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A new documentary by Rebel News breaks down the Canadian freedom convoy’s defiance of the mandatory COVID vaccines, specifically the standoff with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at the border crossing at Coutts, Alberta earlier this year.

From the documentary’s description:

You’ve heard of the Canadian ‘freedom truckers’ protesting discriminatory vaccine mandates. But they didn’t all go to Ottawa. Many truckers decided to take a stand at a small border crossing in Coutts, Alberta. This is their story.

Rebel News reporters Kian Simone and Sydney Fizzard were embedded in the truckers’ border blockade in Coutts, Alberta for nearly two weeks.

In this exclusive and hard-hitting documentary, Rebel News displays never before seen footage that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes view of the 9-day freedom protests in Coutts. Learn about the dramatic showdown with RCMP, watch never before seen footage from negotiations with authorities, and help expose the shocking lies from media and politicians.

Also be sure to check out Rebel News’ hard-hitting docuseries exposing the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Thank you Canadian truckers, your families and your support systems . What you did here in the face of tyranny is so important for all of us now. I and many other Americans appreciate and admire your bravery.. God bless you all.

  • “Stop Castro’s Little Bastard” says it all. The despicable tyrannical repressive behavior of the Trudeau Canadian Government’s mandates and sanctions smack of Communistic Totalitarianism, usurping all unalienable Rights of Freedom and Liberty for WE THE PEOPLE OF CANADA.

  • Hi, there’s a video of a barrister of Australia who says: Doctors will end up being held accountable for distribution of the Covid-19 Vaccines,
    He then says: The doctors in turn will blame the governments for saying to distribute the Vaccines,
    Which in turn will bring down the governments world wide ,
    Resulting in the Plan to help dismantle the governments of the world to make it possible to bring The One World Order.

  • This needs to happen in every country.

    And I am so ashamed of sheep here that haven’t learned anything after 2.5 years.

  • This video presentation is simply over the top. The Canadian truckers are simply the best purveyors for universal freedom! Don’t give an inch to tyranny EVER!

  • Thanks Alexandra! This story is not what the mainstream told us in Canada! Trucker Rebellion portrays that the RCMP are the real ones that prevented the truckers from receiving food and water. While the Premier and Media lie about most everything that occurred. There is some good inside footage of the blockade as these journalists were embedded with the truckers. Now we also find out that the government of Canada didn’t use science-based covid protocols & just took Google’s lockdown advice like everyone else.

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