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    Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund reveals what really happened on January 6th. Tucker’s Fox News interview with him never aired, so Tucker invited him back.

    Sund confirms that Pelosi blocked support from the US Military and that intelligence was not being shared with Capitol Police.

    In other words, Capitol Police were set up by Pelosi and FBI provocateurs incited a riot to certify a stolen election.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Elements of the now rouge FBI had infiltrated this protest. The total number keeps growing.
      They incited the protesters to follow their violent lead.
      The doors were opened and the protesters were allowed peaceful access.
      Over 800 protesters have been arrested and most have remained in jail or prison for over 2 years.
      Each new criminal action this Marxist cabal inflicts on the citizens increases in boldness. I wait with apprehension for the inevitable next one, and hold a slim hope that this slow motion coup will be thwarted from the inside while it still can be.

    • End game plan is right in front of us, in plain view and it begins with revolutionary Karl Marx the first Bolshevik whose dream began in central Europe in which he and his money man, corporate industrialist Engles infected the minds of millions with their seductive Utopian dream of global communist rule, ostensibly rule by political party members who love the people.

      Marx’s only ambition was getting others to serve himself. He was a selfish lazy lout “philosopher” designer of plans for managing other peoples lives while his life was a total flop. Not a reformer, but a revolutionary following in the footsteps of Bolshevik forerunners by the names of Illuminist Weiskopf and revolutionary Robespierre. Both had attempted to overthrow established institutions by infiltration, then subversion, then sabotage, then violent overthrow which was believed by these fools would result in liberating “people” to rule over themselves in a perfect “Utopian” all knowing, all powerful, all wise central self government. Only fools believe this rubbish.

      Their problem has always been fundamentally flawed because it uses unnatural propositions, namely deceit, lying, theft, violence and murder to attain their “liberation”. Their rulers are practitioners of those vices making liberation impossible! Proof is in the history of their movement, lie upon lie.

      Bolshevism was never natural to Russia, it was artificially imposed upon them by CAPITALIST Marxist agents in central Europe and America mainly through central banking conduits.
      It happened again after these same deceivers had infiltrated and subverted the US State Department and gained influence in the executive and legislative branches when they dried up support of Chang and threw their support to Bolshevik Mao in China.

      We needn’t wonder about what has happened to our nation when we saw the Obama/Biden regime appointing openly Marxists to posts in their regime.


      • We’ll see what happens. My sense is that many americans are ready to fight and extinguish the mafiosa in our federal and state governments. And lest we forget the traitorous banksters, media whores, MIC and big pharma. There is a lot of trash to take out! And plenty of help. LIVE ON!

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