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    TheRankings YouTube channel makes these animated charts that are really exciting and endlessly fascinating.

    This one charts the 15 top corporations on Earth from 2000 to 2018 and it shows the meteoric rise of the tech giants in relation to the rest of the world’s biggest brands, based on their annual revenue, according to Interbrand.

    Google enters the top 15 in the middle of 2008 and it doesn’t behave like any of the other familiar brands we’ve known all our lives. It blazes its way up the chart like a tornado! There’s an interesting period during 2010, when Google’s growth seems to be directly inverse to that of GE, before it overtakes it.

    In 2011, Apple enters the top 15 and proceeds to tear its way up the chart in less than half the time of Google before leaving it behind. It’s truly incredible to see the numbers expressed this way and to reflect on the technologies that you were using at the time.

    In 2000, Coca-Cola, IBM and Microsoft are the top 3 and they remain in those rankings unperturbed until 2012, when in rapid succession, Google unseats IBM and then Apple unseats them both, blasting through to #1, knocking Coca-Cola off from the number one spot that it’s held throughout.

    Then, something almost alchemical occurs, as we see how the exponential growth of of both Apple and Google make all the other corporations look like they’re shrinking – when they’re not! These are the top 15 most successful corporations on Earth but the more established brands look pathetic!

    In 2014, Amazon debuts in the top 15, initially displaying a Google-like performance until 2017, when it also begins to go supernova, along with Facebook, which had entered in 2016 and both now sailing up the ranks. Completely surreal.

    Meanwhile, Apple had long since been leaving everyone else in the dust, finishing 2018 with $214.395 billion in annual revenue, followed by Google with $155.466 billion and Amazon at $100.663 billion Neither of these three corporations were in the top 15 in the first half of 2008. Google didn’t even exist until 1998!

    There are a lot of other familiar brands that we see switching places throughout, like Mercedes, BMW, McDonald’s and Marlborough. It’s interesting to see Nokia exit the list the very moment that Samsung enters, in 2012. We can see that Apple’s success has been chiefly driven by the iPhone and that likewise, Google’s sustained growth comes from its Android mobile platform that also drove the rise of Korea’s Samsung.

    Watching this gives one much food for thought and one can quickly see the financial motivations driving the clamor for 5G.

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    • I wonder how much of apples profits are because they use children in China to make their phones? Pure profit. No 401’s no unemployment , and nets outside the windows.

      As far as your newsletter goes, I give what I can, I enjoy your news of this world every day, thank you for keeping us informed of the world around us!

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