtime infact…August of 2020ish. Soon to becoming kennitic but us definitely no convent all warfare style at play here…also include psy-ops and mind gaming on a very huge and deep level…and nano tech is involved ( i saw 3 sizes of little metal silver like boxes nano size and were sender/receiver gadgets….via the aethers in this weirded out warfare too.

      Just adding some further insight as to what Cliff is picking up. I think we both are seeing basically the same things…kinda sorta.

      I want no recognition or whatnot…just the deep inner need to share only … a calling from G_d to help mankind…
      Just another fellow keyboard warrior…and a spiritual one too. It’s the message that is important and not the messenger. Shalom.

    • Cliff and peoples ….a must read article from Dave of and yes he is definitely an American…yeah !!!…to my usa neighbour’s across the ditch from me. 😊 Shalom.

      Excellent info to have handy!!! A must read! Knowledge is power..and the pen is mightier than the sword…or in this case…the keyboard…lol

      Keyboard warriors unite!!!

    • Yes! You’ve totally nailed it!

      I no longer have the patience to try to convince others not to get jabbed!
      I’ve tried like hell to convince all my friends and then they get quiet on social media followed by telling me they got the jab so they could see their kids, could travel, could get a surgery, or to keep their job!
      To them, sorry, but now I have to try to do all I can to get supplies and equipment to survive as long as possible with no other support!

      God I’m pissed off!?

    • Psyop: An Psychological Operation to convey selected information to influence emotions.
      Cliff starts out with truth about The Maine /Spanish American War & Gulf of Tonkin & Pearl Harbor, but his Psyop begins when he uses catch phrases as “Concentration Camps” & “Burning people in Ovens” & “Gas Chambers.” This clown says “You’ve all seen the movies of WW2” admitting that’s where we get our history were supposed to believe! Cliff here is part of the Powers that be that killed over 100 Million (mostly European) in the last Century. He & Dr. Zelenko, whom Cliff is recommending viewers to go watch, are in a panic about the Fact that the Truth has already been revealed, exposed & Proven regarding WW2 & Germany’s innocence. This is why Dr. Zelenko half way through his interview starts his Psychological Operation on the viewer. & X22 is just as guilty on this Psychological Warfare.

    • I’m in California. My daughter is my remaining unvaxxed offspring and can’t leave due to divorce. Her X husband is the bear that can’t be poked and so passive is the only option. My son is SF and vaxxed. Obviously I am in the business of looking for ways to prevent and hopefully mitigate the vax. If my X son-in-law wants to vaccinate my granddaughter, he legally could. I would put my grandchild on ivermectin to prevent as much of the poison as possible from getting in. I would have to figure out how long to keep her on it. Also I guess IV vitamin C, and I guess the ozone treatement. I know a doctor who has the whole set up of everything. So… that is what you need. You need doctor that has a full clinic of everything and is operational. Ideally you don’t take the shot but sometimes, I agree, that is impossible. Fingers crossed you won’t need it. My daughter said no to the shot, and thought she might be fired, but ended up getting a raise. Things are not always as they seem. In any case,
      you must prevent the spikes from entering the cells. I’m not sure there is anything you can do to prevent the “HIV effect” due to the immune shutdown. But you can prevent the heart disease part.

    • what about ( real reasons ) for WWI ( & WWII..? , and expansion for them…? ( forbidden?), “powers at be”?? it’s not hard to track them, through their banks, money flow, they have names, political ideas, believes….. ( like ex. J. Schiff..) …. great insight though, 👏

    • I agree with Clif that the # of individuals ‘THEY SAY’ are injected, is no where near that number. BUT…..WAY MORE than the individuals, who got injected, will die BECAUSE OF the INJECTED/INFECTED. I really DO hope that people understand that if you ARE STILL HUMAN (NON INJECTED), that if you swap spit (kiss), have sex with or get sweated on by an INFECTED/INJECTED individual, you WILL then BECOME ‘VACCINATED’!! (stay away from the BLOOD, too, obviously!).
      This IS the ULTIMATE STD!!!! And from what we saw with Fraud-Fauci’s AIDS Bio-weapon, people STILL went BED-HOPING when AIDS was being spread. And this, too, will happen again! Be VERY CAREFUL who you KISS, and HAVE SEX WITH! You’ll need to KNOW EVERYONE that person has kissed/had sex with. Those who are BED-HOPING Low-lifes……WILL end up dead…..just like with AIDS… one CARED ‘who’ the fk they slept with.

