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    Tiffany FitzHenry joins the Out of the Gate (OOTG) podcast to talk about ABC/Disney, Epstein, Hollywood, The Finders cult; about how the world is run, how this is changing and much more.

    They talk about the sudden increasing awareness about the relationships between child sex trafficking, pedophilia blackmail, Satanic Ritual Abuse, MKULTRA, to the intelligence agencies.

    As Tiffany says:

    “Our children have always been sexualized
    Politics always existed to divide us
    Education has always been mind control
    Religion has always been social control

    “It looks so obvious now because we’re awake. None of this changed, WE changed. We’re finally seeing what was always there.”

    This is the Great Awakening.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • And they get away with it and get away with it and get away with it. JFK, Lindon Johnson, the CIA, the FBI, got away with it, MLK got away with it, RFK got away with it, Malcom X, got away with it, Nixon, got away way with it, Bush (1) got away with it, Chaney, got away with it, Clinton, got away with it, Clinton, got away with it, Clinton (1,2) got away with it, Bush (2) got away with it, Chaney, again, got away with it, Obama, got away with it, all the preachers, bishops, priest, catholic church, got away with and still getting away with it, Weinstein got away with it, Spacy, got away with it, Clintons (1,2) getting way with it still, now Epstein, got way with it and again got away with it, where are the now women (all) of them, not the 1,2,3 that have come out? but (all) of them, where are they, why aren’t they coming out about all the who’s who? The Justice Department came out all big and strong, we are going after Jeffery Epstein, ladies come out, call the FBI at this “special” number, “they” will take your story and we are going to get this guy. Well where are the big mouth prosecutors at the Justice Department now? Oh yeah they are going after the little guards for not being on their game the night JE “lol committed suicide”, then, the FBI (maybe) raids the Island, and they have all the names of the girls, now women and they have some evidence from the Island, and now the Justice Department and the FBI are silent as the grave. It’s ridiculous. And just to mention, I keep hearing, “Drain the Swamp”, it’s coming, Q big news it’s coming, well I’ve lost faith that “ITS COMING”, we talk and talk and talk but what are we doing?????? what are we doing?????? I try to be proactive, I send emails, I make calls, I try to do what I can and I would do a march if one were ever to happen to march on Congress and tell them to stop the bullship and do something, but again, nothing, no one making a movement, oh wait they have the area 51 movement, well there was that. Saved my energy for something less ridiculous, but lets keep talking while YouTube keeps shutting everyone down and we are living in 1939 Germany and selling our kids for freedom or food.

    • It may indeed be a great awakening. And what I’ve found to be true is that we are knee deep in the last Kali Yuga – Vedic term for dark age.

      The only hope we have of tearing away the darkness of this age is right now. The only hope in the world is movements like truthers, Brexit, Yellow Vests and Hong Kong protests. Sadly, we have been HUGELY invaded by those who want to always control the opposition. Even my own movement of Targeted Individuals is compromised by the clowns. Become controlled or close your eyes to your own destruction.

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