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    The Russian Ministry of Defense just released a video about the US/Deep State biological network in Ukraine and @Clandestine on TRUTHSocial has kindly translated the slides for us on his Substack:

    Slide 1: What is the US hiding about biolabs in Ukraine?

    Slide 2: Russia presented proof of US military biological activities in Ukraine.

    Slide 3: Americans have spent over $250 million since 2005, according to the Defense Department.

    Slide 4: Including for the construction and modernization of biological laboratories.

    Slide 5: They are coordinated by the US Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

    Slide 6: The Americans do not deny the fact of cooperation with Kyiv.

    Slide 7: Although they say their goal was to improve the epidemiological situation in Ukraine,

    Slide 8: But they don’t explain how it fits in with the research of potential biological operations,

    Slide 9: As well as economically significant infections.

    Slide 10: Another priority for biolabs was the collection and export to the United States.

    Slide 11: Strains of pathogens of dangerous infectious diseases – anthrax, cholera, tularemia.

    Slide 12: Biological material was also exported to other countries.

    Slide 13: The samples, themselves with hazardous bioagents were often improperly stored.

    Slide 14: The Ministry of Defense also drew attention to the fact that various studies were often carried out

    Slide 15: On socially-unprotected categories of Ukrainian citizens.

    Slide 16: At the same, back in 2013, Ukraine tried to curtail the biological projects of the Pentagon.

    Slide 17: But had to give in under pressure from Washington.

    Slide 18: Neither the United States nor Ukraine have been able to provide conclusive evidence.

    Slide 19: That their cooperation is beneficial.

    Slide 20: Just as Kyiv could not explain why it began to destroy documents,

    Slide 21: About joint military biological activities with the Americans.

    This is an information operation by the Russian military that is simplifying the discoveries from their mission in Ukraine for a broad audience with small, digestible, visual aides.

    Clandestine writes:

    Regardless of if these allegations are true or not (all the evidence suggests that they are), the reality is, that the People of the Eastern world are being normalized to believe that Biden and the US were creating bioweapons in Ukraine, and the Western People are largely oblivious to the allegations as a whole.

    Also, keep in mind that the Russian Foreign Ministry and Russian Legislators expect a conclusion to their final report to the UN in the “fall”. It’s fall. The timing of this video suggests that things may be coming that the broader public need to be introduced to.

    Also, be sure to recognize that Trump has not appeared anywhere near any of the allegations or reports. Russia continue to direct the activity at Biden and the DNC specifically. Russia went out of their way to make sure the word knows Trump is excluded from these allegations. Which, whether these allegations are true or not, proves there is some level of alliance, truce, or agreement of some kind, between Trump and Putin.

    This video also proves that the allegations are not going away. Russian MIL have been pushing this heavily for approximately 7 months now. Providing consistent evidence to the UN. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. This isn’t a baseless disinformation campaign. Putin and Russia are serious about this, they were willing to go to war over it, and now Putin claims they are willing to use his entire arsenal to neutralize this global threat.

    This problem isn’t going away. If Russia continue to be ignored, they will resort to alternative solutions if diplomacy fails. The world teeters on the brink of nuclear destruction.

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    • American patriots will take down the rogue regime in Washington D.C. before nuclear war becomes necessary. All the pieces are set to go and nothing can stop this.

    • No matter how you slice and dice the names, the “U.S.”, US, UNITED STATES, etc., is not America. America is the actual states of the Union, not a fictional corporate entity hell bent on destruction.

    • I would think that the bio labs are located there for ‘quick reaction response’ , to anything that Russia might try in the way of bio terror weapons in any future actions. In any future conflicts, with their poor combat abilities and high losses of men and equipment, bio wars would be more effective.

      • Well, those biolabs are working on killing off 95% of all people. They want YOU and ME dead.
        So, unless you are part of their organization I am not sure why you (seem to) hold out hope that those biolabs ‘do their job’.

    • Until leftists and conservatives alike, quit perpetuating the 1984 idea that Russia is the big, bad bogeyman, there will never be a chance for our own country to function constitutionally as it was created to do.

    • Our world does not teeter on the brink of nuclear destruction!
      Ms Kimberly Goguen holds all the nuclear codes.
      And thus, the threat of nuclear destruction is nothing more than fear porn!

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