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Jeromy Johnson is an engineer from Silicon valley-turned technology health advocate. In 2011, after becoming ill from massive
exposure to EMF radiation, he began a journey to reclaim his health and to educate others on how to evaluate theirs.

His a condition is called electro-sensitivity and it is becoming increasingly common, as our daily exposure to WiFi increases but it still goes largely unrecognized. He describes the most common symptoms and simple things you can do, to lessen your levels of exposure.

He refers to numerous studies that have proven that continuous exposure to microwave radiation is carcinogenic.

This fact was openly discussed in the Italian parliament and WiFi has been now made illegal in France and all schools have been returned their previous hard-wired state. Johnson agrees that children, especially should have their exposure to microwaves limited to the least possible amount and always with the most precautions.

He discusses the proliferation of wireless (WiFi) networks, in the US (including SmartMeters) and the lack of safety oversight by the FCC, whose regulations are outdated by 20 years.

The industries’ interests are so strong in the US, that this genocidal assault will continue until consumers force industry to make safer devices and alternatives, such as the many, which Johnson discusses here.

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  • Filter out toxic smart meter’s effects w/ a device designed to do just that.Not ordinary lightning suppressor, it’s an industrial grade sine wave tracker w/ frequency attenuation features & variable clamping. Industry has used this sine tamer thing for ages, saves $ & prevents over billing by clamping down on pulses & surges which otherwise damage sensitive equipment.
    A smart meter is a cheap computer.
    Tell neighbours that when a sine tamer’s installed in a circuit box/service panel smart grid pulses are stopped from coupling to house wiring. This prevents rip off. Power, water, gas “smart” bills lower dramatically, health returns, privacy’s regained, surveillance is foiled, frequency graphing of home activities ceases/
    Fight back, subvert this agenda, install a sine tamer
    We did, sine tamer changed everything.
    Our radiation monitor proves it works

  • Thank you Jeromy, for speaking up so articulately for so many of us who are also dealing with an avalanche of sudden health iissues upon having an electronic transmitting electric meter installed. The health issues I experienced starting the day of the installation are too numerous to mention, though some are mentioned above, and I am fighting to continue working for some months longer.

  • All of the disorders you describe are also symptoms of menopause. I think it interesting that it’s also one of the biggest causes of divorce as well. People should read about perimenopause and menopause before age thirty. In 1900 women died at age 45 so menopause wasn’t a big issue. It is today!

  • A cellphone mast was erected outside my home in South Africa. I got a Petition & had months of correspondence with the company & contractors. It hasn’t come down yet, but is not switched on. I ‘undersold’ my home & moved & have joined forces with resident in other areas to fight the companies on erecting them in less densely populated areas & using fibre instead.

  • If you want this smart meter removed, that should be your choice. But them refusing to remove it is taking another aspect of removing your freedom of choice. I have been having that high pitched buzz in my ears as well.

  • I was forced to have a Smart Meter placed on my home about 3 years ago. I have had health issues ever since. The high pitch ringing in the ears, sensations of electrical current in my body at night, insomnia, thyroid problems heart palpitations , etc. The utility company refuses to remove this meter. When other people speak their health problems I instinctively know what the problem may be but no one wants to listen. Sometimes the reactions are that of disbelief or I’m just plain crazy! Thank you for posting this very informative video. Hopefully more and more people will come to realize that they need to speak up and take this problem to the proper place for review and attention. It’s a shame there are those who do not take interest in their health or the health of their loved ones.

  • WOW, I know so many people who have the symptoms you described and their WIFI computers and cell phones are always close to them.
    I’ve posted this video on face book and tweeter in hopes of making folks aware of the danger.
    CDC, FCC AND all these agencies that we pay to protect the public should be brought up on charges I consider it DOMESTIC TERRORISM TO KNOWING HARM THE PEOPLE YOU WERE HIRED TO PROTECT

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