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    So everyone has been looking at all if these things that have been happening with the invaders from the Southern Border but as I’ve said before, they’re going to be coming from the north and I’ll tell you how they do it.

    Mayorkas, right now, at the DHS is taking orders from the UN. If you guys have been paying attention, the Blue Helmets that are helping disorder in Africa are all Chinese.

    There’s an event that’s happening. Soon.

    And what’s going to happen is that the UN will step in to help America. Guess who the Blue Helmets are going to be? The CCP. They’re going to come down from the north.

    Like I said, people aren’t paying attention. They’re too busy getting talking points and sharing memes, rather than focusing on the real threat in this country.

    Take back your elections. Get rid of them [machines]. That’s how you fix everything.

    Get rid of the machines, so we can have fair and free and honest elections.

    Let’s take a look at this [shows document]. This is actually their itinerary. They get paid bus, train and plane tickets, paid by your tax dollars to invade your country.

    And if you notice, their presentation date is two years after they come through the border. Interesting.

    And now, this is a picture from Chicago O’Hare Airport, where they’ve screened off a portion of the terminal, so all these invaders can take a nap while they allocate them with hosts.

    Let’s. not forget, wasn’t it in Chicago where a woman was found to be holding migrants hostage slave workers?

    Now, our homeless people are disappearing for medical care at a rapid rate across the nation. Disappearing.

    Imagine tens of thousands of people daily. Where are they going?

    We have an obligation, as human beings – even if they’re invading – to ask that question.

    Where are all these women and children going? What are they doing with them?

    Experimentation, anyone? Organ harvesting, anyone?

    These are just ideas.

    The more you know…

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • 1% of the 8 billion are the players on the field. That’s only 8 million. When 4 million plus 1 are awake, informed and playing full out 247/365 like the slimey ones do, then we win. The quotient of Humanity needed is surprisingly small. Thank you Alexandra. Your service has been unrelenting. You set a fine example. You are a multidimensional fighter both in the ground war and the battles in the mental and spirit dimensions,

      Your breadth and width into the known and unknown are huge. I always appreciate your help with my own advocacy for The Allies of Humanity. You are a true ally to everything good and true, even in a world where almost everything is a mix. Only the indwelling Spirit knows. It always comes back to the bottom line, the eyes to see and ears to hear does it not?

      As always, my blessings, support and gratitude for the forum. We are the quorum for Humanity, all of us.

      Onward to the winning.

    • I’ll believe it when it happens. Please no one is coming to save us, we have heard all before over and over. The white hats, the blue hats, pink hats whatever hats people are claiming to be doing something. We have to save ourselves. We cannot depend or wait for other entities to come and help us. This is just more talk just to get people’s hopes up as usual and when nothing happens things keep getting worse. We the people have to get off our butts and do something ourselves, no more waiting for other people to do it for. There is more of us than they are of them, we have the power to change things and take back our power as humanity’s from the evil forces that want to do humanity harm.

    • How clever, while everyone is watching the southern border, they are sneaking through the northern border.

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