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More 9/11 truth is coming out, on the heels of @SpookdBlog‘s recent Telegram posts.

A secretive whistleblower has just released some information to Kerry Cassidy that he has been sitting on for some time. It comes from a retired colonel who “passed away a while ago”, who had claimed that it was the White Hats who launched the missile that struck the Pentagon on 9/11, saying, “A secret supersonic plane (Mach 2 or 3) from San Diego that flew directly to the Pentagon and fired a missile into the side of the building running the coup, which we later found out was the Office of Naval Intelligence.”

In other words, the 9/11 attacks were stopped halfway through. Kerry says, “They were going to take down a lot of targets, not just the Twin Towers and Building 7 and so on.

“So, the missile that they shot into the Pentagon stopped everything, because it was the White Hats’ way of saying, ‘If you want to take this to the limit, we’re going to go with you and we’re going to fight you at every juncture.’…It showed the Dark Side that they could not proceed forward, any further than they did on 9/11.”

Kerry says the Pentagon offices that were hit contained a lot of important files, some of which were scooped-up by the White Hats, similarly to how Nancy Pelosi’s computer was seized during the mêlée of J6.

She explains that the White Hats are usually unable to stop the Cabal’s false flag operations but they are able to take advantage of them or at least, to mitigate them.

“If you understand the nature of the enemy we are fighting, you will understand the decisions they are making and why they have allowed certain things to happen.

“We are living on a battleground. We’re being invaded by the New World Order, by the Illuminati, by these military-aged men, mainly from China but from other countries, as well, that have been recruited and all of this is a setup for trying to create a civil war in the United States.

“I don’t think it’s going to fly. I think that Trump will get into office and I believe he’s going to get into office on a ‘nuclear’…some kind of stand-off on an international basis and that’s how he going to come back into office and I think it’s going to happen this year, prior to the election.

“Now, I could be wrong. Trying to gauge what’s going to happen…is not easy, as you can appreciate. We’re all playing a guessing game, here. I try to read the signs, I try to use my intuition, I put two and two together, I’ve got whistleblower testimony, I’ve got incoming testimony…

“This is an ongoing – every day, they do something, the White Hats do something. There’s always a move-countermove going on and this latest thing, with Antarctica is also crucial. Juan went down there, there was some kind of release earlier this morning [February 15th]. I haven’t been told to be secret about it.

“They’re saying Juan’s saying there were a thousand people that were invited down there at the same time, that Obama was already down there, is what I understand.

“Now, there’s a remote viewer that I did not know, that I can’t vouch for his accuracy but he had an interesting take on what might be happening down there. So, what he saw in his viewing – and I believe I’m at liberty to say this, because he sent it to me – and I think he’s going to publish it, himself but I’m not sure how or why or when.

“Anyway, that there was some oval table. It was surrounded by a thousand people. There were leaders there from both sides, the Dark Side and the Light and Juan was one of them. If you don’t know who Juan is, again, he’s John F Kennedy, Jr. If you speak English and you understand all of the things I put on my website and looked into it deeply, you will understand…If that doesn’t look like John F Kennedy, I don’t know what does…”

This is where Kerry totally loses credibility with me and it throws the rest what she has to say into question, because I personally knew JFK Jr over a period of over 20 years. I met him when I was 12, he dated my older sister at Brown University. I became friends with him when I was a Freshman at Brown during his Senior Year, when we went to all of the same parties. Years later, I was friends with his John’s future wife, Carolyn, who worked with my roommate at Calvin Klein and who also dated my brother. Carolyn and John introduced me to John Perry Barlow in 1994, with whom I remained friends until his death in 2018.

That is not JFK Jr’s voice, those are not his hands or his cowboy boots. I don’t know why she insists it’s him, when Juan, himself refutes it. I find this insistence of hers to be abominable, reprehensible, infuriating and exasperating and it’s the reason why I’ve avoided Kerry’s content in the past.

