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    Donald Trump’s Senior Communications Strategist, Liz Harrington joins Steve Bannon to talk about her boss’ imminent arraignment in Manhattan.

    She says, “Isn’t interesting that For seven years, they’ve been screaming about ‘Russia!’ when really, behind the scenes, they’ve been busy turning us into the Soviet Union and it culminates today, with the beginning of a show trial of the most popular president in American history – don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. That is what Donald J Trump is.”

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    • The Commiecrats have guaranteed that DJT will be the next candidate for President, because Americans do not like bullies, including the neocon/Commiecrat bully warriors in DC.

      Whether or not the electorate gets motivated enough to see to it that he gets elected is another matter. When Biden slept through the last campaign and still won, what should that tell everyone with an IQ above fifty?

      Until yesterday a lot of people fell off the Trump band wagon. Now with the in-our-faces tranny dancers celebrating at the country music awards show, only days after the cold blooded murders of innocent Christian children by an angry tranny – in the same city, a lot of blood is running hot!

      I perceive those same Trumpers who fell off the wagon are now back on along with newcomers.

      Commiecrats have been stoking this hot button issue ever since they grabbed the levers of power and it finally triggered a desperate tranny whom we should not hate! He too is to be pitied having gone onto his eternal reward unrepentant as the seventh victim in this Commiecrat Frankenstein horror show.

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