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“We have to move to total de-coupling. The Declaration of Independence of 2023 or the Declaration of Independence of 2024 is a Declaration of Independence from China.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Beautiful intellectual clarity that cuts through all the political double talk which is unhelpful confusion!

    Some of us were saying this back when Silicone Valley CEO’s agreed to CCP policies, that it was just a matter of time and the CCP policies would be applied to the American marketplace and that rudderless Americans would go right along with it.

    Some of us recognized Eleanor Roosevelt’s pretend god-daughter HRC’s handiwork in China when she was US Secretary of State. After all it was the US State Department under Dean Acheson that paved the way for Mao by double crossing Chang, following WWII and Clintons completed the New Deal with the Maoist’s progeny. The Roosevelt State Department was a hive of Marxians and Republicans knew it but were powerless to do anything lasting about it because MSM had been on board with Marxist socialism.

    But all these were mere chessman in the hands of international investment bankers some of whom were disloyal Americans. We do know who they are. This is why I am of the opinion that his solution of decoupling will not likely work. We are too far down the rat hole for that anymore. Hope I am wrong.

    It will more likely be a shocking calamity beyond our control that forces people to think again for themselves because the philosophic blood stream has been so badly perverted that people cannot think straight anymore. About even the most obvious basic truths such as gender identity for instance and they are willing to risk destruction of their bodies in a futile experiment, even pass laws to facilitate it. My generation thinks this is absolutely insane!

    Hope and pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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