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    The largest-ever study of conspiracy theories was recently conducted by Cambridge University in conjunction with YouGov, a market research and data analytics firm in the UK.

    What the data say to me is that currently, people who are technically more “conservative” in the sense of being more conformist and unquestioning of authority are those who agree with the politics of the “Left”, while those who are more independent-minded and anti-Establishment poll to the “Right”, which some may find surprising.

    Joe Martino from Collective Evolution breaks down some figures:

    Among voters responding to the following statement: “The truth about the harmful effects of vaccines is being deliberately hidden from the public,” 5% of Remainers agreed, 13% of Brexiters agreed, 9% of Hillary voters agreed and 25% of Trump voters agreed.

    Responses to the following statement were also very revealing: “The idea of man-made Global Warming is a hoax invented to deceive people.” 2% of Remainers and 12% of Brexiters said yes, 2% of Hillary voters and 47% of Trump voters said yes.

    Percentages of voters who don’t believe in any of the main “conspiracy theories”: 51% of Remainers, 29% of Brexiters, 50% of Hillary voters and 15% of Trump voters.

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    • So here’s a “Conspiracy Theory Filter” for you:

      Since most of us individuals (as opposed to collective thinking types) question things that: 1. don’t make sense, 2. Obviously prove to be a lie to benefit a certain group of people at the expense of others, 3. Support ideologies that are anathema to our outlook on life, 4. Again – don’t make sense – as they are outside the bounds of scientific probability, WHY – Just WHY do we continue to support other lies in our History? When is the OFFICIAL start date of Conspiracy? Was it with the assassination of JFK? Is that the Politically Correct start time? It sure seems so, as many of you – yes YOU sheeple seem to be under the misguided perception that this is a relatively new phenomenon. Yes- the Good ol “Murrica” with the Football, Apple pie, “Greatest generation”, Buddy Holly, Bobby Socks, Elvis etc. is sacrosanct. The truth is that we have all been bent over the proverbial “pickle barrel and loaded like shotguns” for well over a Century. From the Wilson administration sending Arms, Ammunition, and other war material to Britain in violation of the “neutrality act”, resulting in the Lusitania being blown up (she was carrying munitions), to the Roosevelt administration finagling another War with Germany in a flanking maneuver by encouraging Germany’s ally Japan attack a scapegoat Pearl Harbor and declaring war on Germany because Germany was “becoming too strong”. Then teaming up with the forces of Communism (Bolshevik/Marxist/Socialist Russia) to utterly destroy Europe, to the thoroughly studied and debunked “Official Story” of the “Holocaust ™”, to the “Pueblo” Incident, to the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident? So – when is the “Official Start Date Of Conspiracy Theories”? Inquiring minds want to know. Of course the “sheeple” minds are content with the simple story that it was “Obama’s fault”…

    • My son and I have been trying to wake people up but they don’t want to hear it and won’t do any research. We just want them to open their eyes to how they’re playing right into their scheme. No luck in 4-5 years. They rather play on social media and be lead like the sheeple they are. We say “Just educate yourselves!

    • Conspiracy Theorists are the ‘real news’ reporters …..we all know who isn’t telling the truth. Not to say that just any theory riding the line to the truth polls is …if you have done your research you know, understand and follow the ‘real news’. The ‘actual news stories’ that happened… all the wars that millions have died in; how real ‘our’ money is; the NWO; the killing of JFK; 911; the Russian investigation; it’s an endless list of tragedy. Lets’ talk about HAARP; CERN; CHEM TRAILS; CLIMATE CHANGE…..these are not theories…..these are so real they are destroying what we call life ….or is life just a Conspiracy Theory now as well.

    • Thank you, KennyBoy – you are absolutely 1000% correct. And yes, too bad they did not do a mass arrest.

    • Those two words (Conspiracy Theory ) were put together and created by the CIA a long time ago to lessen the impact the Idea of the possibility that Governments actually “Plan Events” to benefit them selves and Their Corporations….WHICH OR COURSE “IS” ACTUALLY TRUE.
      Just look back at the worst “Conspiracy” of ALL…September 11th, 2001
      9/11 was NO “Theory” wasn’t IT!…It became a FACT, and WAS PLANNED and executed by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT…With the help of the FAKE Jews and Saudi’s.
      They STILL Conspire TODAY, by the hour against their “Slave Citizens” to keep them CONTROLLED.
      That SCAM of a funeral they gave ex-President Bush PROVED this FACT…Just LOOK at WHO attended and even SALUTED THE MONSTER!
      And you still believe Governments actually support OUR “Hu-Manity’s” interest?!
      Did anyone NOTICE that TRUMP saluted that “Swamp Creature” Bush???
      By the WAY…Wouldn’t THAT occasion been a PERFECT Time to execute MASS-ARREST???
      Most of the TRAITORS were there attending the event!

      • Actually, there is an account in the bible about a Jewish KING named Jehu who DID Exactly THAT, at 2Kings 10: 18 -30 He got ALL the traitors together in a SINGLE place…THEN CARRIED OUT AN “EXECUTION” OF THEM ALL!
        Geeeeeeeeeeeeeee Trump, couldn’t HE had done the SAME???

    • Practically ALL “Conspiracy Theories” are actual conspiracies. Just review your history. Look at Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, JFK assassination, 9/11, Sandy Hook.

      Sorry conspiracy theory study, it’s not about BELIEF; it’s about the EVIDENCE.

      Follow the money.

    • There are a very few at the top of the chain that want all of us, just to believe their lies, no mater how unbelievable they are. Like CO2 is poison to the world. What do plants breathe? Just believe the talking head of what ever “organization” is telling you to believe. IF YOU don’t look between the lines, you will not see the truth, and believe the talking head reading from a prescription pad of what you “need”. As far as this goes, “I DO BELIEVE” but not in the elite lies. Yes I know I did not follow the narrative of what Joe was saying, I agree with him, and what the study reveled. I just get so pissed when they say CO2 is bad.

    • “Conspiracy Theorist: “Someone who questions the statements of known liars.” — The term “conspiracy theorist” was an insulting label made popular by the CIA to stop critical thinkers from asking questions about the Kennedy assassination! In a memo called: “Countering criticism of the Warren Report,” the CIA set out to make the term “conspiracy theorist” a weapon to be used against anyone who questioned the government’s secret activities and programs.

      • That part, about the “Warren Report” , that always got to me, why would someone who was fired by JFK be in charge of investigating his death? I know, just another “conspiracy”.

        • Thank you, Kennyboy! I used to be insulted, then angry when people referred to me as a “Conspiracy Theorist” UNTIL I found that definition some years ago on Facebook! I instantly memorised it word-for-word and repeat it to anyone who thinks they can “shut me up” with that rude accusation. Now there is “no response” when I repeat the definition which, I use very often! 😉

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