    • Many things right but I divurge on their success with either their 1 world government or their victory in any such war.

      1) My sources tell me that they have no nuclear bombs as all are switched off by ET and now the new hypersonic is driving a contention which can’t be healed, together with plasma wrapped “invisible” rockets. The ONLY WAY to stop one of those is to turn them offline with advanced tech – which only ET has.

      2) The people are waking up in mass and are VERY angry – worldwide. Even in the “usual places like Virginia, that always votes “woke, they’re waking up to the truth over issues like school boards – and consequently being called terrorists by the DOJ and others. THEY ARE PISSED. Terry McCulliffe has collapsed in the latest poll for Governor by 13 points.

      Therefore, all the dice are NOT theirs and the momentum seems to me to have already flipped to the truth.

      Things like Fauci lied, people died are all over the place. Here in FL, the governor is on fire.

      To me, deep state has BIG problems and its just beginning. Many lawsuits will be coming.

      Take all of the defendants in the Jan 6th Capital “Riot” case. What happens when one of them counter-sues claiming FBI involvement in the riot? Cheer-leading the charge even…

      If they stick to death by vaccine, that won’t even get off the ground before

      1) Heaven (ET) gets involve4d and provides a cure from the sky (think nature).
      2) People everywhere all over the world will have their favorite elitist for lunch.

      We’re voting them out of power…

      • Well if that were do the hike did that squirrel Governor stay in Californian 🧐 still cheating my fried! And no one say says a word🐍

      • ET is who the elite get there orders from. Dont be decieved Jesus is Humanities only savior. Seek Him while He may still be found. I also recommend reading the first book of enoch it will tell you exactly what these ets are and how they corrupted humanity before.

    • Cliff is so right on in everything he reports. Humans have choices but for some unknown reason prefer to follow the herd. I’m a David Icke follower for years and currently reading his book titled Human Race Get Off Your Knees. The Lion Sleeps No More. A great read about the powers to be, who really runs this country and the Evil that is rampart throughout the world.

    • Thank You.
      I’m not well versed, collected or eloquent enough to speak to the more “educated” among my friends/family. You are and you just did. There is no higher calling on earth than trying to save others. Again, thank you. You are in my prayers.

    • Don’t trust Trump, Clif. His new social media site is tied to Google and Alphabet. It will, most probably, be used to identify and corral dissidents. I would advise people NOT to join it.

    • I have always enjoyed reading and listening to this man’s thoughts and analysis, but his ending with instructions to “go read the X22 report” caught me by surprise. How many times does a source have to be wrong before we dismiss it? If I am not mistaken (which is not unusual these daze) the X22 report has been claiming since Trump was elected that he was going to drain the swamp and save us all. That is not going to happen and the more people believe it, the less chance we have of people getting off their apathetic lazy arses and saving themselves…

    • Why is Trump still pushing for people to take the shots? He was on Judge Janine
      10-30-21. He told people it was safe.

      • I was wondering that myself. He kind of deflected the question. Does he not know now all the problems people are having that have gotten vaxxed? Did he not see the reports on vaers?

