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Former NSA official William Binney joins David Knight to discuss how CIA Director Mike Pompeo recently called him to his office to discuss “RussiaGate” and the alleged “hacks” of the DNC.

For over a year, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and their #AmericanPravda toadies in the Mainstream Media have unceasingly excoriated “Russian WikiLeaks” and “hacks” of the DNC. As if to further propagate this lie, DNC chief, Donna Brazile’s “tell-all” book is called Hacks.

Binney explains that these are false statements. This was a local download. It was not a transatlantic hack. The rate at which the data was downloaded from the DNC server was found to be over 49 megabytes per second. This is standard for a USB download but over 4 times faster than is currently possible in an Internet transmission to Europe (let alone Russia).

Binney says that the question then became, “Who is Guccifer 2.0?” Neither the Romanian taxi driver who claimed responsibility for the hack could have done it nor could the Russian hacking group known as Fancy Bear, as claimed by CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity firm hired by the DNC to analyze the data breach.

Binney says the NSA has all of this data and it can easily step in and put an end to all of this profligate speculation. Moreover, it’s clear to Binney that the FBI and other intelligence agencies have not been playing straight with either the CIA or the President, which is the most troubling.

The politicization of the intelligence agencies is not new. False flag events have led to wars in Vietnam and Iraq. What’s telling today is the allegiance of the intelligence agencies and of their controlled news outlets to the Clinton crime family.

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  • The negative comments below do not really use strong arguments. Whatever you may think of the guy, what he says about the dnc alledged hack is already confirmed.
    What technology from 25 years ago, seems you are the a-tech/a-it here. That stuff he says about dl speed is also researched and confirmed ny a group of the intelligence community (go to

    And so he, as michael says laundered some drug money (alleged). What these clintons did throughout the years, serving the militairy industrial complex (destroying countries) and serving wallstreet (where in turn rich people prosper im times of war)..way worse. But oke, both should be addressed.

    Stay tuned for more? We are tuned for over a year now.

  • This is the reason and clear example of people wanting to get back into the limelight. Binney? Where the hell has he been? Now he appears publicly with this nonsense? He can’t even get a job, that’s how dated he is.

    Yet this has been, wants to talk about megabytes to sound clever and informed. He’s talking about technology that existed 25 years ago. With that information he wants to appear “informed.”

  • The comment below is correct in pointing out Mr. Binney’s dark shadowed eyes and obvious ill health of some kind. He looks and acts like he’s been through some kind of “MK-ULTRA” treatment. I wouldn’t put much stock in most of what he says. Especially since it’s coming out of “Info-Wars.”

    Forget the so-called “Clinton Crime Family,” what’s of immediate importance is the “Trump Crime Family,” that has lodged themselves in the White House. It was the Russian oligarchs in the 1990’s that loaned Trump money to get him out of his bankruptcy problems, when no American bank would touch him. He owes them a lot of favors and has “paid back” some of those favors, in the form of helping them launder drug money. It should be noted, Putin controls the Russian oligarchs. That’s the control Putin has over Trump.

    Mueller knows all this and probably much, much more, and his team of expert investigators are gathering evidence to hold up in a court of law. Trump feels the heat closing in on him and that’s why all these attacks on the FBI and the Intelligence agencies, as diversionary tactics to deflect from him, his family and top close aids and advisers. With dementia running in his family, and Trump showing signs of it, he will be getting more unhinged.

    Stay tuned, things will be getting much more interesting,

  • Great info, been out there for several months, now on AJ’s channel, huh, unleashed by someone. WB does hold with not being too concerned by the sieve of electronics in voting.

    The circles around Mister Binney’s eyes is often a sign of liver toxicity, among other bio-electric systems lacking balance.

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