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    Josh Stirling is the top-ranked insurance analyst who’s been collaborating in the background with Ed Dowd to collate the excess mortality data from all over the world in the wake of the Globalist vaccine mandates.

    What he found were very consistent numbers throughout Western countries, of a 7% increase in mortality in the first year, directly correlated to receiving either the Pfizer and Moderna injections plus an additional 7% increase in mortality for each successive shot received, saying that if you received all five shots, then your likelihood of dying within the year increased by 35%.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Every time I read or hear some accountant or actuary make a statement, I am inclined to try and look for a remote control behind a curtain somewhere.
      I wonder if anyone has looked at the geographics of distribution of the big three jabber jobbers, Pfizer, Moderna and J&J. How about getting FOIA on ARP leg to see who got the money, heh, cui bono seems the rule of this centuries beginning…in our faces it is.

    • These people are monsters for doing this and to think that some are still arguing for others to get these killer shots. This world has gone mad.

    • I wonder if an excess of a third of one’s chances of being dead “within the year” if one took all 5 prescribed injections will be reflected within one’s Life Insurance premiums?
      Will one’s surviving Un-vaxxed heirs be pleased, or saddened, by one’s demise?
      Will the deceased be considered to be a Hero for complying, or a Buffoon in perpetuity?
      All important considerations for the potentially Fallen to consider; obviously one side-effect of the Vaxx is not increased intelligence.

    • Hi,
      Here’s something To Ponder On.
      In 2020 There was Massive PCR Testing being done everywhere.
      Even though the PCR Test inventor Said: Never use this PCR Test for Diagnosing.

      There’s some articles that say: Vaccines Can Be Custom made to each individual s own DNA (Chromosomes I know about Dr. David Martin)
      Now IF that’s true,
      That means could of been a Selection Process on Who Gets Injured or Dies,
      Cause ya Had To Make an Appointment For The Covid-19 Vaccine.
      Now think about this out west I won’t say what state but a massive super computer was built, it took years to build it and was completed in 2013 , that’s 10 years ago.
      So by nowadays times they can easily Trace through DNA which got collected by PCR Test who to injure or take out according to what they contribute to society, and by that I mean those people might have been useless eaters , and people who didn’t believe in the New World Order that’s coming.
      The Bible Says: He caused all great and poor
      Eventually those people end up worshipping the wrong entity.
      IF I’m wrong,
      Explain why Klaus Schwab Said: By 2030 ONLY Those Who Take A Pledge an Oath To Lucifer The Devil Will Enter The New World Order.

      Jimmy Jukebox

    • Hi,
      Technically Josh Stirling is Wrong.
      When ya Research and Realize What’s Really Going On the 7% increase of death is like and increase with each shot of 7% ,
      Josh Stirling didn’t mention nothing about the inconsistencies in the vaccines.
      The Reason for inconsistentcies is so the people don’t catch on to What’s Going On , just like Marvin Gaye Sang.
      In 1979 the CDC changed names in laws so doctors and medical examiners can’t have a code to report a vaccine death or injury.
      SIDS Sudden Infant death syndrome can be Traced To vaccines But you will be called a conspiracy theorist.

      People Have To Really Wake Up and Realize What’s Really Going On !!!!

      There’s NEVER Been a Safe vaccine.
      Just cause you or your family or friends didn’t get injured somebody’s else’s Body got injured or died or in their family or friends , from The Same name vaccine but with a vaccine batch that was slightly different.
      Anyway I wouldn’t take a vaccine for a Trillion Dollars.

      Just do your research and Look beyond the Smoke and Mirrors.
      Look up Fluoride,
      In the 1880s It was Discovered and Proven Fluoride Lowers Your Critical Thinking Skills.
      But yet it’s Legally in toothpaste and Municipal Public Drinking water Systems , Thankfully not all towns and villages.

      Jimmy Jukebox

      • J West –

        You probably heard, in 2021-2022 of broad categories of gov’t employees and members of Congress and the Judiciary who were *exempt* from taking the vaccines.

        Despite employment terminations, refusal of travel services, refusal of hospital services, REQUIREMENT that airline pilots and hospital staff get the vaccine or face termination for broad categories of other Americans.

        This link shows what I believe to be a poster from a protest:

        • Hi B,
          As I recall / remember The NBA got an Exemption Too.
          NBA = National Basketball Association.
          But no other sports organization as far as I know , maybe I’m wrong ?
          But NBA was definitely Exempt From Covid-19 Vaccines.

          Plus 1 in 3 vaccines is Rumored to be a Placebo.

          My I called my step daughter about 4 days ago , She turns 29 this February, She took 4 Shots of Covid-19 Vaccine so far.
          She’s fine and still clueless about the how the world runs.
          Her baby had All it’s shots (I Hated Hearing but I have learned in past conversations with daughter that she just took clueless to bother pointing things out and getting her in right direction)
          An ex-roommate got the mycaridis from just 1 vaccine shot , he keeps saying no more vaccines , but ya never know cause when you show them articles to explain and help clarify the Scam they don’t respond, probably cause these vaccine takers realize they did a Stupid Thing,
          And just want to not face their mistake .
          Ohh and my brother who’s asleep / clueless he got the vaccine up to a 3rd shot / booster.
          They all are fine except they All Seem A Little Dumber too me.

          Now Even Bill Gates is Saying: Covid-19 Vaccines Are Useless.

          Jimmy Jukebox

          • Hi Jimmy –

            Regarding family who won’t listen, placebos, etc.

            My framework is to look for evidence that the whole covid operation isn’t/wasn’t:

            1) a global psyop…possibly stacked on a seasonal flu ie no actual deadly virus.
            2) a genetic bioweapon, possibly race specific
            3) a deliberate genocide

            It seems designed to attack families and split them with regard to pro/anti vaxx, shut down businesses and create financial chaos and hardship fok r owners and employees alike , shut down schools and delay/reduce learning for children and university students, etc.

            The damage seems planned several layers deep.

            The gaslighting is the engine that keeps the cognitive dissonance rolling.

            Be well. Keep your wits.

            • Spot on, very sophisticated and might I point out a prime example of the misuse of occult knowledge as obviously many overlapping emotional and psychological ‘spells’ are being used.

              A grift-athalon. The DHS started out with an initial headcount in the 25,000 range and today is well past 3 million as all the alphabets are under the DHS umbrella.

              This mafia/cult/group creature is long and deep into over Bernay’s head manipulation of consciousness.
              Our gift is that ‘they’ cannot dwell in the House of Light and it’s concomitant revelations through knowledge. Keeping the Light on and growing brighter requires energy…funny how that works.

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