Kerry says that the reason she’s sharing this now is because she wants to drive the point that there is a split in the US military and two factions are fighting each other. “They were operational during 9/11, they were operational during the Kennedy Assassination and the assassination of his brother, Bobby and it goes on from there – Martin Luther King, you name it.

“All of the different Dark Side happenings – Lahaina, you name it. This is what we’re dealing with and this is a very formidable enemy. They use Black Magick and they run their entire operations around that. And Juan understands that very well and you must understand that these people, whether it be Juan O Savin or Trump don’t have to be perfect people but they are people that are putting their lives, their families’ lives and their heart and soul into this fight and they deserve your respect.”




  1. Generally speaking, the Colonel told me that 911 was a coup d’état executed by the “fake military,” non-elected political officials and civilian military people, the likes of Wolfowitz, Pearl, Rumsfeld, and others.  He said the “real military” consisted of retired and active officers, most of which were Vietnam vets, that vowed to never again let politicians put them in a position of fighting a lost-cause war for political purposes.  He said that the coup was successful, but that the real military would not let it stand.  He said it would not be soon, but sometime down the road the real military will reassert itself and take out the “fake military” in a counter coup.  “Counter coup” was an interesting term back then, but it truly fits with how the white hats are operating now.  In the first book, the Colonel gets into the minutia of what has to be in place to pull off a coup, and the stages of a coup…it reads like a training manual, only presented from the perspective of pointing out that the barbarians have completed just about everything they need…and he sure was right…911 was just a year away from the publishing of the book!
  2. Bush was being protected by Florida governor and brother Jeb Bush when 911 went down.  He was at a Florida elementary school on live TV reading a book about goats to children.  It was awkward and controversial the way Bush continued to read the book for several minutes after a secret service agent whispered something to him and his face turned white as a ghost (so to speak).  The Colonel told me that was because the “Good Military” had orders to shoot down AF1 and it took time for the people protecting Bush to clear air space.  Then they took off and flew straight to Offutt AFB in Nebraska where they have that deep bunker and Bush stayed there for a couple of days…Cheney was the first one to make a public appearance after 911.  Obviously Bush was kept under protection until it was deemed safe to come out…what a coward.
  3. By the time I met with the Colonel, there were all kinds of theories about whether a plane or missile hit the pentagon, so I asked him about that.  He told me that once the coup started the real military launched a secret supersonic plane (Mach 2 or 3) from San Diego that flew directly to the pentagon and fired a missile into the side of the building running the coup, which we later found out was the office of naval intelligence.  This message convinced the coup perpetrators to cease any further activity. I’ve always wondered whether a plane flying that fast could have the range necessary to do that without refueling, but that is what he said.

 —undisclosed source

In a separate 9/11 bombshell, retired CIA case officer, @SpookedBlog on his Telegram channel last week posted this leaked helicopter video of a missile striking the Pentagon on 9/11 with personal summary of happened on 9/11:

The missile which struck the Pentagon was not a Soviet SCUD (not very maneuverable) but rather a USAF GBU-57-A, delivered from a USAF jet.

The GBU was in development in 2001, but running short on funding. It was notable for flying “Nap of the Earth” flight paths. It was also a “Bunker Buster” capable of penetrating 15′ of reinforced concrete (the depth of penetration at the Pentagon was 15’ of brick and reinforced concrete).

General Singlaub apparently gave the order over the phone; (I overheard his fonecon) stating:

“The ‘bunker buster’ should do the job”. Say thanks to Northrop-Grumman & Lockheed Martin for the Pentagon attack and to the USAF pilot who launched that missile.

“Precision-Guided” is the operative term which includes both satellite and ground GPS, plus laser and FLIR guided targeting.

That gives a CEP (Circular Error Probability) of less than 15′.

Thus, precision guided means this missile, launched from a B2 at 20,000′ could fly to the Pentagon and zoom in a ‘Nap of the Earth’ path, over and down a gently sloping hill path, leveling off at ground level.

