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    On September 15, 2021, Jeff Rense listed the groups that have been exempted from getting the vaxxines:

    • All of Congress
    • All of the Congressional staff
    • 6,000 White House employees
    • 2,500 Pfizer employees
    • 1,500 Moderna employees
    • 120,000 Johnson & Johnson employees
    • 15,000 CDC employees
    • 14,000 FDA employees
    • 8,000,000 Chinese students in the US (85%-90% of whom are CCP and/or PLA members)
    • 2,000,000 illegal invaders
    • 500,000 homeless people

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Similar list in poster/meme form:

      A fair bit of overlap, but the inclusion
      (by Rense) of 8M chinese students in the US, 2M illegals, and 0.5M homeless kind of gives the game away…if Covid was so contagious…why exempt over 10M people from the vaccines??

        • The “US”(globalist?) military strategy has seemed to be
          “Invade and invite (refugees)”
          for several decades now….

          …with Ukraine just being the most recent
          regional gentrification, designed to do some extensive urban renewal for the Belt and Road project.

          I love my country… I don’t recognize these f*ckers who imagine they can lead it.

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