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The latest from Greg Reese.


Between October 21st and October 27th, there were at least 10 explosions throughout China, killing at least 13 people and injuring many more.

These mysterious explosions came just weeks before Xi Jinping was anointed as a revered leader of the CCP, preparing him for next year’s CCP Congress, which is scheduled for next October.

This gives Xi less than a year to make good on his commitment to absorb Taiwan into the PRC and unite all of China under Communism.

Allowing this to happen would be handing the world economy over to the Communist Chinese.

The CCP deploys massive fishing fleets to illegally plunder protected areas, such as the Galápagos Islands, because they are hungry. The CCP is undergoing a food shortage crisis, warning people to stock up on essential items and adopting laws against food waste.

The CCP has been buying massive amounts of farmland in Australia and the United States.

Handing over the world economy to the Communist Chinese would be national suicide for both nations, who have already been infiltrated at the highest levels of government by the CCP.

A handful of Republican senators visited Taiwan to avow US support.

The US Secretary of State has said the US will defend Taiwan and Australia’s Minister for Defence has vowed to back the US and Taiwan against China.

But who currently has control over the Australian military – or the US military?

The CCP’s own woke American puppet, General Mark Milley says that the US is incapable of defending itself against China’s hypersonic missile tech.

PSYOPs, something we have been learning about, firsthand. Many of us have read how they’ve done it in history but today, we are all witnessing in real time how the banking cartel is capable of orchestrating a world war.

As China’s housing giant, Evergrande defaults on billions of dollars of debt, Goldman-Sachs is busy buying-up these garbage assets with US Taxpayer Dollars.

Goldman-Sachs is bailing out the CCP with US Tax Dollars, while the CCP is preparing to wage war against the US!

By hook or by crook, the ethos of the Communist Chinese is what the bankers want for their world government dream: every individual connected to a central bank, controlled by a social credit score and made to accept endless injections of unknown substances into their body.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Move your money to banks that doesn’t invest in a communist regime who runs forced labor camps like the Germans ran during WW2. China also runs forced harvesting of livers, kidneys and other body parts. They take blood samples from prisoners and take them out back somewhere make them kneel down and shoot them in the back of the head then rush them to a hospital and harvest ever organs they can and sell the organs for profit. It’s sickning.
    Put your money in a good community bank that doesn’t invest in china therefore helping the local community through local loans.
    Move your 401k and IRAS from investment companies that invest in china. Videos recently say china has told its people to store up food. Their products are not being moved, their huge real estate company has failed and many pension funds are invested in it. Course you know china wants to take over Tiawan where we get many chips that operate our electronic devices…even our cars. These items. Would skyvrocket but the most important thing is Tiawan struggles to maintain a democracy which would be gone.

  • Hey Forbidden Knowledge, I know this will look dumb, but USATAN already not only dominates the world00, 000000 but “The Alien Federation of Demonocracies ” of which USATAN is:”The Industrial Military Complex of The Alien Federation ,has made virtually every person on the planet a “debt slave” till the day they die. (ihs)

  • I don’t understand how Goldman Sachs is using government tax dollars to purchase Evergrande assets? How does Goldman have access to government tax money? I think Greg leans to the hyperbolic side a little too much.

  • The Chinese are not the fear as much as Russia, who have built no fewer than a half dozen, nuclear able bases in the Arctic, with hypersonic, plasma-wrapped missiles undetectable by radar that could land in the US with 40 minutes from launch.

    Our global warming treaty with China confirms what many are saying. The saber rattling is for show. Both parties are very much for one central government while Putin is a hold out.

    The world will likely be built around a crypto backed currency by heavily managed gold prices. Prophecy says this last ditch to save the empire will last less than 4 years. It refers to both China and Russia but never mentions the existence of the USA, anywhere,

    • Your first paragraph is an illusion about Russia. There is no nuclear missiles, that’s why there has never been a nuclear war. Hiroshima & Nagasaki Japan was not bomb by nuclear in 1945, that is why the land is usable today. They have never been able to contain Nuclear energy in a vessel. Its all been a show, welcome to the grand illusion.

      • So what are these nuclear energy plants really doing? I’m not saying I don’t believe you because I think they do delude us🧐But what the energy coming out of this places?

      • Linda –

        Describe what goes on in a Nuke power plant, please.

        Fake output numbers?
        Geo-Thermal buried 10 miles down?

        Thanks in advance.

  • Why always point finger outside when corruption inside is the main cause of letting CCP take over control?

    That is because of corrupt politicians wasting trillions for military while didn’t spend much for improving other things.

    Drain the swamp first!

  • The banksters and the elites think the COVID hit they put on the world will devastate the military’s readiness . China’s military has not been affected by the virus they have been taking the HCQ cure . The Chinese invasion will be focused on the US the rest of the world will fall faster than Afghanistan. Russia will not join China side so the Brandon WH must start the fight with Russia so China can then jump us as a surprise attack from Canada with Milley selling us out immediately. This is suicide for China because China will be all in with major losses and the cabal wants a one world government just not a China run OWG. This whole crazy last gasp of the cabal will fail with the help of the GIA’s frequency weapons but will leave quite a big mess of a few countries especially the US.

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