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    Was in the direction of the Pentagon really. Passenger Jets do not hung the ground like that . Ive lived in Pentagon are for many many decades

      • Bunker busters are faster than a passenger planes lofting through tree tops almost in slow motion in comparison.

  • Yes, there WERE two factions in the military at that time. BUT, this is pure bulls**t with a capital B and capital S.
    The portion of the Pentagon destroyed was hit by the ‘bad’ guys to destroy all evidence of the ‘missing’ money. Nothing more. Nothing less.
    This ‘story’ is just that, a fabrication of the left to keep the lies alive and those on the ‘edge’ from understanding the truth.
    I was active at the time and similar stories were floating around at that time to keep the actual truth suppressed.
    Don’t use the excuse of protect his family — what’s his name and actual rank? Where was he serving and how does/did he know.
    Major General Stubblebine had no problem coming out into the open with truth. He was head of Military Intel (very much a contradiction in terms). He didn’t hide and wait for the ‘safety’ of his family.
    So put the BS aside.
    It’s always second hand — once dead there is no threat!!!!

  • The reason I am suspicious about “blaming the Vatican” is that this is a way of discrediting the Vatican like a rapist has to first put down the woman he is about to rape. So, discrediting the Vatican could be a program to take it out. In the Samson Option if Israel looks like it is going to go down, let’s say get in a failing nuclear war with Iran or whatever; they supposedly are going to take out the Vatican with their secret (not so secret) nuclear program. I just heard it again that this is the plan. But if the alternative community has the idea that the Vatican with all its priceless art and sixty miles of books is really the whore of Babylon, or whatever, then they won’t care so much if Israel nukes the Vatican. But I’m sure there will a warning so that all the great art can be stolen and priceless artifacts to say nothing of rare books and manuscripts before they nuke it. It will also be a grand theft. And then you won’t be able to go to Rome and view the Sistine Chapel or look at Renaissance frescos. That will be gone—you know the whore. So what does that make the people who are participating in this—friend or foe… I say foe.

  • I would think it would be a very simple thing to take voice samples from Kennedy and Savin, and have them analyzed. They’re as conclusive as fingerprints, and not that hard to do.

    • Very sad for a family that I know that lost their young husband and father at the Pentagon that day. As for comparing voices there is ai technology to change the voice through frequency so that won’t work.

  • Thank you for saying the truth. Juan is Not John Hr. This lie has gone on too long. There is nothing about Juan that is remotely similar to John. All you said plus John would never have used the preposition “at” at the end of a sentence. That in itself is a complete give away.
    Thanks for all your great information and standing for truth.

  • Way even better, the higher ups , celestials bombed the communist Georgia guidestones recently using a high pulsed sonic Laser weapon, same as Hawaii

  • I heard long ago and only a few days or hours after 911 that that missile that hit the pentagoon was guided and penetrated deep into the room where investigators were meeting about the pentagoons missing trillion (s) was announced by rumsfeld on the ms media only a day before 911. All investigators were murdered but one, and all the evidence was destroyed… What would the white hats hope to gather from that room…? the whole area was destroyed.
    This does not wash with me… Why would the white hats target the investigation that was exposing deepstate crimes, and then sit on any of the info from the investigations..?
    All that missile did was give the deepstate time to cover the missing money and weapons..?
    Why did the pentagoon with probably dozens of security cameras in that area alone not have even one image of a missile or airplane flying to and into the pentagoon…?
    How did the deepstate manage to cover up with such a well planned but almost silly story about a flight with hundreds of people aboard crashing into the pentagoon..?
    How could they cover the lack of airplane debris and lack of evidence that it was a plane in only a few hours…?
    I don’t believe a word of this BS… Unless the white hats were helping the deepstate by doing a fake attack to destroy all evidence and paper trails of the missing Trillion(s) and all that High tech military hardware and munitions .

