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by DutchSinse

It is now fairly obvious that something serious is going on.

View Quebec live on satellite HERE.

Not control burns, not natural (from lightning), and not from “climate change”.

This looks like an attack of some kind at this point, but I can’t rule out the plate shifting / heat releases along the craton edge yet.

If an attack, it could be 1 of 2 ways… either a huge group of people doing it coordinated, or a DEW from above (space or air based directed energy weapon).

Those are the options. Natural plate shifting releasing heat, coordinated attack orchestrated by hundreds of people working in unison somehow secretly, or a DEW from above.

This is getting insane, but there it is.

Add in most of Mexico, also South New Jersey, Arizona, New Mexico, and California to the burning list now….. the whole plate with fires along the craton edges and perimeters. This is why I still can’t rule out natural sources for these heat bursts causing widespread fires along the plate edges.

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  • Allstate preemptively dumped fire insurance for Calizuela ,lucky for us most of our shitty state has already been DEW toasted repeatedly. The firestarters learned to not operate the DEW at night to hide the signature from IR satellite to sell the forced climate change next up grid failure and COMMS shutdown. DS is going for broke since they are broke and need more emergencies to revive the grift gravy train . The desperate cornered rat bastards will throw everything they have at us . Constant global war ,It’s gonna get bumpy.

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