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    I love YouTube’s Barry Soetoro. I have no idea who he is, in real life.

    [Barry Soetoro: Talk to me. I’ve just moved back to New York from the swamps of Florida].

    Ever-funny, this YouTube creator has published the most advertising-toxic content on the planet and yet, I see high-class ads on his YouTube page…what’s your deal, Barry?

    This is Barry’s latest, head-exploding information-pod about the latest exploits of the arch-criminal, John McCain, who appears to have been the source of the recent intelligence Trump leaks to the press, intending to undermine the new President of the US.

    The criminal, McCain needs not only to be “fired,” he needs to be appropriately prosecuted and trounced out of office, for good.

    For the good of all.

    This Barry Soetoro piece is not to be missed!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Whoa! I just received the scariest email from a subscriber about the slow-kill genocide currently underway, that I think is definitely worth sharing. It’s bad enough that we can’t get away from all of the glyphosate – but check this out!
      Hi, Alexandra,

      I just got your email about Dr. Glidden’s advice about bad foods, and while I agree with everything he says, I want to add a few details that he overlooked.

      First, he talks about salt. Most of the commercial salt sold in the US, and almost all of the ‘sea salt’ in packaged foods, comes from the Cargill salt flats at the south end of San Francisco Bay. The seawater is dried, and the resulting sea salt harvested. What doesn’t get sold to manufacturers that identify it as ‘sea salt’ package it as regular table salt, sometimes with iodine added.

      San Francisco Bay was hit hard by the original Fukushima radiation release, with high levels of enriched uranium and plutonium detected. Now, for the last six years, the West Coast is being slammed with exponentially increasing radioactive seawater, which is where Cargill’s ‘sea salt’ comes from, to the tune of 500,000 tons per year. As long as we eat anything with salt added, if it comes from Cargill, it’s radioactive. I’m sure you’re aware the radiation kills the children first, since they’re absorbing far more nutrients than adults do, so essentially we’re killing our children with the salt in their diet. Not that they’re not getting plenty of radiation from other sources, like all the food and water they ingest, and the air they breathe.

      Second, the Dr. mentions carbonated beverages, and the CO2 that creates the bubbles. Ever wonder where the beverage industry gets all that CO2? From oil refineries. Ever driven past one, and seen all the white smoke coming out of the stacks? They pull all the commercial CO2 from that white smoke, along with hydrogen for hydrogen uses, such as welders and science labs. I did some research years ago, and found that the FDA is very ambiguous about the percentage of hydrocarbons that are ‘allowed’ in commercial ‘food grade’ CO2. At the end of the day, as long as the taste testers at the bottling plant can’t taste it, it’s ok to send it out for delivery, no questions asked. I also, in a non-scientific way, determined that a significant increase in global cancer rates coincided with the increased sales of carbonated beverages. Soft drinks and beer are loaded with hydrocarbons, obviously all the soft drink brands, and not just the big beer boys like Bud and Coors, but even Stone in San Diego. At some point, if a brewer is successful, they have to make the beer faster than it can create its’ own CO2, so they add in commercial CO2 before bottling.

      Next time you’re near a refinery, drive around and see if you can find the long line of CO2 trucks. They’re there somewhere, waiting to get filled up.

      And FYI, If you’re a beer drinker, San Diego uses treated sewage water for drinking water, ‘toilet to tap’ they call it, and that’s what Stone uses. Even Pepsi and Coke closed their bottling plants because of it, but not the beer brewers. So if you trust their ‘filtering’, be my guest. There will always be a small amount of ‘waste’ allowed, you know how that works.

      I sent my CO2 data off to some cancer researchers, but they all got scared because of the size of the players involved, so that was that.

      And now that Fukushima – and the other nuclear disasters since then that no one wants to talk about – is slowly melting our collective DNA, it really doesn’t matter. I give Japan about five more years, and North America about 10, before it hits the fan. Take a look at US ag exports, if you’re interested, the rest of the world is starting to take notice. Sales are dropping after a short bump after 3/11/11, and probably will never go up again, no matter how hungry the rest of the world gets.

      Not trying to harsh your buzz, but you seem to want to know the truth about things, so here’s my .02.

      Otherwise, have a great weekend, and thanks for all the work you do.


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