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‘Financial Rebellion’ With Catherine Austin Fitts

Financial Rebellion is a weekly show by Children’s Health Defense featuring Catherine Austin Fitts and attorney Carolyn Betts, General Counsel of Solari, Inc. who call upon their years of experience in the financial and legal sectors to provide us with the tools we need to powershift our money and reclaim financial independence from the monopolizing grip of the central banks and digital currency titans.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I have not heard this session yet but heard another one by Ms. Fitts whereby she suggested credit unions rather than large banks. Sounded good to me. However, during the trucker’s freedom rally in Canada, apparently the government froze bank accounts (which I think was illegal, since the emergency act had not yet even been voted on, yet they proceeded anyway) of donators to the peaceful rally and even credit unions were involved, according to the news. Again, can’t trust the news at all but this was concerning. The banks just dutifully went along with this as well. No end to the corruption out there.

    And kcb123 who commented below – maybe back off from criticizing people who are trying to make a difference; if you are one of these schmucks, then call the company and ask yourself. We have enough naysayers these days to contend with.

  • How nice that KAF is busy over at CHDF. Wonder what the schmucks paying retail over at Solari Report think of that.

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