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    In her April 26th podcast, Tore Maras explained how the events unfolding in Sudan right now are evidence that the Obama administration is running things in the background through the US’ 4th Unelected Branch of Government.

    She reminds us about how in 2004, freshman Congressman Barack Obama, whose advisor at that time was the CIA’s John Brennan went to Darfur and when he came back, Obama played an important role in pushing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) legislation to “stop” the war in Sudan – which resulted in the creation of the new country of South Sudan.

    She said: “USAID went in there to destroy their economy. Obama went in there to sow division. They paid people to sow the division.”

    Tribal disputes between the farming tribes and the cattle herding tribes had existed for ages but they were inflamed when the US State Department divided the territory of Sudan in such a way as to deliberately create famine, by putting the farmers in the desert wasteland and giving the rich farmland to the cattle herders – while also working to rid the world of beef.

    Deep State agent, Barack Obama destroyed Sudan, just as he has destroyed out own country and as Tore has maintained for years now, the only way to stop this and the only thing we should be focused on is by not using these hackable machines to run our elections. She says everything else is noise. Every other topic – Tucker getting fired, etc is a distraction from this most important topic of all, which is that the US does not have true democracy and will not, as long as the current status quo remains.

    Our vote has been federalized and it is managed by the DHS, which is a Deep State entity that does not represent the interests of the American People.

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    • Somebody sent Susan Rice packing and put a new barrier up around the White House so the cleaners are clearing out the vermin and getting ready for open house for next pres. RFK . Illegitimate Joey will not last 2 more years the shitshow is over.

      • Not exactly over, because divorces can be messy. The word I’m getting is that Obama and Biden are getting a divorce. Obama failed to give Joey his Endorsement. The Honeymoon is over.

    • “…the only way to stop this and the only thing we should be focused on is by not using these hackable machines to run our elections.”


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