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    What happened in a ceremony last week may have been too little, too late but it was nonetheless an unexpected, yet a very welcome moment of healing at the Lakota Sioux Standing Rock Reservation.

    Dozens of US military veterans officially traveled there and asked Native elders for forgiveness, for genocide, stolen land and endless broken treaties, on behalf of the US Military with the Lakota Nation, from the the 19th century to the present. Quoting Wes Clarke, Jr., the son of former Presidential Candidate, US Army General Wesley K. Clark:

    “We fought you. We took your land. We signed treaties that we broke. We stole minerals from your sacred hills. We blasted the faces of our presidents onto your sacred mountain… We didn’t respect you, we polluted your Earth, we’ve hurt you in so many ways but we’ve come to say that we are sorry. We are at your service and we beg for your forgiveness.” As sang the King of Soul, Sam Cooke in the early 1960s: “It’s been a long time coming, but I know a change is gonna come.”

    Let us ensure that this vital moment does not simply fade away, as another broken promise to our Native American brothers and sisters.

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    • A man displaying courage, decency and humanity. likes father General Wes Clarke sr. likes son.
      Absolute a Class Act

    • 1.)Is it not true the Military Veterans Serial Number aka Dog tag ID is actually Proof Positive that the holder-wearer is under all International Law-Lore a sovereign man with all of the rights of any true sovereign”? Yes? or No?
      2.)Is it not true ? “That all citizens – slaves-peons-children – wards of the state cannot go to war against any other sovereign nation – authority”? Yes? or No?
      3.) Is it not true? That because of #2.) above, all military persons have to be internationally recognized and properly identified as sovereign men and women before they can actually go on active service and fight and kill the enemy “? Yes? or No?
      4.)Is it not true ? “It is more than interesting to note that through out the various offices of administration of most if not all Westminster Style or derived systems of governance- government that :”The Bureaurats by cunning linguistics muddy the waters of the proud pure unadulterated Queens English Language with their alien repugnant English language variant aka legalese, not recognized by Her most Royal Majesty Good Queen Elizabeth the Second Royal laws of Hierarchical Grammar? Yes? or No/
      eg.i.) MISTER -MR JOHN BLIND DOPEY JOE. ; =Debtor ..
      ii.) Master-Mr John Blind Dopey Doe…………:= Creditor
      iii.) John Blind Dopey Doe………………………………..:= Beneficiary
      Notice carefully
      A.)Our Alpha -Numeric format that keeps the power in our hands and not the hands of bureaurats
      B..)”The Cunning Linguistics” of both upper ^ Lower case letter sto confuse the blind readers
      C.)Google Search 20 pages “The Office of Person” for more detail notes about these basic tricks of legalese being dailyused against us all
      D.) Note carefully the widespread usages of Deformed or Short form Signatures, Marks or Scribbles purporting to be signatures …
      E.) Only ever accept signatures that are in All Full all names signatures in all legible English alphabet letters all according to individual passport/Birth data and a bank Statement& Utility Billing Header to confirm Private address for service under the Evidence Act of Full and proper Disclosure, The Law Courts Rules of Full and Proper Disclosure The Official Information Act, Commercial Transparency and Good Faith Bargaining.
      F.) Stay focused on gaining the full ID of at least One man or woman within the mechanism of administration Law courts no full all names send it all back … For if we accept the deficient signatures we cannot complain about any other mischiefs at statute law that might follow for sure.. No one to take action against in the private-Private-PRIVATE very private…….The good thing is that under all British Law administrations there is always a remedy at lore-Law available ..just learn about the lore-Law and use it ! for your self. Do not get the help of any lawyer barrister or attorney for by so doing is an admission you are but a child and properly a ward of the state to milk and gyp out of all your inheritances eventually Aroha tino nui haere ra o Aotearoa I Am Arthur Israel son of Abraham.

    • Hmmm
      1.) “Will Donald Trump son of Issac-Saxson-saxon fully and properly honour all of the peace filled, the sovereign men & women at these sacred sites fully and properly as he should” ? Yes? or No?

      2.)We note in passing another Obama failure with Obama in his typical heathen- pagan ignorances did not – could not . Never even crossed his the Obama mind for sure. too busy playing golf or worse spending up Large from The Public Purse on unearned holidays . Obama is Just another educated idiot that cannot actually read or count properly yet! Just look at his litany legacy of serious mistakes to date .Too many to mention here.

    • ! .) “Is it not true? “All men/women who are serving or have served in the military are by “Their Dog TaG ID Number Codes in the special Status of sovereign(s) “? Yes? or No?
      2.) Is it not true ? Because 0of this special exalted status of sovereign(s) under all international lore-Law the domestic police and law enforcement units cannot actually move against them”? Yes? or No?
      3.) is it not true? This sovereign status presentation at these sacred sites possibly contributed especially to the US Army Engineers Corp closing Down the Sacred Waters Pipe line / Black Rock etc access way recently” ? Yes? or No? All of this amongst other very good reasons

    • Hmm …..Let us now wait and see if President Donald Trump has the “Balls” to also formally seek forgiveness of the Sioux and other North american First Peoples Nations. He is quite capable of doing so but will he ever do it?????

    • Veterans Ask Forgiveness at Standing Rock is the pivot point of American history. Wes Clarke, Jr. humbly begged forgiveness. The Lakota people accepted forgiveness and spoke of world peace. From that moment, truth can sweep away lies, compassion can overcome hatred, we can evolve to mutual respect no matter how far apart we have been. We come in a sacred manner and the power is with us.