    • Catherine Austin Fitts told Reiner Fuellmich that the cabal took down Building 7 and hit the Pentagon because yes that is where they were investigating the stolen trillions of dollars by the cabal. Building 7 they were investigating HUD funds missing and Pentagon was where they investigating DOD missing funds

  • Somebody’s getting scared!!! It’s about to get undignified up in here. Turn down the what 🎶

    Devils toy box is Switzerland. Yes they have submarines and bunkers that will be their graves.

    As long as we keep trying to skim the savory skum off the top a-la- paperclip, we’re all TOXIC

    Beware the leaven of the Nazis…

    Jesus is coming eventually. He is very inconvenient. ( please hurry)

  • Alexandra: I like Kerry and have followed her for years. I think she has been missled by her new source that this was a White Hat operation firing a missile into the Pentigon. Juan O. Savin on 2/17/2024 in his interview with Michael Jaco while he was sailing to Antarctica, that it was the Black Hats that fired a missile in to the area of the Pentagon where there was a Naval Intelligence White Hat Operation that was investigating the 911 Back Hats. I personally knew the brother of one of the White Hat Annapolis Graduate Naval Intelligence officers that was killed at this location. His family are all straight arrow patriots. It is my understanding there was Mossad Operation using a French Submarine that fired a Tommyhawk Cruise Missile into the White Hat Area of the Pentagon. This would be consistent with what Juan O Savin said. Unfortunately Rumble took this Video down. Mahalo💗🌺🪷🌺🍍🤙

    • Totally agree… There is the matter of the missing trillion(s) and all that military hardware.
      That missile from what I heard shortly after the hit was that the investigative team for the missing $ and arms announced by rumsfeld one day before 911, were meeting in that exact area of the pentagon and all but one investigator was killed in the hit…
      Why would the “white hats” want to destroy all the evidence of the massive theft.
      How could the deepstate cover that with a silly story of another airliner full of passengers evaporating after hitting the most secure building in the US and not have even one decent photo or video of such an event,,, One report did get out and the local reporter said there was no airplane debris at the site… How could they cover their lies so fast… Impossible.

  • Praise to Kerry for bringing this news! Kerry unlike other posters has improved and continues to improve! Bless Kerry and all her kind!

  • About this Juan guy, I saw a video of him interviewed – and missing a flight while at it – predicting what was to happen in a couple of month’s time and nothing of the sort happened. Not very credible and what he says has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Also in the long expose of the cabal illuminati video – Ring of Power – Amenstop Productions( can be seen here – it is stated that the part of the pentagon hit was insignificant and was undergoing renovation at the time (at 12:15 mins into the video) .

    White hats or white smokescreen?

    • This is desperation on display… They are using the alt right to paint over facts… Amazing Polly, for another example, has also been a credible , respected and reliable researcher and source of info, said the other day that maybe all the vax shots are saline, despite the tons of data on excess deaths and injuries that point, without a doubt at the vax and roll outs timing.
      The deepstate is failing and in desperation mode, doing everything they can to create more confusion, distraction and spin on their crimes…
      They have very deep pockets filled with our wealth to buy them, and if that does not work, they can be very persuasive in ways that erases their problems forever…

  • “White Hats nuked the Pentagon”? This is the wildest Ca-ca that I’ve heard all day! I’m putting my money on the “White Hat” MAGA Truckers conspiring to halt deliveries to NYC in revenge for the anti-Trump “Witch-Hunt” ruling. Heads Up, all Soros-appointed anti-Trump DAs!
    Let’s “Bud Lite” New York City!

