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For a glimpse inside the Belly of the Beast and what’s like to be eaten alive by the Deep State, don’t miss this interview.

Roger Stone is ungagged. He’s full of piss and vinegar and rightfully so, the former Trump adviser joins Dark Journalist to discuss the shocking injustice that’s been visited upon him and all those were caught up in the fraudulent Mueller Investigation.

Dark Journalist says, “The Justice Department has dropped charges against General Flynn. So, the first question, I guess is, ‘Is that the canary in the coal mine for a lot of the Mueller Investigation prosecutions, that they were so politically-motivated that they’re falling apart?’ And how does that relate to your case?”

Roger Stone replies, “Well, it’s an excellent question. I mean, first of all, I’m particularly glad to be here, because for 16 months, I have been unconstitutionally gagged by the judge in my case [Judge Amy Berman Jackson].

“Her argument was that I should not be allowed to defend myself, particularly on social media because my defending myself would have a tendency to taint the DC jury pool – yet, the fact that the Washington Post and CNN and MSNBC would piss on me every day – that, of course had no effect on the jury pool.

“The judge had no evidence for her theory. In fact, the evidence is to the contrary. If you looked at GoogleTrends, the only time the number of people looking up my name on Google spikes is when the Judge attacks me.

“So, when I challenged the constitutionality of the of the gag order, the DC Circuit Court, the Chief Judge Beryl Howell assigned it to a panel of three judges appointed by Barack Obama.

“They sat on it for four months – four months while I was sustaining damage – and then, they ruled not on the Constitutional issue but said procedurally, I had to ask Judge Jackson to remove the gag order, which she had placed on me before I could take it to the Circuit. It took them four months to decide that.

“There is no justice in the District of Columbia, for a Republican or a Trump supporter. And it was reflected in the makeup of my jury and a lot of the subsequent things that happened at the trial.

“You raised an excellent point, though, because if the Mueller Investigation was illegitimate, then how can the charges against me by an illegitimate investigation be considered legitimate? The ‘Fruit of the Poison Tree’ argument.

“Interestingly enough, one of the reasons in the sentencing memo that the four prosecutors, who you’ve read a hundred times were ‘non-political career line prosecutors’ – that’s false.

“One of them worked for Hillary Clinton at the State Department. One of them worked for Barack Obama in the White House. They were all ideologues, every one of them. None of them were career-lined prosecutors, that was BS.

“But one of the reasons they argued that I needed a greater sentence was because I wouldn’t stop questioning the legitimacy of the Mueller Investigation. That hasn’t aged terribly well.

“But I’m in a different place than General Flynn. First of all, General Flynn pled guilty. I had the quaint notion that that I could be acquitted on the facts. I didn’t know, when I was charged that the Judge would systematically prohibit any powerful line of defense.

“So, for example, the first five pages of my indictment say that the Russians hacked the DNC and gave the information to WikiLeaks. I was denied the opportunity to use forensic evidence and expert witnesses [like Bill Binney] to disprove that.

“It is not true. It is provably not true. The FBI admitted, in discovery in my case that they relied on a draft redacted memo from CrowdStrike – which is hardly a neutral observer; it’s an IT company…started by two Hillary Clinton supporters, members of her finance committee.

“The prosecutors filed what’s called a ‘sur-reply’ with the court, saying the Mueller Investigation has additional proof that the Russians hacked the DNC. ‘We just don’t have to produce it.’

“Well, that’s because it doesn’t exist. And I was prohibited at trial from proving that. Selective prosecution. In the end, after CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post and  the rest of the Fake News crowd, predicting that I would be charged with Treason, Conspiracy against the United States, mail fraud, wire fraud, money-laundering, violation of the Foreign Contributions Ban, unauthorized access to a government computer, additional cyber crimes, including the receipt and dissemination of stolen data, accessory to a felony after the fact, aiding and abetting a felony…

“I was charged with none of those crimes, because despite the proctological examination that they gave me, looking at all my emails, all my text messages, all my phone calls over a two-year period, they could find no evidence of any of that, including ‘Russian Collusion’.

“So, Andrew Weissman fabricated an indictment, charging me with Lying to Congress. It is alleged that I lied to Congress about the Trump Campaign’s interest in the WikiLeaks disclosures. Donald Trump, the candidate discussed his interest in those disclosures 142 times in September and October.

“There was no underlying crime for me to lie about, so what would be my motive in lying? Why would I intend to lie?

“Interesting, that we now know that Mueller’s dirty cops shared the fruits of their Fourth Amendment violation of all of my data with Adam Schiff, who then would fashion ‘Gotcha!’ questions and every question that I was accused and charged with lying about was asked by one person: Adam Schiff! How coincidental!

“Last week. the House Intelligence Committee declassified all the testimony. I urge people to go read my testimony. If you want to hear a lie, you can hear Adam Schiff insist that the FBI did inspect the DNC servers and then Congressman Jackie Speier (rhymes with liar), she agrees with it.

“That’s a lie. But you see, they can lie with impunity, because they have the protection of being a member of Congress.”

Dark Journalist responds, “Wow. Incredible. The actions against you in this case, it seems literally like you’re in the crossfire of them trying to get at Trump and it seems like your major crime is that you didn’t provide any testimony against Trump.”

“That is exactly right…”

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  • This certainly explains in broader detail why the Dems went out of their way to gag Roger Stone. Criminal in every degree as I see this.

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