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‘The Sound of Freedom’ was completed in 2018 and it had a distribution deal with 20th Century Fox. Then, Disney bought Fox and shelved the film. The producers spent the past 5 years wrestling the distribution rights back from Disney so they could release it theatrically – which they finally did and it became the highest-grossing film on the 4th of July.

The Mockingbird Media seek to denigrate the film by claiming that it is a full-fledged exponent of the Q PSYOP, when in fact, the film was in the can before Q had ever made its first post to 4Chan in November of 2017.

It’s beyond revolting to watch Mika Brzezinski and other putrid denizens of the pedophile Fake News to describe ‘The Sound of Freedom’ as a “QAnon cult film” and to watch them deny the horror of the child sex trafficking at the Southern Border.

‘The Sound of Freedom’ is based on the true story of Tim Ballard, an anti-trafficking activist and founder of Operation Underground Railroad. Work on the script began in 2015.

Tim tells Jesse Watters, “This is a true story. These are real kids. It’s going to be very awkward when the media comes after the kids next and accuses them of being part of a conspiracy, when in fact, they were rescued from a life of rape.”

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  • I will not pretend to speak to the motives nor morals involved in the making of this movie, as they appear to me to be solid, sincere and caring individuals.
    However, I am disturbed by this video I am posting, as it raises great concern as to who is funding ‘Angel Studios’, and to which angel their title refers, as there were many among the fallen!

  • Alexandra, I tried to watch “Graphene Rain” but all I got was a notice from something called “NameCheap” saying DOMAIN EXPIRED.

  • I too hope that this movie will trigger many people to resarch the case of the so many missing children.
    Please Americans, if you discover that Tim Ballard is sitting on boards of foundations next to famous criminals, do NOT throw your research away, continue to look into this rabbit hole, that’s the most impostant.

    Don’t forget that many people in intelligence and military in the US (and some other places) are mind controlled, have implants. Whole families are.

  • Hopefully this “exposure” of pure evil will continue and the people will be made more aware, and that indeed there is a substance called adrenachrome and how it is “harvested” from children…
    Maybe then the people will understand why the psychopathic PTB evildoers that sits in high positions, uses and distributes this vile “substance”, must be exterminated from our planet.

  • Since the Feds are determined that “We the People” will never be allowed to view the “Chock Full of Feds” J6 footage, try this video footage about J6th.
    Both Feds & Crisis Actors, and We are the dupes.

  • I was first exposed to this diabolical addiction by a fellow classmate in 1952 who was secretly passing around what we called a Popeye comic book with Popeye the sailor man doing all kinds of sexually perverse things with his grossly exaggerated member. I was never attracted to this wicked thing nor saw the humor in it, but some did. That was only the beginning of my education!

    Getting immature boys to snigger at that sort of thing is Satan’s wedge, and like a door wedge, his human agents keep pushing open the door of self preservation to wider acceptances until the man who has accepted more has become addicted where enough is never enough and it destroys a man’s resistance, dignity and self worth.

    That man’s reputation sooner or later falls into another man’s hand who uses that knowledge to hold over his head under threat of exposure and the victim will do almost anything to prevent exposure. This is the way it works, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

    Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd has been rooting these perverts out of Disney and his own county for years, to wit:

    The Florida Attorney General under Gov. De Santis has been useful in backing up Sheriff Judd, and Americans are treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark about this by MSM and fed BS about Disney.

    Do not wonder why, I’m telling you why!

    • Yeah, I am familiar with the “Popeye the Sailor” comic book. I viewed it and I laughed.
      Now I know why I pursued a lifetime of professional & organized Crime. I’ve been waiting for over a half-century for a Scapegoat to blame, and Behold! It was Popeye the Sailorman.

  • Same parallels as a documentary in the UK thirty years ago called. ‘ Jimmy Saville and the ninth circle.
    It clearly showed the British political establishment..on ALL.sides to be ridden with peadophiles from local community politics to national top level.
    The day before the broadcast John Major the the time stepped in and the media company was bought out superfast…..and decided it did not want to broadcast it. It was produced by acclaimed investigative journalist team. It’s on YouTube.

  • There is only one place promoting the mutilation of children:
    “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”
    Just one needs to find the real version, NOT the falsified one…

  • THE SOUND OF a child sex trafficking expose blockbuster busting PEDOwood’s stale lineup of woke BS should haunt the revolting drag queen and gender bender pedophile agenda. PEDOmedia comes to the rescue to save the failing Babylonian PEDOempire from the truth and FREEDOM .

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