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Former BlackRock analyst and ‘Cause Unknown’ author, Ed Dowd joins Mike Adams to discuss the latest vaxxine data. In June, there was an uptick in casualties in the US, with 850,000 Americans added to the rolls of those self-identifying as “disabled” and he sees a similar trend in other countries that mandated the COVID shot.

Dowd’s investigation of the Personal Independence Payment system (PIP), which is the UK’s version of Social Security Disability Insurance, which is administered through the National Health Service revealed that deaths, disabilities and injuries in the UK are up by a standard deviation of 12, which means that what’s happening is absolutely not natural and it is being caused by something. Anything over 6 is considered a Black Swan event.

He found that the rates of reported hematological (blood-related) illness was up 522% in 2022 over the trend that had been established since 2016. This equates to a 61 standard deviation!

However, the Globalists are sticking to the script and the Biden Regime appears ready to roll out a new series of mandates and lockdowns, because these mass-murdering criminals need to blame the now-accelerating vaxxine injuries and deaths on the new fake “variant” – and they know that a financial collapse is coming. Ed says:

“They’re going to have to point to lockdowns to cover up why financial assets are collapsing, as the economy is already, in our opinion, in a recession and going deeper…And look, if this really were a bad variant, they wouldn’t be pre-ordering equipment, they would have declared something and then, ordered. It all seems like it’s pre-meditated to cover for a Fall/Winter event.”

Ed likens what is occurring to a “Glacial Mad Max” and he says we’re already seeing the beginnings of the collapse in some of the broken supply chains and notably, in the commercial airline industry. He predicts:

“Five years from now, there’ll be warlords in certain parts of the country running the show. That’s where we’re going!”

He also believes that as the situation continues to degrade, some states will start to print their own money, which is already in the offing in Texas. Last March, two Texas state senators introduced a bill to create a state-issued, gold-backed digital currency.

When Mike asks Ed – as a former hedge fund analyst – what asset classes he thinks will survive the collapse (for those of us with retirement savings who don’t want to lose 90% of our purchasing power), Ed reiterates something he said a few months ago: as counterintuitive as it sounds, the dollar will “fail up”.

All of the friends and enemies of the US Government around the world have lots of dollar-denominated debt – and the US also has a crushing amount of dollar debt – so for the near-term, he believes that 90-day T-bills will be a safe play for the average, everyday person.

He bases this on his belief that the US Military-Industrial Complex is unparalleled and that they will do everything to ensure that the “US comes out on top” at the end of this. But I don’t see that.

Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley poisoned their own troops with the Clot Shot. I don’t get how Ed thinks our military is on the side of the US – unless by “US”, he means a US territory populated by dead and dying Americans, outnumbered by invaders from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Honduras and China.

I see a US Military-Industrial Complex that seems to be actively working with China to collapse and destroy the US with the creation of the Death Shot, while overseeing the handover of US intellectual property, our sovereignty and all of our Personal Identifying Information to the Chinese government (aka the World Health Organization), who are using that data to engineer a Chinese-style social credit system in the US.

Hopefully, I’m wrong and Ed’s right.

To learn more, visit Ed’s website, PhinanceTechnologies.

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  • If it helps. Where I shop for food, orin other stores, I only see a very very few in masks, one or two so somebody is getting the message

  • Listening to this reminds me of reading Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn.
    Those who seem to know what is going on are helpless to do anything about it while those who are participating in these crimes will continue to do so for a paycheck and their attitude is as long as it is not happening to me.
    The decaying of the American Empire is in full swing…
    There is no difference between Democrat and Republican different names run by the same company.
    Get off the Trump wagon you are only participating in the illusion
    there will be no saviors, not in politics and we can’t vote our way out
    Go back to the basics of growing your own food and READING!
    Get your heart right and if your still watching TV you are a lost soul!

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