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    Matthew Tyrmand joins Steve Bannon for a quick update on the fast-paced developments in South American politics this week.

    On Tuesday, Argentina’s leftist populist vice president of the past 3 years and former president of 8 years, Cristina Kirchner was convicted of fraud and sentenced to 6 years in prison and she was barred from ever holding office again.

    On Wednesday, Peru’s Communist president, Pedro Castillo attempted to dissolve the opposition-controlled congress and he swiftly found himself deposed and replaced by his vice-president, Dina Boluarte.

    Castillo was then arrested attempting to flee the country through the Mexican Embassy. Deemed a flight risk, he is now in “preventive detention” for at least another week.

    Brazilian news outlet, Jovem Pan reports:

    “The plenary of Parliament, in an extraordinary session, approved the removal of the politician from office. He tried to flee but was detained by police officers at gunpoint. Castillo was transported by helicopter from the city of Lima to the base of the Special Operations Directorate of the police, in the district of Ate, where he will be detained and investigated  for up to 15 days, under investigation. Outside the police station, there were only small-scale clashes between protesters and riot police. Legislators also emphasized that the climate remains calm in the country and that there is no movement of the Armed Forces.”

    Speaking of armed forces, Chile’s Communist Millennial president, Gabriel Boric had told Time Magazine last August that if Jair Bolsonaro were to not accept the results of the October election, that Latin America would have “to react together to prevent” a military coup in Brazil.

    Kirchener, Castillo and Boric are all members of “president-elect” Lula da Silva’s Communist São Paulo Forum. Now that two of Boric’s fellow travelers have suddenly landed in prison, his proposed invasion of Brazil will likely not be going forward.

    We recently ran the documentary, ‘Brazil’s Last Stand’, which details how the São Paulo Forum, which was founded by Lula da Silva seeks to create a Soviet-style confederation of Communist countries throughout Latin America – and eventually, the world – by de-stabilizing the United States with hard drugs and mass immigration.

    The Brazilian Army has been mobilizing across Brazil and reinforcing its borders and Tyrmand reports here that when Bolsonaro signed an edict this week to expand the military reservists, their website crashed, “Because so many people signed up to defend their country and their sovereign borders.”

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