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    Henna Maria makes an impassioned statement about the “sanitary dictatorship” that is strangling the world.

    She takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride that many of us may have been stuffing down, lo these many months.



    Have you ever stopped to think what happens when you forcefully take the livelihoods out of hundreds of millions of people? You create generational consequences; a tidal wave of poverty…

    What do you do when everything gets taken away from you? You become like an angry animal, driven into a corner ready to rip someone’s head off. That’s what’s being done…

    What about the people who are denied medical care and their non-COVID related treatments and surgeries were cancelled? Do you know that in Germany, alone 90% of all necessary operations were actually canceled during the pandemic. 90%! And this is now leading up to 125,000 individuals to die, as a consequence.

    These people are human beings, too. Who is defending their right to life and medical care? Who is listening to them?

    …I saw a picture of a man holding a sign outside the hospital saying, “My son is dying. I want to see my son!” and he was not allowed to enter.

    People, where is your heart? Can you not see this is inhumane?

    …How many couples had to cancel their weddings? One of the most significant and amazing experiences of your life, gathering your family and loved ones together to celebrate your love.

    How many had to cancel that? How many families had to organize a so-called “corona funeral”, where only a handful of people could gather to honor the life of a loved one lost because of sanitary dictatorship?

    How many artists, musicians, creatives have lost their careers, now as concerts, exhibitions and festivals are all considered a “non-essential” part of life.

    What’s happening to the beauty of this world?

    How many small family businesses and entrepreneurs are losing everything, now?

    How many are mourning the lifelong dreams crumbling down?

    Who is going to pay for all of this loss and suffering? Who allowed this to happen?

    Because it wasn’t us. Nobody asked us. In fact, it was forced upon us.

    You see, our lives are being hijacked. Hijacked, taken away.

    Our future, the future of our children is being turned into an inescapable prison of a surveillance society, driven with sanitary regulations, inhumane, anti-social distancing.

    Are you going to be able to look at your grandchildren and tell them you let your humanity be taken away from you? That you were just cowering at home behind your mask?

    I will be there, in Madrid [Monday] at 7 pm for our massive, peaceful gathering to protest the anti-human New World Order and I hear there’s also one organized for London for the 29th of August at 12 p.m at Trafalgar Square.

    If you love humanity, if you love your children, you gotta get to the streets you know. There’s already serious signs of the “second wave” being manufactured. We cannot allow another dehumanizing and lethal lockdown.

    Censorship is being ramped up, people’s posts are being blocked, people are getting banned, including myself. I just had a ban from Facebook so I just want to put it out there, if my account gets deleted, if they try to silence me, I will find another way. I’m already setting up several accounts, so if you don’t see me on Facebook anymore, i will be on Minds, Parler, Bitchute, LBRY and probably all the others as well.

    We have to resist, Guys.

    I’m sending you love and strength.

    P.S. Because Millie Weaver’s ‘Shadow Gate’ was so shockingly informative, I’ve made a full transcript of the film, which you can use as reference material for your own research.

    Download it here.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Small. Small human psychopaths wants to purely delete us all and, how comes I know it’s the very same scumbags as usual….. Still seeing themselves as “the finest Nordic Master Race”, “elite” etc which does Not and, never will exist!

      Let’s all turn them our back, create our own lives for ourselves, our loved one’s, our animals and our planet…

      Let this tiny percentage live in their own sick hell and, leave them now and, forever.!!

      In psychology – real psychology – it’s known that, if somebody is so sick, so mentally retarded and so completely insane there is nothing more anyone can do to help them, then there is only one thing left to do – to lock these people up behind hermetic locked doors for the rest of their misserable lives….

      This is where our self-promoted “elite” and “Master. Race” (they are not…) now is and, we all have to help each other to get them locked up for good and NOW please!!!!

      Some years ago I promised to follow the nazi’s all the way down one last time… Please help me to do so and now please before it’s far too late!!!

      With love to the human race, the animal race and to our wonderful planet

    • The real danger is not the “patsy” virus. It will be when they turn on the 5G “military grade weapon” that they have been putting in schools and businesses across the US for the past several years. Putting them up at night now because more people have become suspicious. The symptoms mimic the virus which is very convenient for them but it is far more deadly. They had a trial run in Wuhan, and more recently in Eucador. The bodies that washed up on the beaches in Eucador tell the real horror story not shown on the news here. While everyone is talking about the “virus” the elites are busy setting the trap. Only God can wake up those that are still asleep or at least the people who are not dead from the neck up!!

    • We have entered another witch hunt hysteria. This time it is being done with our health, our associations and our common sense…
      Snap out of it people…

    • A question I have too… what is that allegued “desinfectant” they spray everywhere? What kind of chemical is it? What is it it? What could be the impact on human/animal health of this product? Is this product contaminated with the virus to spread it more?… as the places that are sprayed have more and mor allegued cases. Why is everything attack our respiratory system?

      Have you see the real impact of the masks on our lungs’ health? It is scary!

      Something is dramatically wrong in all that and it has to stop and we have to put our pants on and just say, enough is enough. I we don’t do it, it will be 1984.

