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    Explore the unsettling reality of our world in this thought-provoking video. We delve into the concept of Manifest Destiny and its impact on our present circumstances. Join us on a journey to uncover the roots of our current situation and contemplate the uncertain path that lies ahead. Don’t miss this eye-opening discussion on the state of our world today.

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    • Alex, can I get an interview on your show?

      I’,m an old pol…….we’ve chatted over the years……I’ve LOST your email addy, but I have something important to say, that I am trying to get out into the open via an open letter to Trump & RFK organizations….re HOW to take the country back IN THIS ELECTION CYCLE…….I know how to do this, but don’t have access to any bully pulpit. I can nutshell it for you in a phone call or email chat or….I’m not very computer literat at this point but I can sill think and speak effectively and I know how to take the country
      back email is phone is 802 558-9551 in W Pawlet, VT

    • Sounded like he promotes globalism. I think this talk would have been welcomed at the WEF. Schwab would have cheered him on.

    • This knee-jerk always-blaming-Masons kind of paranoia is one sided in its understanding. Thinking that all “secret” societies are evil plotters and hidden tyrants is another childish don’t-take-my-toys-away mindset.
      When smart and thoughtful, contemplative people came together to try and understand How Nature works, …that is…How God’s Operating System works…they produced the results and organization of society from wild hunter-gatherers into democratic tribes into cities, then nation states. The intense work of collecting, saving, teaching, and educating people in all the various trades and professions that give us today’s comforts…instead of being out scrounging for a meal every day in some forest or plain…is That what you are complaining about?
      Oh the romantic idealists: let’s go back to simple times, let’s be sheep herders, dress like the romanticized images we have of Bible times What utter horseshit! Die young, eat tasteless porridge daily, freeze at night…and also be illiterate.
      How about taking a middle path and fresh view? And what did these learned folks observe about Nature…that led to the Science that gives us the Good as well as the Bad?

      1. Everything born will have its moment in the sun, dance around in youth and do stupid youth adventures looking for sex, Likes, self-importance, being famous, getting bling…and then more bling…worship gods asking for them to give us more of the same.
      2. Everything born under the sun will come to its END. It will DIE. You, me,…every civilization and human made society model will grow old, then weak, then corrupt. Then DIE. And during periods of corruption, parasites will abound. THAt, my friends is God’s Plan to compost the Old non-working stuff, so that something New can rise up in Spring. Fresh. Not jaded, weary, lame, lazy, and whining.
      3. Nature operates in Cycles. In breath and out breath. They come on cycles of 60, 12,000 years, 6,000 years, and various harmonics down to 300, 150. It’s harmonics, frequency, the Music of the Spheres. Vibes man, it’s all vibes.
      4. Cosmos is binary; positive and negative electrical forces hold the atoms together to make worlds. Our minds and consciousness are binary: we categorize into Self vs Other. We put things as concepts into boxes. Good vs. Bad. Is Winter “bad” when it composts the weary dead plants after harvest? You don’t like being part of a Compost Cycle in a run-down lost-its-way culture Tough. You yack yack of God? THIS is HOW God operates. You’re not special; get REAL.
      5. So Masons recognize polarity in a black-and-white tiled floor? OOOOOOHHHH, So scary. OOOOOOH….it’s the Devil….Lucifer is the carrier of Light into Matter. WE are all “souls”, that is, Light…Consciousness…having “fallen” and being entombed in Matter. Mater. Mother Nature gives us bodies to navigate this 3D level of Reality.
      6. You claim to follow and worship God? Then observe the Plan. Lucifer brings us as Light into bodies where we forget who we really are. Christ takes us out of this world as a Shepherd, a Guide through the Door of Death. What comes down will go back up. What comes in will go back out.
      7. So really, you are trying to avoid death. That’s it. You have not surrendered to God’s Plan. You have not gained wisdom as to How Things Work.

      You say God is All powerful? But somehow He let’s Satan run loose. Why? Because that is the Plan: Light expands into a multiplicity of “bodies” who live in separation (sin) from remembering they come from God and are Light beings. You want to hang onto your life living in amnesia …and for what? a few more shekels? Another day to watch a sport’s game? To play video game? For a fleeting moment of bliss in sex or after a good meal? Wow. Such “wisdom” you have attained.

      Of course there are bad Masons, just like in every other field. Thank the decent Masons for all their hard work while you navel gazed about your petty life. Stop throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    • The name Columbia is a veiled name of goddess Esther/Ishtar/Astarte/Asteria/Innana which is itself amalgamation (syncretization) of different deities. A goddess, queen of haven, who delivered prophetic dreams. To escape Zeus she threw herself into the sea, and was metamorphosed into the island Asteria (the island which had fallen from heaven like a star). Think of American continent. She is eastern star veiled, and the veil represents secret societies (modern intelligence organizations).

      The goddess Ishtar (Esther) or Astarte is often depicted as a naked woman. Her thin white veil on the painting symbolizes “hiding” & “masking”.

      When these entities, masked behind this dick’s darkened eyes, are speaking of “manifest destiny” they are talking about an old plan for the future which their ancestors intended to be implemented, a manifesto by the secretive society that was spread through insider channels back then to be realized, manifested, down the road.

