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    Here’s a teaser from an upcoming 4-night event, beginning June 12th on Showtime, featuring interviews of Russian President Vladimir Putin, conducted by Hollywood Director, Oliver Stone over the course of two years .

    In this scene, we’re in a car. Putin is driving, Stone is riding shotgun, with an interpreter in the back (somehow, they manage two camera angles). Stone asks Putin about his opinions of Edward Snowden’s actions and his conduct. Putin replies that Snowden did not betray his country, nor did he transfer any information, which would have been “pernicious to his own country” and he agrees with Snowden, that NSA wiretapping has gone too far – but at the same time, he does not agree with Snowden’s course of action and believes that the correct thing for him to have done would have been to resign from his job.

    Putin’s answers become all the more interesting when he agrees with Oliver Stone’s comparison of himself to Snowden, back in 1991, when he resigned from the KGB. Putin says, “I hadn’t thought of that but yes [after the Soviet coup attempt on Mikhail Gorbachev], I resigned because I didn’t agree with the actions undertaken by the government.”

    Putin then offers wise and cautionary advise about the wielding of secrecy by the US Government, as to spying on its own allies: “If you really consider them allies and not vassals, is just indecent. Because it undermines trust – and because, in the end, it deals damage to your own national security.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I love Oliver Stone, and he’s a great American, but more importantly, a great EARTHLING.

      Nationalism is a dead lie, and we need to embrace the interstellar truth, where governments are obsolete.

      Great post, Alexa!

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