    • As my grandmother was a native American (Choctaw, on the Trail of Tears), yet I am 7/8 caucasian, I can say how ashamed I am of my white ancestors. These despicably violent, greedy, untrustworthy men did a grave injustice, not just to the people and living creatures of our great land, but to the soul of our earth. Plus, they set a tone that ugly traitors to humanity like the Bush family, Dick Cheney, Alan Greenspan and too many other sick, greedy perverts have now embraced that is killing our Mother Earth. How do we stop this evil? it’s a most troubling cause.

      • Hmm Just as the Black and White parquet floors we often meet within official buildings like churches, ancient Cathedrals, various houses of parliament Westminster systems etc are a representation of walking either “On / In the Light or In The Dark” so all mankind of every generation has to find out for themselves that living in the light-Light-LIGHT–love-Love-LOVE cannot ever happen for those who choose to allow the dark energies of Anger-Chaos-Fear-Pride manifest into their own or the lives of any others,This spiritual journey can only happen when adults grow up enough to realize that being a “King of a Kingdom of One” is not really much fun at all as all of ISIS have yet to find out for themselve ..For is it not true? The universe has not will not and can never ever support alie-Lie-LIE ..For quite simply “The whole Weight of the Universe is always against a lie no matter how big or small the lie, the truth like cream always floats to the top for all to see and experience,If the poor impoverished to be pitied wretches of all darknesses can actually read and count properly, or be exterminated because of their very own violences against all others. ..Is it not true? “The Pen is truly mightier than the sword” Yes/or No? as these illiterates would deny and “The emperor of all darknesses really has no clothes and nowhere to hide” as Isis will soon find out to their horror.

    • Now here is a strange idea, or is it, How about Wes Clarke Jr. for president? Sounds better then anyone else, We chose the lesser of two evils, how about someone with morals? Now that would be a big change.

      • Morals by themselves are far to hydraulic- variable, Qualified Integrity is a far by far better word ..Let us explain : “When either the Moral integrity Ethical Integrity Sexual Integrity Spiritual Integrity is compromised, lead away, deviated from the true MORAL ETHICAL SEXUAL SPIRITUAL Integrities why then the individual will for sure end up in / have a mess-Mess-MESS messed up life for sure a life of utterly futile pursuits with all of the things they value most being taken utterly away from them sooner if not later.For the universe will not support a lie and all false philosophies – futile pursuits are actually living a lie as HRC is too her horror now finding out and all other accursed Neo Con Liberals are on the same journey to futility. Stand by and watch the awful collapse of their fiction universe

    • Thank you for this, very moving. Let us hope that the Palestinians manage to get apologies and reparation of their land before it’s too late.

      • Hmm
        1.)We have ancient palestinian friends who have lived peace filled lives for many generations with the ancient judeans and Israelites sons and daughters of Abraham…But many of modern day 2016 “Jews-Zionists-ZIONISTS are NOT DNA Israelites or Judeans they are all too often high jackers – distorters of the ancient truths and teachings of The Torah and significantly are also often not actually Torah lovers but many are in fact and practice pagans even atheists. sadly.
        2.) Go Google and see the new ZIONIST JEWISH Israeli Supreme Court building an Occult pagan architecture for all the world to see.
        3.)Is it not true? “late 1800’s Theodore Hertzog original Judean Homeland vision is no more having been utterly ruined and high jacked by Wall Street Zionist pagans and Koran Lovers”? Yes? or No?
        4.) That is not to say That the Arab third party interlopers by force by warinto Palestine are not also culpable criminals also by their actions of hate, chaos, warmongering, pagan actions religiosities and killing of innocents… .
        5.) Be more aware of the stern injuction .”Touch not my anointed ( all my innocents) and leave my prophets( all Bible Believers) alone”..
        6.)Is it not true? One Verse in every five of the Bible is prophetic- is the ratio of prophercy to history within the Bible texts ” ? Yes? or No?
        7.) ” The is a way walk ye in it” I am the Way the truth and The Light-Life’
        8.) How exactly will you walk? on the black squares of parquet of ,Hate Chaos Unlove, War, Anger & Fear ….Or on the white parquet squares in / of all truth -Truth-TRUTH and love-Love-LOVE.
        9.) The universal problem is, a great majority of spiritual premature babies try to walk on both the white and black squares at the same time, just as we in our personal ignorances did until age 46 when we finally “Grew Up” and Learned “That like no woman can be a little bit pregnant can we either live and walk in Anger & Love at one and the same time” For when love & truth reside they both flee out the widow without shattering the glass when Anger, Chaos & Fear come in the door. that is the law of the universe, of life itself and nothing can change it, just like the lore-law of gravity or electricity or of aerodynamics etc Hope these notes help just one miserable flop like we once were to “Grow Up instead of Blow Up”I Am Arthur Israel son of Abraham E&OE in no hurry to be with Jesus having far too much fun-Fun-FUN at age 83yrs +

    • I don’t know why the Canadian authorities don’t do the same here in Canada,we did the samething the USA did with the First Nations,till now,some govenrnmt peoples,polices and civilians are acting badly over them.I love those indigenous persons,One of them show me how to hunt,trap,using a canoe,Il will always remember my father’s friend JJ. his only name he gave me who was my friend too in the Northern Quebec.

    • That was historic and heart awakening from my view…btw, last count that the TYT reporter Jordan Chariton gave was over 4000 vets showed up at the camp, more than dozens at the ceremony.

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