  • Alexandra – I’m with you regarding Kerry Cassidy. She has done some good work over the years, but she has also been duped many times. She is also dead wrong about Juan O. Savin being JFK, Jr. IMHO. Just wishful thinking. The Cabal killed both Jr. and his father. Period. Juan (whoever he is) is a Cabal asset who has infiltrated the truther/patriot movement in order to control the narrative. I find it quite plausible, however, that both the White Hats and Black Hats are meeting together in Antartica. While they appear to be mortal enemies, they basically are just rival crime families who fight over who gets to exploit Earth and its resources. Ultimately, they both report to the same controllers, i.e. off-worlders.

  • What a bunch of phucking BULLSCHITT!

    Again, Alex…….WHY are you WASTING YOUR TIME, as well as OURS, by posting this CRAP?

    Kerry Cassidy is either a complete moron Useful Idiot, or she (and her ‘pals’) is on the Globalists’ Payroll. Clif High is always ‘making fun us’/calling out her INSANITY. I, personally, have never watch this T.WAT; I wouldn’t waste my time……with her and her SO-CALLED *cough* ‘whistle blowers’. (Pedos & Murderers)

    PLEASE stop, Alex……PLEASE STOP! Not only are you wasting YOUR time (and insulting OUR intelligence), you’re DISCREDITING yourself, by giving these GRIFTERS another platform.

  • I reflect back on the Farsight Remote Viewing Channel for some of the most accurate informaiton that happened on 9-11.
    I remember Dick Algire talking about where the missile came from and the country’s flag behind it.

    • Anything that is remote viewing is demonic. People don’t have that power, and if they are legitimate, they are receiving views from demons. Demons cannot be trusted, as the legion of hell gives you some truth mixed with error.

  • Contradiction when you mention the white hats, saying they couldn’t get to Bush Jr. but was able to use a super sonic jet to launch a missle and punch a hole into the pentagon and stopped other planned terrorists attacks. I guess anything is possible. Everyone keeps saying 2024 is the year for truth.


  • Wow the mystery keeps unfolding. I read stuff like this and realize that ultimately I’m still nothing more than a recovering idiot trying to make sense of it all. While I’m at it my I should try to figure out where the universe starts or when and how it began. Or what’s the sound of one hand clapping? Or even better than that I ask myself how the heck did I ever end up in 2024 still in one piece.

  • Next, she will pass on (from a late insider) the riveting information that the White Hats are the ones who brought down the towers after making certain that the mastermind of all evil in the universe, John O’Neil, who the White Hats secretly executed beforehand, would be counted as one of the casualties.

    Ok, it could be true. But I take everything from Cassidy with a long freight train load of salt. Let’s say, I have doubts about White Hats wrecking the accounting investigations.

    We knew it was a missile from the beginning.

    • You said, “I have doubts about White Hats wrecking the accounting investigations.”

      Me too. But it triggers further questions. Naval Intelligence, we were told, was investigating the 2.5 Trillion Rumsfeld announced was missing the day before 911. That would give the Dark Side reason to destroy that section of the Pentagon. But if he knew the missile hit was planned, why would Rumsfeld even announce the money was missing? That seems to somewhat verify that the missile strike may have been unexpected by Rumsfeld. However, it doesn’t sound very cabal-like to miss the opportunity to get rid of an unwanted investigation. They always have a number of objectives in their plans. Maybe they thought a little well placed blackmail could do the job of stopping the investigation, but again why would Rumsfeld announce the shortfall?
      As usual, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get to the truth, something which is ALWAYS part of cabal plans.

  • Kerry shows what DS skulduggery she can dig up by channeling the brown hats .
    Her main man Juan Juan (JFK jr.) in a cowboy disguise leads the Q festival occurring at the moment in Antarctica where he sends updates on the big event thats going down in realtime .
    Kerry reminds everyone to keep the faith (trump worship) and feel your way around with your heart while she apparently is still stuck on her asshole chakra .

  • Maybe her strong belief makes her delusional.
    This is why I’m saying stop mixing up belief / faith with other things.
    Or is her belief strong enough to create an alt reality in this Matrix? I highly doubt it.

