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A few days ago, YouTube removed the 2016 documentary, ‘Ukraine on Fire’, because it had suddenly violated their Terms of Service against “violent or graphic content”, despite being posted on the platform for over four years.

Executive Produced by Oliver Stone and directed by Igor Lopatonok, this important documentary tells the story that Westerners never got to see on the Mainstream Media, taking a deep dive into how the peaceful Kyiv protests in February 2014 mysteriously became violent and deadly, to become known as the “2014 Revolution of Dignity”.

Academy-Award-winner Stone was unable to find a Western distributor. His interviews, first with former President Viktor Yanukovych then Vladimir Putin and others start at the 25:30 mark.

The post-Soviet 1990s saw the rise of corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs who absconded with state assets, leading to “Color Revolutions” in 2004 and 2014, culminating in the US-backed installation of Ukraine’s current regime.

Looking at the past 18 years, I see how my beliefs, for example about pro-Western former Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko were completely manipulated by the US State Department – the former employer of his Chicago-born wife.

Some may recall that Yushchenko survived an assassination attempt from dioxin poisoning in 2004 and he had thus gained my sympathy – until I learned here that he’d elevated WWII Ukrainian Nazi leader, Stepan Bandera to the status of National Hero in 2010, a move which was internationally condemned and overturned by a Donetsk court a year later.

‘Ukraine on Fire’ is the kind of rare gem that’s becoming harder to find. If you’re interested in continuing your education about this topic, there is also the important 2019 follow-up film by the same team, ‘Revealing Ukraine’.

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  • Thank you for uploading this movie, I will send it on as often that I can. America does not mind waging war as long as it is in another country, and best far away so people do not see too much.
    Oliver Stone is one of the few people who tell the truth.
    Now I understand why Youtube and the “media” took it down, does not fit in their agenda.

  • It would be nice if these videos were captioned. Lots of people who have difficulty hearing or who are deaf are unable to benefit from them.

  • Great movie, I learned a lot! I heard about Neo-Nazism in Ukraine (no details), but never knew anything about Bandera and the genocide of Jews & other people in Western parts. Violence only breads more violence & it’s derivatives – nationalism & Nazism…

  • Unbelievable, this propaganda baloney. If you have the time to produce this dramatic special effects Ukraine on Fire, then this situation can’t be serious at all. I call BS when I see it.
    This is just to distract the people from the covid scam we had to endure. We want all the perpetrators to be in jail. Just lifting mandates and mask duties won’t cut it. Should we be thankful that you finally lifted this crap. I don’t think so, meet a angry population and wait for your incarceration.
    Stop with this fake propaganda.

    • What is your problem? A lesson in history is urgent. You have your american blinders on, but we in Europe we still remember, especially we the older generation. America does not mind to fight a war, as long as it is in another country.

  • With the demise of the Covid Scam came that more and more people STARTED to mistrust the official narrative on Covid (the official lies). That led to a broader MIStrust in the official authorities.

    With the Ukraine fabrication the ruling psychopaths effectively shifted the public mind away from Covid onto the MADE-UP Ukraine narrative which INCREASED public trust in the official psychopathic authorities again because they effectively hoodwinked to public into the ever-effective fake division of Russia vs. the US (and many others, eg the Left vs. the Right, Democrats vs. Republicans) spurring hate against a contrived boogeyman (Putin who’s part of the ruling cabal of psychopaths, just like Trump), AWAY FROM THE TRUE DIVISIVE WAR which is….

    …. between the ruling psychopaths vs the non-ruling masses of people —

    Who won with the Covid scam? The ruling psychopaths increasing their wealth and power.
    Who lost in the Covid scam? The non-ruling public, losing money, livelihoods, and power.

    Now.. guess who is losing in the long-staged Ukraine ploy, or the sanctions against Ukraine? The psychopathic US regime, psychopath Putin, psychopath Biden, psychopath Trump? Mmmmm… that’s a real obvious head-scratcher.

  • It is pretty clear who the enemy is and it is not the Russian or the Ukrainian people. The one’s responsible for stirring up the fire are our State Department and our corrupt politicians from both parties like the Bush’s Clinton’s, McCain, Obama and Biden’s and many others.

  • Interesting. My question is… why is the world stage and even you all the sudden calling Kiev, “Kyiv” is this to break the continuity of past history? WORDS matter. Just as a “Face Covering” mandate, morfed into “Mask” mandate, harming many. Those in the know, knew, they only needed 18-24months of “mask” wearing to damage the brain with the higher CO2s and lower O2s levels in the blood. They accomplished this. The percentage they needed of neuroligical damaged (lack of critical thinking) has been accomplished. Now, many can easily be programmed from here on out through the media. Those severed neurological connections don’t grow back. NIH had data 2 months prior to the face covering mandates in June 2020.
    Here is the data, you will be horrified…
    God help us all. We are nearing the end of days.

    • It’s true, but the majority of the sheeple are not needed on this Planet, anyway ( the only aspect on which I agree with the filthy rich psychopathic class; ‘ useless eaters ‘ ). After I tried hard to convince some of my friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. to take a look at the data regarding the so-called ‘ pandemic ‘, the censorship of the info regarding ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, the conflict of interest with the CDC, NIH, FDC, etc., BEFORE taking the jabs…I gave up…If someone acts like a sheep, deserve the end of a sheep. So…we don’t need a majority to change the path…just about 15%…like EVERY TIME in the history of Humanity. Believe it not…

  • What isn’t being told in the documentary is the CIA and other Intelligent agencies were filled, under Operation Paperclip, with Nazi’s being smuggled into the US by our own US Government. Now the Nazi have control of the US and do to this day.

    This is why the US supports the BIO Labs in the Ukraine and their Nazi Ukrainian Government. Just like we , The US, under the table supported the Nazi through the US Corporations and the Federal Reserve..

    Wake up America, lies even here….

    • ZIO-Nazi you mean, right ?! Because the banksters are NOT Germans, or Americans, or any other nationality…They are Ashkenazi…While the Azov Battalion is an extreme right group, they are not at the top; the actual President of Ukraine ( and the former, after the Coup D’Etat from 2014 ) are both Khazars…Victoria Nuland and her husband Kagan, are not Nazi, but…take a guess…

    • Agree! I am sending this movie to my Ukrainian friend here USA. She might not like it agreed that the war there is NOT caused by Putin.

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