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    • Keeps getting juicier: high pressure gas pipe right under ship.

      Clearly, pipe runs along the bridge on inland side, so ship is long enough to be over it.
      Pipelines safety is under NTSB jurisdiction, so this pipe popped out on their computer screens in real time as crash unfolded.

      Now, why did NTSB hide this info? Why did not MSM discover this info on their own?


        So gas was turned off. When? Baltimore Gas and Electric, as all power companies do, have own security teams remotely monitoring their infrastructure 24/7. Such pipes have various sensors and if needed shut down automatically. In any case, BGE knew in real time that there was a serious problem, and no doubt various 3 letter agencies were in contact with them, including NTSB well before the sunrise. Yet, we were force-fed a theatre for all these days.

        What else do they hide and why?

        Tip: The Baltimore Sun local newspaper recycles NTSB talking points verbatim, but as their own!

    • Due to the blizzard of blather coming from Governor Bobblehead and all the other politicos romancing viewers with assurances in their day in the sun, I have gone to the trouble of scouring videos for viewers of FKTV for something more certain than personal speculations.

      Here is another view of the original video that shows an electrical flash after 90+% separation of the steel girder, the very opposite of what an explosion or a thermite fire would have performed. You have to pay attention because this video does not slow down for what I just told you. No explosives were needed once a main weight bearing column was taken out—hollow, unprotected comparatively fragile concrete columns! Further on, near the end of the video it’s pointed out that this vessel had power outages long before it got underway because its electrical system was likely over loaded by more refrigerator containers than for which it was designed. Look at the load, all the way up to the bridge! One more layer of containers and the captain would not be able to see where he was going.

      Sorry all you conspiracy theorists and fact finder distractions which have nothing to do with the main issue.

      • Thanks for another good find, JD. Nailed it, plus the new electrical info regarding the refrigerated containers jibes well with the previous video you posted (and I re-posted below) from the sailor who explained what happened.

        FKTV Viewers: the part “that shows an electrical flash after 90+% separation of the steel girder, the very opposite of what an explosion or a thermite fire would have performed” is shown twice, once at .07 and again at 9:22. Slow-mo can be activated by clicking the gear shaped icon at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, then choosing Playback Speed, then choosing however fast or slow you want.

      • I tend to agree that no explosives were needed. This design requires all members be in place for stability. Once you remove a single pillar, everything else goes down by gravity:

        On NTSB video you can see rebars completely and cleanly separated from concrete. Means, they were inside concrete, but deteriorated to the point of not providing tandem support for concrete. These pillars where past their lifetime, so very little was needed to knock them down. This is true for all pillars of same age in the entire US. I repeat: this is true for all pillars of same age in the entire US.

        Now, lets see “body language” of our government.

        1. No criminal investigation opened by Maryland State Police despite 2 injuries and six dead. Involuntary manslaughter to start. Who made that decision and why?

        2. No statutory criminal investigation opened by FBI despite bridge being part of federal Interstate Highway System and despite massive damage to federal property. Who made that decision and why?

        3. Money printed right away for salvage without going after Maersk, their insurers and reinsurers.

        4. CIA derrick Chesapeake 1000 employed.

        5. Total MSM blackout on names and pictures of crew? BTW, this proves Mockingbird is still in place, because that is the only way how you can achieve such a result. Uniform blackout across all MSM. I am impressed.

        6. NTSB theatre with well directed videos of “inspections”.

        7. No NTSB explanation how ship was able to do sharp starboard (right) turn with rudder disabled by power blackout? Still, managed to strike in exactly right place. This is too good to be true. Just like WTC 7.

        All this points to an Inside Job. Now keep an eye on cui bono. I mean $$$.

        One more thing. Marine tracking shows Dali making several zigzagging moves at Port Elizabeth days before. Just when tugs were trying to place it along the shore on port (left) side. Extremely unusual. Maybe there was bad weather (which would warrant postponement of docking). Who knows. I would pay a visit to captains and mates on those tugs and try to eliminate theory of temporary total loss of control of rudder due to electriacal failure.

        As to JD’s observation of stacked containers, that is not how you guess weight. Go to any seaport in US and observe container ship coming with hull heavily submerged. Then, same ship leaving will have hull way higher despite of stacked containers, many empty. These containers must be moved someplace.

        • Gina, I hesitated commenting the way I did relative to container volume, knew someone would likely misinterpret. The last thing I had in mind was weight, the one and only thing I had in mind was too many refrigerated containers overloading the electrical supply which at this point is still only speculation which in no way undercuts the report of previous electrical power outages. My apology for the confusion. – JD

      • Right.
        Kinda amazing that some of them come up with many additional stories from one crappy clip as this.
        Well, sometimes they’re right though I don’t think they are for this time.

        whoops, almost forgot that it’s non of my business, I’m just passing by 🙂

    • Fun fact #1:

      Two sophisticated military cargo ships are stranded in Baltimore:

      Fun fact #2:

      There is no record where ship obtained fuel after it left Korea and then sailed via Panama to Port Elizabeth (NYC area) and then to Baltimore.