    • The “Reset” Is a Choice That We (the 99%) Must Make

      We need to move from “survival of the fittest”, the predator-prey economy to a synergistic, holistic, cooperative way of living together and self-organizing. To acknowledge our role as stewards rather than dominators in the care of life on the planet. In so many ways human social behavior reflects our innate animal nature.

      However we differ from all the other animals in that we have the ability to be “ethical” or not. It requires a conscious choice. And though this choice has often been neglected, we are forced to make this choice now if we wish to survive as a species.

      There are far too many unethical activities occurring on the planet that are leading us to self-annihilation. Wars, domination, exploitation, crime, species extinction, unequal distribution of resources, environmental degradation to name a few. Not only do these occurrences make life a burden rather than a joy for the majority of humanity but are clearly responsible for the multi-crises that we all are facing right now.

      We are at a crossroads, a turning point, our fate is hanging in the balance, a paradigm shift is imminent and necessary. We must choose wisely, ethically. There are many distractions, diversions, and manipulations that obscure the majority from making the correct choices.

      There are those who enjoy power over others that would rather cling to the status quo to maintain their status. They are fighting for their lives, so to speak and are using every method conceivable to insure their success. It seems that humanity can be easily manipulated. To win this battle of the minds we must be able to see through their strategies.

      They are using the Trojan Horse strategy. Presenting what seems like a benefit, a gift, when it actually holds within it a hidden means to control and dominate. It is a trick to fool us into submission. Examples: Using AI and IoTs to enhance our lives while at the same time using it to spy and track our every move, externally as well as internally with the implementation of the microchip.

      The microchip will make it easier for anyone to enter secured spaces, negating the need for passwords and keys, also reducing the possibility of spreading contagious diseases by having our health monitored. These are all wonderful, but it ignores our right to privacy and limits our freedom. In China and elsewhere there are now cameras everywhere with the ability of facial recognition, this reduces the possibility of crime, but again reduces our freedom.

      Mandatory vaccines may diminish the possibilities of some epidemics but again ignores the sovereignty of each human body. Universal basic income would take the stress off of the necessity of income in order to live, but again, the donor, the government could use this easily to control by rescinding this for special individuals who may be deemed as a threat to the system.

      The same for a universal digital currency, which saves us from having to touch money and lowers the possibility for us to be robbed, but could be used as a mechanism to control by rescinding the availability of this to any individual and for tracking our every expenditure.

      The clever technique is to create an existential conundrum from which each individual must make a choice at the expense of one of our most basic needs, i.e. in the case of the covid 19, the choice between health security, survival vs. civil liberties.

      Or in the case of the microchip, convenience and security vs. freedom, privacy. Those who would prefer to keep the status quo, the neo-liberal agenda, own the media, the sources for information except the internet, which they render useless by censoring and promulgating propaganda and false information. It is through this kind of manipulation that the public is constantly controlled and deluded.
      For those of us who want to exchange the old paradigm of degradation to one of regeneration we face seemingly insurmountable odds with horrifying consequences. Localization is one strategy that has some merit. Citizens self organizing and reinventing their cities.

      However, what is really lacking and what really seems necessary is a palpable unification to give us solidarity for the purpose of being a force for good. We hope to achieve this by creating a gigantic network of like-minded individuals and organizations with a platform that facilitates collaboration on all levels. We are 3 months into achieving this and it will take more time. All are invited to participate:

      Furthermore we can imagine a world where all countries were self-organized through horizontal governing:

      If this could be achieved, there would be no need for militarism as we would have created a world based on cooperation and sharing of resources and many of the ills that blight humanity would disappear.

    • Nice try but this is what its all about – Genocide. Medical Martial law. The “Rich men of the world”, the billionaires are taking over and they only want a half billion people on the planet. this is just the beginning.
      I’ve known about it since the 80’s but never “believed” they could pull it off. But they’ve dumbed down society so well its an easy sell. Mass drugging and the education system worked very well for them.
      Is it too late??? Good question. I hope not. I’m too old to fight in another war. But the liberals and democrats are owned by the same people that own the media so it ain’t going to be easy. Trump can’t win the election this Fall if the bad guys want their plans to keep going. Nov 3rd will be a turning point in history. The most important event ever. Slaves or free men. (and women). The entire world revolves around this. Nov 3rd 2020. If we lose – the real genocide starts.

      • Yup, no longer conspiracy theory.
        The MeToo March set president in that there wasn’t any violence states wide.
        Everyone is saying what should be done but untill there is solidarity by marching en masse, without violence, the unaware will continue to graze in ignorance.
        When people revert to stealing for basic needs, food & water, then it will be too late as Martial Law is implemented and all rights are suspended.
        We need to act very soon for all the reasons and more of which was spoken in this video.
        It’s time to rebuild your common sense and critical thinking skills again!
        See Youtube:
        Dr. Pam Popper
        See Youtube:
        Daniel Schmachtenberger – The War on Sensemaking

    • This whole dammed thing has been one BIG SCAMDEMIC! Who benefits from it?
      Not the people, well maybe the 1% do, and the eugenicists like Gates of Hell.

    • Apparently social distancing is not mandatory for blm and antifa, they can gather anywhere they wish…. and we know why

    • Glad to see the obvious expressed so well! Thank you! Well, obvious to any who can see through the veil of illusion used to entrain people to death.

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