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Austen Fletcher aka Fleccas Talks has these keen insights into the cascade of tragic events in Wisconsin.


Another BLM-supporting, violent pedophile attacked innocent people in Waukesha, Wisconsin last night, killing six and injuring 50 others.

The Mainstream Media refuses to look into the suspect’s past and background and social media posts to come to any conclusions as to what the motive was but at Fleccas Talks, we refused to do that. We did some digging and we have some stuff we think you should see.

Daryl Brooks killed five people, injured 40 others while he drove his SUV into the Waukesha Christmas Parade. He has an extensive criminal record. He was arrested three times in the last two years. The most recent was on November 2nd and he was released on a thousand dollar bail bond on November 19th, just two days before the incident.

Jack Posobiec actually had a great tweet, that basically sums up what’s going on. He said, the same people who told you for 14 months that Kyle Rittenhouse intentionally murdered BLM protesters are now telling you that a career criminal unintentionally ran over a Christmas parade.

That’s the big difference this was a Christmas parade, mostly white people. There’s a group called the Dancing Grannies. They were all having a nice time and this man, Daryl Brooks drove his SUV straight through the crowd, didn’t decelerate, didn’t try to avoid people, didn’t honk to warn anybody – and the Mainstream Media is saying that he was getting away from a knife incident; a knife fight and that was what he had to do.

So here are some social media posts from Daryl Brooks the Mainstream Media does not want you to see.

Two days ago, he posted how upset he was with the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, the not guilty verdict.

In June of 2020, he posted: “Learned and taught behavior. So when we start back knocking white people the f* out, I don’t want to hear it. The old white people, too. Knock them the f* out, period.”

So I guess he got his wish. Some of the people that were killed in the incident were part of the Dancing Grannies crew, a group of older women who go around dancing at local events in Wisconsin.

There’s tons of posts like that. A lot of anti-police posts, anti-white posts. He even posted about how Black Friday stems from slavery.

And this was his excuse for why he’s a convicted pedophile. (Plays video of Daryl Brooks, who says):

And then, as soon as we fall out, all of a sudden, now I’m a pedophile. Let me explain that 10 years ago, 2006 I caught a case with my oldest daughter’s mama, yes, my baby-mama.

She’s from Oakland. I was busting moves in Nevada. I meet the [ __ ] she said she want to get down so i’m pimping on the [ __ ]. I’ll take her to Nevada, you know what I’m saying. I get cracked, you know what I’m saying. I didn’t know the [ __ ] was 16 at the time.

She gave a statement to the police and told them, yes, she was hoeing that I was pimping and that she was 16.


Oh, so that’s why you’re a pedophile, got it. What a good guy. We should give this guy a second chance. Let’s say second chance. He’s already been let out like five times, so this is who should be out in the streets.

Why is Wisconsin releasing so many pedophiles out into the streets during these chaotic times? I don’t know, that’s weird, too. We should look into that.

So clearly, this guy is race-obsessed, he definitely had his brain poisoned by the media. Let’s see how people are reacting to it. Let’s go to our friend Tariq Nasheed to see what he had to say: “Why are so many people making the Waukesha incident racial? Is there any proof race was a motivating factor?”

Keep in mind, Tariq Nasheed, when it came to the Kyle Rittenhouse incident said, “Suspected white supremacist murderer, Kyle Rittenhouse was allegedly being groomed to become a killer cop.”

So that’s his take, there but I guess now, it’s time to wait for all the facts and even when the facts are there, don’t look too hard. Another democrat official called it “karma” for the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.

I don’t know how it’s karma when it’s all innocent people at a Christmas parade; not when a young 17-year-old is getting violently attacked by a pedophile at a riot. I don’t see how those two things are the same.

Many people were making jokes how the SUV was acting in self-defense. Here, we have someone saying they wish it was a MAGA parade. That’s normal: wish death upon your political opponents.

That’s kind of the problem, here too. It’s like we’re so politically-divided that we’re not even seeing these people as people. We’re seeing them as “with us or against us” – or at least, the Left is.