      So when they, dick’s dark entities, speak of their “columbia” — BTW the name is misdirect for Asterte, goddess of war, sexuality, royal power, beauty, healing and hunting (look at those native people and wild animals on the painting, don’t they look like they are hunted down) and her symbol was the lion and she was also often associated with the horse and by extension with chariots (look at those horse drawn chariots of the willing white serfs). The dove is a symbol of her as well; dove=colombo — they are speaking of secret societies delivering prophetic dreams, utilizing their propaganda machine veiled as god’s plan. Masonic veiled false god, masonic plan for the future veiled as an American dream. And the biggest manipulation of all is that this planned “dream” was sold internally as an inevitable destiny to the brotherhood/sisterhood.

      Masonic art and architecture is an art of domination. And the painting is proof of this. It is telling visual “dreamy” story and hiding within the story is another story told by the symbols used, a symbolic domination story of inevitable destiny, reserved only for those who can read them and can see it is all a big bluff with real consequences for the dominated (people and animals). Layers of domination upon layers of manipulation upon layers of submission.

      And the plan, of course, continues with the destruction of the old culture. Dick’s new “dream” is to manifest itself as the ultimate variety of slavery for the unsuspecting global citizenry: willing serfs will be permanently contractually chained with blocks of inerasable trust-lees data managed by the ubiquitous web-3 infrastructure. People’s “dream”programming will be continuously updated in real-time by global digital machine-god to ensure individual’s daily rations of manifestations don’t veer off of their cybernetically planned destiny.

      Once “Colombia” manages to circle around the whole globe while laying that slave-chaining telegraph cable (data transmission connection) then her millennia old god-job will be concluded. She (masquerading for masonic brotherhood and sisterhood) can finally disrobe (divest from) “her” manifest-destiny (planned prophetic-“dream”) veil, which will allow her to enter eternal anonymity and obscurity of the digital underworld as an ubiquitous dominatrix of the global sustainable stakeholder-equity slaver-system.

      • I certainly agree with much of this. The multiple meanings around the word Columbia are interesting and probably valid, but the last part is what I really want to agree with.

        The term “manifest destiny” implies that this destiny is inevitable or at least highly likely. It also implies that this destiny applies to someone. Who, I wonder. Another assumption is that this is a general goal or aspiration of a nation or large group of interested and invested individuals.

        But if what we are seeing now in the world is this manifest destiny playing out (as Dick infers), then I don’t want any part of it- so it’s not MY manifest destiny. Why would I want it? It is devoid of virtue and seems to require the destruction of civilization in order to be achieved. I’m sure I don’t have to make a list of destroyed values. Anyone paying the least bit of attention over the last few years can see that the annihilation of western civilization (at least) has been organized and purposeful. A wrecking ball has been taken to the world in order to “build back better”.

        Plans and actions done by a few powermongers in secret ought to have no priority over the natural evolution of humanity- which has NOT BEEN ALLOWED FOR MANY CENTURIES due to the evil influence of such secret efforts. (Jack Kennedy said it all.) It is clear to me that humanity’s future depends on recognizing our own responsibility in our affairs and removing such influences from controlling power.

        I fear that unless we begin to rebuild from a real grassroots level, centered on natural, wholesome concerns, “technology” and hidden overlords will destroy everything God created on Earth.

        The main point is, if we accept others version of the future without making an effort to create, for our own benefit, a world of wholesome values, we will get what THEY want, not what we want. What I want does not include degradation, destruction of mind, body, and soul to meet some technocratic transhumanist Godless ideal. Amen.

      • Top Phoenician, a Master manipulator at work.

        Had to look Dick Allgire up, never caught my attention before. Allgire family has a phoenix crest -– –- so that is the first and quite at the top of the top as far as red flags go. Then I found he was top talking head anchor, which suggests CIA embedded “reporter”. Now he is a remote viewing expert (cue laughter track), but of the scientific remote viewing kind (cue clapping track), the SRV type, specialized in crypto viewing. If I presume that all the remote viewing is just an euphemism for Langley script writing, I can thereon assume that he is one of the top Langley screen production “content” creators and outranks all the MSMedia stooges, by far. When he performs his narrative on TV, they have to listen and learn.

        Then I watched one of his videos on his CryptoViewing YT channel and thing became even more clear:

        “- -”

        His role playing specializes on the future of crypto money and his job right now is to help bring the Bitcoin down and at the same time to elevate and normalize the digital distributed-ledger- block-chain web-3 compliant technology. He glorifies Bitcoin as a distributed ledger technology and at the same time sows seeds of doubt about what will happen to it. The Bitcoin and other (non web-3) coins are planned to fail miserably by the international cartel of Central Bankers that have their own version of enslaving permanent ledger technology developed and waiting to be unleashed onto the public. Only one thing is amiss in the scripted drama and that is a catastrophic failure of most of the the well known ledgered coins. Once that happens the CBD coin will enter the stage with ovations as an super-savior, an overarching clearing mechanism for the planned tokenized (programmable money) global economy. To make sure the Bitcoin fails, the illusion has to be managed by counter-propaganda agents, like Dick here, pretending they are glorifying Bitcoin and at the same time constantly predicting falsities about its future success story, while at the same time sowing implicit doubt by using quotation mark gestures relativizing their own clear and affirmative statements. Actually all his statements in his video I linked above are of an affirmative nature. He speaks like the future is already set.
        Well … the future might be set in the Phoenician circles he is moving in, but it is definitely not set at all, at least not for all. In other words a Master manipulator at work.

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