  • There is something about this other “narrative” that is the cabal consists of the Vatican and a list of other sorts including Luciferians and so on, that is just as creepy or almost as creepy as what “they” do to us. The “they” I’m thinking about spray our skies, get us into wars where we lose, force vaccinate when it is useless and lied to us for three years about the pandemic. I don’t see how the Vatican is involved or for that matter the Catholic church which was not stellar during the covid debacle but was certainly not spearheading it as I see it. On the other hand the cabal, as I see it, is the Neo-cons, the Zionists, the heads of the (HHS, CDC, NIH, CIA, FBI, the DNC). These folks are obviously running the show because they are making all these dreadful policies. It’s the unavoidable conclusion. The Vatican is weak and taken over as I see it by the likes of Madame de Rothschild, who the Pope thinks is cute or something. The Catholic Church is not the Illuminati. The reason this is a problem for me is that there is an obvious agenda to take down the Christian Church, especially the Catholic Church, and these white hats or whatever you call them are in on it. They could be occultists themselves.

    • Rothschild family is Illuminati; if they are running the church and I’ve read that they are (not saying it’s true, just putting it out there), then church would also be Illuminati, no? They certainly have had a LOT of pedo philia in the Church. I used to be Catholic but left after I finished high school. There were lots of pedos that were priests, and also numeorus Popes have been. Current pope is helping with trafficking of kids. There are lots of signs they are Illuminati. The Catholic people who are in the church are by and large very good people, they just haven’t recognized the darkness in the Church – and I”ve found thru my own experience there is a lot of darkness there. There are many satanists posing as christians. Hope this doesn’t offend anyone but the truth does need to get out there. We need to know who the black hats and white hats are IMO. Yes, there are some good folks that are priests and nuns but at the very top is where the problem is as well as quite a few priests. That’s been my experience.

      • How do you know Lucifer exist? Has anyone seen it? What does it look like? Or is this another made up fantasy story to make people believe it’s exist? Itsnot a he or she. Where are the photos that it exist? There is none. Just some drawing of a creature with devil horns and a fork tail which probably isn’t the real thing. I believe man is the real satan, not some fantasy.make believe story that no one has ever seen like a human god that doesn’t exist either. Man is the devil, the real evil one, who has done many, many evil horrible things against humanity and innocent children. We know what they have done to the children for many, many years and why they want to keep the borders open. They want the children so they can torture them and do horrible things to them to sacrifice them. They are the true devil. Man is the evil one and always has been.

        • Lucifer/Satan/The Devil/The Dragon/The Serpent is a very powerful spiritual being that influences +/or controls humans, allegedly. All I said is that they sing to it at the Vatican. You can confirm that for yourself by searching and watching videos. That is a fact and cannot be denied. What it exactly means is above my pay grade, but it’s not a good sign IMO. It’s also a fact that the Vatican is shaped like a serpent, actually 2 serpents. IMO, that cannot be denied either. Look it up or watch the video I linked, he is the one who exposed it and explains it very well with images to prove it. Not an accident, I don’t think. No one accidentally builds something of that magnitude in the shape of a snake. We are (individually and collectively) in a spiritual battle of Good vs Evil and you can deny it all you like, that does not make it go away, unfortunately. Anyone who can’t see that after what we’ve all experienced the past 4 years is spiritually blind.

    • Never underestimate the Vatican. The Vatican has long been the “religious” head of the cabal hydra. If you read The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church by Malachi Martin, the Church was corrupted (not surprisingly) as soon as it became powerful in the fourth century. The Illuminati Rothschilds were bankers to the Vatican as well as to royals and their wars and, as I’ve understood, were underlings to the internally intermarrying bloodline families dating way back into history. Perhaps including the pharonic families, but certainly the Roman emperor/papal/royal families. The Rothschilds insinuated themselves into the royal lines by virtue or their status as bankers to these families…so the story goes. The pope now, Francis, is denounced by his own church members as a heretic and destroyer of the faith, and has been convicted of child rape and sacrifice by the alternative International Tribunal for Natural Justice which also condemned Elizabeth II. He’s advocated the vaxx and a number of cabal initiatives as well as being involved with murderous dictator in Argentina when he was an archbishop.