So now we have their political opponents – remember, this in Portland, as well, when the Trump supporter was shot dead in Portland there weren’t many people putting politics aside to denounce the violence. They were kind of like, “Well, that was one of ours against one of theirs.”

And they’re happy with how it played out on Twitter, Mainstream Media.

Everyone on social media is rushing to say five people dead and 40 injured after a car drives to a parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

A car drives to a parade, not a person – but when someone gets shot with a gun in self-defense, the person’s a murderer, because he’s a “white supremacist” – but now, a car did something bad.

You notice, how the mainstream media is taking their time to get the facts right on this one. NPR didn’t even really cover it today. They’ve been talking about Climate Change all morning and people like DL Hewley, who are always out saying, “Oh, imagine if it was a black person how much different it would be. They would never be taken peacefully into custody.”

What happened here? Daryl Brooks was arrested, taken into custody without issue, even though he killed five people and injured 40 others.

So, when you have a situation where the media is constantly talking about police brutality, racism, white supremacy, you get people like this, who are mentally ill, mind-poisoned, pedophile criminals, willing to do atrocious acts, terrorist acts and then when they do, it actually gets ignored!

We have a lot of the facts. We are able to extrapolate this guy drove into a crowd of people. They said, he was fleeing a knife attack, a violent incident.

But you don’t really need to drive into people, accelerating without warning to get away from a knife attack. These are the same people that told you that Kyle Rittenhouse’s self-defense was not self-defense and that this is a proper way to get away from a knife attack. I guess it makes no sense to me, either.

Let’s continue to watch and see how the mainstream media covers it and let’s look for the the two different worlds that they’re living in and the two different realities they’re trying to shape: Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist, violent terrorist and this guy was just an innocent black guy trying to get away from a knife incident.

Doesn’t make much sense to me.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The “Powers That Be” are trying to FORCE us into a race war. Most white people are disgusted with the White Supremacy Groups. But I feel as though most of the black people would go along with a race war. I pray that I’m wrong because the only people I want to fight are the Powers That Be. That would be all governments. None are about the people. They are about divide, conquer and control because they are all tyrannical scum. Thanks, Capt Joe Kelley.

  • Posobiec is a shill to Israel and a far right.
    He never said anything bad about Israel even when Israel was bombing Syria for no good reasons.
    About this topic, yes it’s non sense and this pedo should have been put in jail for life since before, but also telling you as well to be careful the other.

  • Totally preventable crime why didn’t he lose his drivers permit when he wuz doggin’ his ho mama yo. They should a known that when he ran the first one down that could be a clue as to the mind of this alleged attempted unintentional accidental serial killer.

  • It’s no surprise, that people can refer to others, even victims of violence, in such a cold, impersonal manner–it all starts with the murder of unborn babies (abortion). If you can de-humanize others, you can diminish their worth and stoically maintain a lack of empathy for them.
    We have the controlled news media putting spins on events, which means they’re giving someone’s opinions. The news is supposed to objectively report, not tell us how to think. We were supposed to learn how to think, from our parents and what used to be schools–what are now government indoctrination centers. But, the controllers of the news industry are working in unison toward an agenda, which involves more than giving opinions, but molding public opinion and helping distort the way we ought to view events, plus, keeping us ignorant, if possible.
    Regarding the critter mowing down people in a parade, the unthinking masses will listen to the controlled news media and be unable to think or know about what really happened and why. Many of the locals in Waukesha will have an idea of who, what, why, but generally, the truth about events is not widespread, as it ought to be and could be. Fortunately, with people behind websites such as FKTV, at least some of us can have a clue.

  • Its obvious you and your audience doesn’t watch daily or you would know who orchestrated this. Monday November 22 episode of Trunews mentions George Soros. It is Fine Time you and your followers take your 4pmEST and go on your phone or laptop to go watch

    • That’s exactly who has his fingerprints all over this crapfest,starting with that District Attorney and then who knows if it wasn’t a paid job..Soros is his name and Chaos is his game😜😝

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