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    VICE speaks with New York Senator Chuck Schumer to hear about why he’s had a change of heart about cannabis and why he’s introducing legislation to decriminalize marijuana on a Federal level that would allow the states to decide about how they want to control recreational marijuana.

    Schumer says that he’s personally fine with recreational use however, the current laws in his own state of New York classify marijuana as a Schedule I substance, which means that it is seen to have a high potential for abuse and no generally recognized medical value. Currently, possession of relatively small amounts of cannabis are punished with fines and jail time in New York.

    Schumer deflects a question about whether this is a play for the youth vote by saying that 63% of all Americans from all demographics are for not just decriminalization, like what as he’s introducing but legalization of marijuana.

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    • Why export so much petroleum out of this country? Why not keep a large portion in this country, do away with ethanol so Americans can have a much better quality of fuel. Ethanol is nothing but a filler. It starts breaking down if not used after ninety days and starts absorbing water. I am a boat motor mechanic so if it will do this to recreational motors then it will do it in the fuel tanks of vehicles.

    • TOTAL BULLSHIT! Schumer lies as usual,like ALL politicians. Decriminalization is being set up to facilitate the takeover of the pot businesses by Monsanto/Bayer as the feds find excuses to shut down businesses for various reasons.Like the recent news of toxins found in medicinal pot from non-organic growers.Monsanto already has GMO hybrids patented to replace normal strains.They figured out there was mucho $$$ to be made,and hence the relaxing of the pot laws.

      • You are probably correct and I haven’t thought about that. Normally I hate that bastard for his anti-second amendment attitudes. Too much Hitlery for me and I’m a old school Democrat.

    • So,Chuck,how was your first smoke? I see you like it enough to legalize it. Finally something to your credit.

    • Can this person be trusted. I think NOT. He has a long reputation of lying and is one of the most deceitful people and also does NOT belong in the government.

    • This bold faced shuck n suck up to the American people, young and old, once again exposes the duplicity of this zionist war monger shill. The dee enn see strategy for vote gittin’ bares itself again here as the coincidental KHarris blather shilling of no pac money for her did a few daze ago.

      BUT, the believers will hail anything dims, corpses lovin’ dims, lesser of two evils dims, war monger bankster lovin’ dims put on the MSM table as pure ‘see where their heart’s are’ proof of why we gotta beat tinyhands donnie.

    • The only thing upon which I ever agreed with Jimmy Carter was the legalization of all narcotic substances, not just marijuana. Carter’s prediction was that if we do not legalize it’s use, regulate it like we do all other drugs, tobacco and alcohol, we will lose control of it, it will become a black market boon, the money made off of it will corrupt government and the courts, and we will end up with an vastly expanded prison system – just like alcohol prohibition did only worse! Was Carter right?

      This is about the only thing I agree upon with Schumer.

      Almost nobody wants to touch the rotten US prison system! Perhaps one of the worst in the world from the standpoint of justice. Who benefits from prison for “non-violent” crimes? Most certainly not the victims of crime and if not the victims then what are we doing it for? Stupid is as stupid does!

      Vengeance is a factor, but it’s become the major factor and that itself is unjust.

      Society is more than three parties, the perpetrator, the victim and the state. It’s also the people associated with all three, commonly identified as family members, associates, taxpayers and so on, all impacted by housing, guarding, feeding, caring for prisoners to the benefit of no one other than the government or more recently the privatized prison industry that has a vested interest in – prisoners! Boy, here’s a really interesting topic!

      Prison should only be the last remedy for “non violent” crime, when violators either refuse or are unable to restore that which they harmed.

    • Rhetorical question:

      If Canadian Whiskey was currently illegal (except in a few states), was proven to be beneficial is medical care, in fact, was proven in the 1970’s to aggressively kill tumor cells, but had the tendency to be misused, do you think it should be legal?

      It really is an asinine issue, that its an issue at all.

      I lost a brother shot while trying to by marijuana from a street dealer in DC. I was against it for decades due to an unreasonable but emotional stance.

      Later in life, I lost two family members to cancer.

      Look it up, the DEA knew in the mid-70’s that MJ killed tumors and threw out the report and kept it illegal. Make sense to you?

      Two words: big pharma

    • Of course it’s for votes but if that what it takes to legalize marijuana at the federal level sounds fine by me. Other more sane and rational voices have been making those points for years. In the end though, congress normally does the bidding of their corporate masters before they listen to the people, so we’ll see what comes out of this “change”.

      • As another commenter stated, he’s only advocating legalization for the reason too much profit for Monsato who owns the strains of cannabis offered. That way they can kill you with the cancer pot smokers are seeking to cure. Only in America can such “complicated” schemes be masterminded.

        • While I’m sure they want to monopolize everything, they also face a credibility issue, as well as financial problems. Marijuana has been the number one cash crop in the US for several decades. Since the whole system is going broke, the States will feel the pinch first, and legalizing will be an easy tax haul. However, another issue is that if the populace disobeys the law regarding marijuana, the effect soon spreads to disregarding other laws, and Govzilla would lose face. As far as patenting strains, that won’t fly. That’s why they are trying to get particular specific chemicals that they can patent. The feds put all their eggs in one basket, on this one, trying to prevent California from legalizing, but Washington State and Colorado out flanked their effort. If the feds refuse to budge, it won’t be long before there are enough states to amend the constitution, to prevent federal enforcement.

    • Schumer must have invested heavily in marijuana stocks! I don’t want to sound cynical, but most politicians are self-interest, narcissistic, shallow individuals.

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