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Canadian patriot, researcher and activist Christopher James returns to SGT Report so discuss pre-crime and thought crime legislation in Castro-Trudeau’s KanaDUH and the absolute despotism we’re seeing in the USA as well.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • also, I do not trust Dr. Young, AT ALL. Zeolite compounds contain ALUMINUM!! Don’t we have enough of it already???
    THe best way to detox graphene is H2O2, humin. fulvic acids, which will ‘enclose’ that 3D hexagonal surface and not allow its binding/reactions towards other compounds.
    IN order to get to the truth, requires LOT of research, yes we know now, everything is fraud 9/11. covid19, ukraine, immigration, weather, etc.etc, but the quietest of all were GMO’s, and that’s big time, right now, when humanity got genetically modified already, BECAUSE of ALL THE SHILLS WHO ARE CALLNIG covid injection materials ‘vaccines’!!!!
    Please, ask Dr. Young how to change the broken and mixed up genes in the covid injected victims!!!!!!

    • “Does zeolite add aluminum to the body?

      The easy answer is: no.

      All zeolites are by definition “aluminosilicates” which means their chemical makeup is aluminum, silica and oxygen.

      This is not “free” aluminum; it is an inert part of the structure of the zeolite. And this structure is really, really hard to break:

      Zeolite can withstand extremely high temperatures
      It is not dissolved by stomach or gastric acids
      Zeolite is also NOT water soluble or fat soluble

      That is why zeolites pass through the body completely intact. On their way through, they can perform amazing feats of detoxification but only if they are cleansed of their existing metals.”

      Excerpted from

  • It sounds like the ‘formerly known as Twitter’ is using it’s network to gaslight and create in-fighting among-st people. I bet & wonder if there are back doors so Ai can gaslight someone within the platforms to make it look like other people including Cliff High. People still refuse to acknowledge that all of our technology is defense department technology especially the internet since it’s ‘birth/abortion'(I remain undecided.).

    I do agree with some of the Amazing Polly analysis of The Wellness Company, Rumble, defense department business technocracy oligarch control, etc. All of our finances are shady if one goes to the root of the finances,

    It also sounds like SGT is feeding his angry wolf that doesn’t deserve to be fed but starved. I believe it’s time we honed our anger over all of this into a finely sharpened logic. But instead, SGT calls for a higher power to solve the problem, instead of using it and allowing to be used as a conduit to his higher self. I do like the mentality, things seems to spread quickly through our consciousness now. Unfortunately this feature is also a flaw which has been used against us in the past, let’s not continue to be used in the future.

    I did like how they mentioned at the end how the BAR is an illegal legal entity. The BAR makes us think under the perception that we have to be lawyers to file law suits, and know the law, therefore most can not seek or afford any sort of justice in any system. The reality is that one just has to file the right paperwork and the judge guides you through it. However, their courts are also null and void if this is the treason that they are supporting systemically.

    It seems the technocratic revolt instilled in our consciousnesses might actually work, providing we create human solutions for humans, no infighting, and focus instead of all the other illusionary perception bat-shit. Thanks Alexandra for daily inspiration!

    you will see that ALL MD’s are DECEIVERS! There is something what PREVENTS them totally to speak out the words ‘gene modification treatments’ or ‘gene therapies’, despite of the fact that every single one of them knows what mRNA is.. Dr. Cole for example admitted openly in front of EU authorities that genetic fact of covid injections, and yet, he comes back to US, goes to Sen. JOnsons hearing and DOES NOT SAY A WORD ABOUT IT!!!! ISA is GENETICALLY MODIFIED LAND and PEOPLE, and if you try to speak about it you are fired for the rest of your life. Btw. that’s why somebody like Dr. Mihalcea, who does not speak about gene therapies, can still practice… Es long you interview people like that, you are exactly there where Cliff indicated, in the group of shills. The point is, he himself does NOT SPEAK TRUTH, thus the DIVISION is even better, that’s all under very deep mind control, possibly CIA… If you lie ONE time, you credibility is gone, only if you admit mistakes and get back to the ‘nothing but the truth’ path, you will gain trust.
    Btw. the fact that you promote Trump so much, shows 100% you are a shill, a dangerous one.
    Entire American population goes down, because of those 2 clowns, Trump and Biden, the same deep state, the same swamp.

  • Trump is not the solution, Warp Speed Trump is part of the problem. We are being played.

    Become a fruit inspector and inspect Trump’s fruit. He’s the club’s pacifier meant for us. It’s not all Rothschild, Morgan and the Federal No Reserve. It’s also fellow despotic crony capitalist club member corporate monopolies and private equity firms who rubbed elbows for years with crony capitalist Warp Speed Trump who is responsible for setting us all up for the experimental mRNA injections.

    A good primer is: “These Are The Plunderers, how private equity runs and wrecks America”, by Gretchen Morgenson, but there aplenty more. And for a closer look at a prime example of what I am telling you, “Merchants of Debt, the KKR and the mortgaging of American business” by George Anders. This PE firm took over my home town, literally transforming it into what they and good ole Donald Trump wanted it to be.

    Don’t rely on others to do your own homework.

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