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    Thierry Baudet: Entire generations of Europeans were taught by pro-Soviet or Pro-Mao Marxists. One good example is St Anthony’s College, in Oxford, where Sigrid Kaag got her Master’s in Philosophy.

    It is little more than a training institution for Western secret services. In other words, for precisely the globalist elite attempting to plan our lives.

    Presiding MP: (Interjects) Mr Baudet, we agreed not to make it personal in the presence of the Minister of Finance (Sigrid Kaag). Where she studied is irrelevant so spreading conspiracy theories is unacceptable. No ifs ands or buts. Please continue your speech.

    Thierry Baudet: St Anthony’s college is known as the spy college in Oxford. The British Secret Intelligence Service recruited from there, that’s a fact. Look it up.

    (Kaag begins walking out of the assembly).

    It shows how linked Marxism has been to the Deep State for decades.

    (Several other PMs begin walking out).

    Presiding MP: Your closing remarks, Mr Baudet.

    Thierry Baudet: Right. Those are the people storming off. The heirs of this criminal ideology that caused the French and Revolutions, an ideology that transformed into Cultural Marxism in the second half of the 20th century.

    (More PMs start walking out).

    They set the agenda for modern Globalism. Why is the Cabinet walking off? It is a fact that Sigrid Kaag studied at St Anthony’s College and it’s also the perfect example of the ties between intelligence services, Marxism and the recruitment of the Global Deep State (his mic is cut).

    Presiding MP: I suspend the meeting for the moment.

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