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This revolution that we are in the midst of is holistic. It’s not a political revolution, like 1776. It’s more like the French Revolution of 1789 – or I think, really close to Mao’s Second Revolution, the Cultural Revolution.

By that, I mean it’s holistic. It’s not about politics. It’s not about Trump or conservatives versus Biden and the Democrats. It’s not about whether you want to spend this amount of money or that amount of money.

It’s more than that. It’s that – but it’s more than that. It spans every aspect of our being and I mean that literally.

Nobody listening to this right now, if I had said ten years ago, “Mark my words, I’m a prophet. Ten years from now, there will be three sexes and if you, Listener dare say that there are only two, you’re going to be ostracized and fired from your job.”

Nobody would believe it, if I said ten years ago, “We’re going to ban cooktops that run on natural gas, natural gas heaters and we’re going to ban V8 engines very quickly, because we have to transition by forcing the Middle Class to take a big hit on green energy.”

No one would believe it, if I said to you, professors, “If you professors get up in class and you say that you want the Border closed or you believe that biological men should not compete in female sports or if you say the case has not been made that Government has the ability, without catastrophic results and a cost-of-benefit analysis to address Climate Change,” you’re going to lose your job. Say any of those three, you’re out.

They wouldn’t believe you if I said ten years ago, “There is no Border.” It’s not that the border is porous, like it was under Obama. It’s not that Federal immigration law is lax. There is no border. It’s been destroyed. There is no corpus of Federal Immigration Law.

Well, seven million people have crossed the Border and it’s our duty to put them up in hotels through all of our major cities, give them a cell phones, waive any legal consequences for their continued illegal residence in the United States. And more to come. And we’re going to be told by the Mexican government that is our duty to treat their citizens as if they were ours.

Nobody would believe that.

If I said, ten years ago, “70% of the people who vote will not vote any longer on Election Day. We’re going to go from 30% absentee to 70%. We’re not going to use the word ‘absentee’. We’re going to call it ‘mail-in balloting’ or ‘early ballots’ and the rejection rate of those ballots is going to plummet, because we’re going to change the voting laws so radically, that it’s almost impossible to authenticate a mail-in ballot, vis-à-vis a registered name on a registrar’s list.”

Nobody would believe that.

Nobody would believe that, if I said ten years ago, “There’s going to be a riot. It’s not going to be like the Watts Riots or the Rodney King Riots or the riots that followed Martin Luther King. There’s going to be a hundred and twenty days, there’s going to be $2 billion dollars in damage. They’re going to torch a federal courthouse, a police precinct, a historic church in Lafayette Square, they’re going to try to get to the White House and nobody’s going to pay a price for that. It’s going to be pretty much fine.”

If I said, in addition to all this, “Then, four consecutive FBI directors are either going to lie under oath to Congress or to a Federal investigator or they’re going to deny and claim ‘amnesia’ things that they knew were true, whether Mueller or Comey or McCabe or Wray.”

Nobody would believe me if I said, ten years ago, if I said, “The FBI will be caught hiring Twitter to suppress news so they can warp the 2020 Election,” nobody would believe me.

If I said ten years ago, “Hey, just watch this upcoming 2016 Election, the 2020 and the 2024 Elections, the FBI and the DOJ are going to warp. In 2016, they’re going to concoct this lie that Donald Trump urinated on prostitutes because he was mad at Obama, who stayed in the same hotel room and he wanted it known that he did that to the sheets and that he was working for Vladimir Putin.”

And that will be a complete lie and, “We will doctor FISA affidavits if we have to, we will hire foreign nationals to work on the Clinton Campaign, if we have to. We will do anything we have to,” nobody would believe it.

If I said, “In 2020, the candidate for President’s son, who’s committed several felonies, many of which, in action and, in mediis rebus are on the computer,” and to stop that from being known, the FBI is going to take it, hide it for a year and then tell Twitter not to put any news out, other than it’s a “Russian disinformation ploy. It’s not authentic,” even though when they

Nobody would believe it if I were to say, ten years ago, “They’re going to indict an ex-President of United States for taking out documents, that there was a dispute for overvaluing his real estate in New York or for having Stormy Daniels sign a Non-Disclosure that he probably had some tawdry relationship with or that he made a phone call to the Attorney General in Georgia, complaining that he thought that the voting wasn’t going right and having directed him or asking him to go look for things – which the Attorney General refused – and he was going to be tried – not impeached, again, because he’s out of office – but tried – and looking at 500 [years in prison]-likely indictment,” nobody would believe it.

So, what I’m getting at is, whether we look at sex, whether we look at the law, whether we look at the destruction of law, shoplifting, whether we look at the Border, whether we look at these weaponized agencies, it’s every aspect of our life.

A person who’s listening to this is thinking, if he lives in California, take one example, “Should I go buy a pickup? When do you think they’re going to outlaw it? Should I buy a Diesel pickup? When are they going to outlaw that? When I get my new home, I can’t have a gas cooktop or gas hot water heater in? That’s not allowed? It’s cheaper. No, you can’t. Could we close the Border? No, we can’t close the Border.”

No, no, no, no, you don’t understand. The country has changed in the tenure. It’s in the middle of a cultural revolution and it affects everything.

If I had said, ten years ago, “Hey, did you see did you see a rerun the other night of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’?”

“Oh, yeah. I love that movie. Gregory Peck was so great.”

“Did you know it was racist?”

“No, no, you don’t understand. It was it was a courageous movie talking about the evils of racism.”

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it was ‘white supremacy’, ‘white paternalism’ and we’re going to ban that book.”

“Are you insane?”

“And you know what we’re not going to ban? We’re not going to ban graphic novels in K-8 libraries. We’re not going to ban that, because we need to discuss the Normative Toxic Family Model.”

So, nobody would believe any of this and there are certain people who you wouldn’t think – I mean, I’m not a big fan of Bill Maher – but man, he’s saying it like it is. I can’t believe it! And Matt Taibbi – I think has attacked me – he says it like it is.

I was always a a big fan of Megyn Kelly but I never associated Megan Kelly with anger at the nonsense – but gosh, you listen to her podcast and I’ve been on a lot of them, she just says it like she’s had it.

Those are the types of profiles that we need, that, from all across the political spectrum. We should all look for those people, according to their station and honor them, because we really need people to speak out; doesn’t matter what party, it doesn’t matter what ideology.

This country has so much potential. It’s got everything: farmland, fuel, a great military, you know and we’re destroying it. This can’t go on. You can’t have, you can’t take a city like San Francisco and destroy it or homeless people defecating in front of people or people walking out with stuff that you own in your own store and you can’t do anything about it – it just it can’t go on and we need people to call it out.

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  • I’m afraid the email sent out was a big OOPS. It said Mark Victor Hanson which is misleading as there is a Mark V. Hanson who is a motivational speaker but I don’t believe that’s who you meant. The email should have said, Victor Davis Hanson.

  • Nobody believes when I say there is NO VIRUS that exists at this moment, hopefully somebody will start believing it 10 years from now (or earlier) as well
    I’m currently surrounded by bunches of sheep far worse than in States, but I’m still shouting that out, ya know?

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