      The Neocons, many Zionists and alphabet agencies spring from the military head of the hydra, the US. The banksters originate from the financial head of the hydra, the British “City of London” and its central banking horrors. BUT THEY’RE ALL OF A PIECE.

      For my money, so is the CPC. Communism, and it’s communism-light version/gateway drug, socialism, have always been the favorite full spectrum control tools of the cabal and wherever they spring up, you can bet the cabal is behind it.

  • Kerry may be sniffing in the wrong back room.

    The evidences were all in, all in a few months and all over the internet, that this was a CIA/Mossad operation to gin up support for terrorizing Israel’s enemies. We knew what hit the Pentagon, so this revelation is not new either. White hats and black hats, what does that mean? Nothing.

    Black magic? Try Kabbalah, and its siblings in The Order of the Skull, Freemasonry and Mormonism. I suppose there are others I don’t know about. These agents were everywhere to be seen on 911, with their hands on the levers of power, but nobody will talk about it.

    That is – outside of venues like this which are doomed to extinction if the nation doesn’t soon wake up out of their make believe world.

    • I suspect that there’s a fourth head of the hydra I mentioned above and that’s Israel, whose job is to house the government of the New World Order. Israel’s participation in 911 is legendary and Bibi has been very busy finishing up those pesky Palestinians and holding up maps including Saudi, Egypt and all of the former Palestine as the expanded New Israel.
      As to “White Hats,” the blown up, disappearing Q, the current talking head, Jan Halprin and the like….well, if I were the cabal and needed to completely control the narrative, I would have to invent them, wouldn’t I?

      • It’s the “club”!!!! Look closely at the past four presidential administrations and you will notice something unnatural about ALL OF THEM. Do they really represent what the rest of our nation looks like? Look at the loyalties of those who populate them and consider. Some even have dual citizenships. Clue maybe? Hmmmm? I am a believer in Christ Jesus, ergo the kingdom of G-d according to the New Covenant’s documents and the historic record. Push come to shove my loyalty is there! So you could say I have dual citizenship too. Just giving you an example to use as a pattern. Those administrations are way over the top with “cultural diversity”, way far away, so far away they represent the tip of the spear aimed at the heart of America. it’s not difficult, but we are looking everywhere else for what ails the nation, even on the moon, mars and Putin.

    • Yeah, it is pure hokim. It certainly doesn’t fit anything we (and I) already know, like Chaney in the command center. Unless she is trying to say Chaney is a white hat, then she has even more problems. Everytime I try to watch this women I have to turn her off it is so full of BS.

  • “every day, they do something, the White Hats do something.”

    Oh right! That’s why everything has gotten so much better over the years! I knew there was a reason! It was the White Hats all along!

    Not really.

    Kerry lives in a comic book fantasy world of her own imagination, and what she thinks is her intuition is really her innerwishin.

    • Mark my words, “they” will be saying “we’re winning” when we’re all in chains. If we do win, it will be the unified action of vast numbers at all levels in this country and in the world, refusing to be herded and harvested any longer. I see the beginnings of that right now and it will grow. Quoting old, dead Q and the White Hats is creaking psyop hopium baggage we don’t need. They create a savior that never saves, that causes us to wait, wait, wait, then obfuscate the reason with “they’re-exposing-the-perps” tales. And, most telling of all, they lead us to sit on our asses while they take care of things. If we do what they say, DOESN’T MATTER WHO THEY ARE, we’re cooked. Time to grow up and put on the big boy pants.

    • Yeah, even if the white hats were just incompetent, they would occasional make a mistake in our favor, and I haven’t seen anything good in a very long time.

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