    • Eyes should have begun opening when they surrounded the Capital with razor wire that a WAR was under way..but alas,this WAR has waged for a long time through the medical mafia with death and and experiments!So I laugh that the bitch about getting a death jab,they knew the deal 👹

    • One thing my friend Paul Bevalien taught me years ago was that people .. generally…mostly …are unconscious game players. There are different levels of players that he called first,second and third degree game players.
      First degree game players drop their bs when confronted with their true reflection,second degree game players stop playing games when they realise how self destructive their behaviour is to themselves…. These second degree players cause harm , to themselves and others over time … then change.
      Third degree gameplayers never stop. The only thing that stops them …. in an ideal world….is the prisons,mental hospitals and the morgue.
      Third degree gameplayers are full blown psychopaths. They will never stop and must be eliminated.
      This pox jab game is a game where they will never stop. Third degree gameplayers usually choose a strategy that cannot be stopped by themselves once started. That way they can refuse EVERY accountability and responsibility . Hitler is an oft quoted example. He knew that once he attacked the Soviet Union ..ALL the doubters would have to join in the game or face annihilation. The doubters are forced to become third degree game player s , just to survive.
      This is what’s happened to nations , their leaders ,like Hitler’s doubters have been pushed to join in the game. They want to survive . We all want to be on the winning team but conformity is now a clear death sentence. I m human , not perfect but as thispox game unfolds the saddest aspect is talking to good decent souls who think they know better and cling ever more to conformity and deny what’s in front of their eyes. In ww two Jews who had managed to escape the death camps and returned back to the ghettos found that they were not beleived. When times get really hard fantasies of hope are more appealing than what’s in front of our faces. Another analogy ,especially expressed in left wing social justice is wokism. In the UK our wokists are busy tearing down statues and protesting about home insulation while poverty etc is reaching for the skies. It’s called fiddleing while Rome burns . I remind my more spiritually and socially active freinds that Rome was not burnt in a day.
      Cliffs take on cleaning out the system is accurate . It will take a few years if no high position defectors come forward soon. I sympathize with cliff. Reading the comments on his bitchute channel and seeing many commenters complaining that his predictions are not like a railway time table! They are the ones who d rather burn Cliff on a bonfire than take responsibility for what’s clear in and around their own lives. Second degree gameplayers.
      Encouraged by apathy they will kill a lot more.
      The boat incident maybe in Oz.
      Cliff had this thing about a recent four day time period.Seems lots of fools expected Cliff to announce what it was . Cliff was right , although like many who can see what’s in front of our eyes , I bet he wished he was wrong.
      If people are not prepared to fight then they deserve to die , nature’s way. Look around you at all the scared rabbits caught in the headlights , many of them are sharing a common fate.
      Waiting around to see what happens is deadly,especially with a fast moving truck. Run rabbits run rabbit s run run run ,here comes the farmer with his gun gun gun. Get Organised….and stop dumping your responsibilities on Jo Rogan , Stew peters ,Cliff High ,Alex and others , these people are literally giving the very time of their lives to increase our aware ness. Sadly some people are sheep and will always do nothing until someone else tells them what to do. I consider most sheep a resource but will have no problem eating them if they remain sheep for much longer. Groupsheepthink gets millions killed , like the millions of Iraqi civilians killed after the war was won. Same with the pox jab.
      The psychop dynamics of the Polish ghetto s are in play and ostriches get eaten if they don’t run. Thanks cliff and your buds.

    • Admiral Dewey was in HongKong or in nearby waters. The Filipino revolutionary army leaders asked to buy arms from the U.S. consul in HK. Dewey offered to transport them to the Philippines “as a favor”. Half the arms paid for in advance were never delivered. The Filipino revolutionaries were already sieging the Walled City of Manila. Dewey made a secret deal with the Spanish to hold a fake naval battle and surrender, on condition (the Spanish commander insisted) that not a single Filipino soldier enter the Walled City. The American general verbally (nothing was to be written down, no matter how much Filipino generals insisted on it) asked the Filipinos to open up a flank “to avoid hitting your men with our cannon” in exchange for a cannon.

      Manila surrendered and the Americans ordered the Filipino troops could only be in the perimeter. One night a drunk American soldier fired at the Filipinos and that exchange of fire began the Filipino-American War. The Filipinos finally got it (the underlings already knew this) that they had been played. The genocide of the Filipinos began until 1901. The fake 1946 independence was just to avoid rebuilding the country. The Philippines was bought from Spain for 20M. The Filipinos have been chattel ever since.

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