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    Clif says that the healthcare workers in France striking over Macron’s vaccine mandates and other similar vaxx Refusniks represent the first sprinkle in what will soon become a massive, cascading “tidal woo” that he thinks will utterly overwhelm the Corona Hoax.

    Class action lawsuits are starting to be filed, not only against election fraud and Big Tech censorship but also against Big Pharma companies.

    He says a fraud case is being built against the CDC for perpetrating the fraud that is COVID-19 and this would nullify any indemnities previously granted by the government to Big Pharma,  because the government cannot provide legal protection to a fraud.

    He says, “The 41 people that are running things (and wiping Biden’s ass) are…this Communist collective within the White House are, themselves so incompetent that they’re running up against things they’re incapable of dealing with and they’re breaking down all over…They’re not going to be able to marshal their forces and withstand what’s coming to kick on them, in terms of the election, lawsuits and all of this.

    “Their only possible way of responding is going to basically be violence. So there is the real possibility that the fake government will try to set up fake riots about fake Trump people getting really pissed that he’s not reinstalled and all of that. Fake Q terrorists, you know, those terrible old lady Q terrorists that are out there, pelting people with brownies and cookies and forcing milk on them! Oh! The horror!

    “In any event, they’re probably going to try something very horrific. They’ve got to have people die – it must occur. The one person that died in the January 6th theater didn’t do them any good.

    “You have to understand that The Powers That Be that control this fraudulent government, they run on a Luciferian calendar…they’ve got to do things at certain times and we’re coming up to a time where their calendar efforts are going to be disrupted. They’re supposed to be very active but they won’t be able to be very active, because they’re going to be under attack [from all the class action lawsuits]…That’s going to cause further problems for them. This is part of the Overwoo. They’re going to start breaking down in their response. The Powers That Be and the Globalists and their own weird-ass agenda are going to be running into all of this stuff, coming up at the most inappropriate time for them, relative to their plans in their existent calendar – which I find very interesting, as though someone had planned this – to get them in their own mind set, at its weakest point.”

    Clif says, “We’re building up to a breakdown in the ability of the Deep State to prevent the Overwooing. The Mainstream Media’s going to break down, relative to its ability to control the news cycle,” and he doesn’t think they will remain in control of the narrative past this month.

    We are going into a more active phase of this information war, which will be a bit of a relief to the long-suffering, downtrodden groups who have been “othered” in recent years, as they fight back with their election audits and class action lawsuits.

    Between these and the first real mass of vaxx deaths and the false flag attacks the fake regime mounts to muddy the waters, it is going to be – as his linguistic programs have long foretold – a brutal winter.


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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I can not listen sound off? I turned my computer off and turned on again it does not work Please advise

      • Click through to the Bitchute page and drag the audio fader near the right corner all the way to the right.


    • Although I agree with Clif’s assessment…..he is leaving out one MAJOR Globalist component.

      CLEARLY, ‘they’ are ALL IN, at this point! And they’re LOSING! BUT, they are NOT going to stop. The World-Wide REFUSAL will force them to play their last hand…….they’re going to bring out the ‘BIG GUNS’ (PSYOP)!!!!
      And those of us with a THINKING BRAIN who have been paying attention, KNOW what that is.
      ‘Their’ HailMary, Last Ditch, save their own asses act IS…….the ‘ALIEN INVASION’ PsyOp!!
      Get ready…….IT’S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Frankly, since it is Satan himself that we are dealing with, I suspect the dropping of a dirty, nuclear bomb. Human life means nothing to all the devils advocates. I also believe in Divine Intervention. For that we must ALL PRAY.

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