      Fun Fact #3

      It docked at Port Elizabeth (APM) before Baltimore, which is owned by Port Authority of NY and NJ: Scroll down for a map. It is adjoining Port Newark in Newark Bay. Most ships anchor on Atlantic ocean by Long Beach on Long Island (by JFK airport) and when called, they enter Lower NY Bay slowly on their own. Then, after passing Verrazzano bridge into Upper NY Bay (where Statute of Liberty is), they are meet by tugs, which tow every single ship into Kill Van Kull channel and/or Newark Bay. There is “NJ Chemical Coast” around Staten Island and there are refineries with private docks (where crook Rockefeller started his business). PANYNJ mandates tugs towing for the past 50 years, or so. Tugs with tow travel around 2-3 mph max. Dali at Baltimore was doing about 9 mph on her own. At night.

      Fun fact #4

      Bayonne bridge over Kill Van Kull was raised recently to accommodate panamax ships. Dredging of Newark Bay continues and toxic sludge is being quietly dumped along Hackensack river just north of Newark Bay. Panamax ships can hold up to 24 000 containers at once. Old style ships had up to 1400. Turnover for panamax ship like Dali at Newark/Elizabeth is about 24 hours, in and out. Yes. Due to Compact Clause in constitution PANYNJ was created by Congress, and is a federal agency. That means, you and I pay for efficiency improvements at port Newark/Elizabeth, so Wall Street can keep dumping more cargo from China and few times faster then before.

      Fun fact #5:

      Port Newark/Elizabeth cranes were custom made in China, and paid for by US taxpayers. Our overlords dispatched MSM to cheer arrival of these cranes:

      Fun fact #6:

      NYC Freedom Tower (new WTC) owned by same PANYNJ was built with custom made steel parts, also made in China. How do I know? Because I saw with my own eyes crates upon crates delivered at night when construction was going on.

      Fun fact #7:

      Here is sample where cargo brought by Dali ship originates:

      Fun fact #8:

      Derrick (crane on barge) named Chesapeake 1000 brought for salvaging bridge was custom built for CIA for Glomar Explorer mission. If CIA still owns it, then they will make some extra cash with no bids and spending limits, which they can use for extra pet projects.

      Fun fact #9:

      It is only for past 2-3 decades that rebars used on federal projects must be epoxy coated. That it the green on metal rods you see when you drive by road construction site. All previous reinforced concrete structures were using uncoated rods, which was often rusted when arrived for construction. Adding heavy alkaline environment of cement, rebars were rusting when encased in concrete. That is why you see metal sticking like spaghetti from Baltimore bridge pillars remains. Epoxy coated rebars would bond better and remain attached to concrete when bridge was falling apart. Given size of Dali, it was a perfect strike.

      Fun fact #10:

      Maersk ordered ship to be build and paid for it, yet it used to shell companies to “charter” it for the entire 9 years.

    • These are different power lines, and I would expect Mexico having run down and outdated equipment. Still, these were local street LED lamps wirings done according to recent UD DOT specs. NTSB should explain these sparks.

    • Who knows how many wires were there, and some of the explosions seem have ignited after collapse, I still don’t know what these explosions are.

    • I disagree on “downed lines” comparison. This was local lighting wiring, which supports LEDs. Very low power consumption. Not enough for that big sparks.

    • Great works 🤙🏽
      It was obvious to me what really happened
      Hopefully many watch your video.
      Yes!! Wake the fk up people

    • Observation #1:

      There was wiring for lamps on that bridge, but these would not arc like that. These would be LEDs powered by AC 110V or AC 220 V at most. No enough, even with rain (which was not). Electrical shorts likely occurred, but not anywhere near that intensity. Circuit breakers would trip automatically in split second, so not enough energy was left for flashes like that. Cantilever truss sides depend on each other for stability, but would not collapse that fast. Something else went on, indeed.

      Observation #2:

      Hull is rusted through all over. This is 9 years old ship and built in Korea! Means zero maintenance done for all these years. This ship is not seaworthy and should have never been allowed into US waters. Who allowed and why? If owners skipped hull maintenance for entire 9 years, what else did they skip? BTW, one of the shell owner companies is in Cayman islands, not Singapore.

      Observation #3:

      Indian crew was not there because of expertise. They were hired because they were the cheapest workforce on planet at time of hiring. BTW, despite being on US territory, this slave labor is not subject to US labor laws. Let alone Maryland’s. Interestingly, MSM force feeds us names of illegal aliens employed by Maryland DOT subcontractor, but hides names of the crew! Why?

      Observation #4:

      Ship should have been declared a crime scene, and FBI acted accordingly, detaining crew, separating them, and interrogating. Also collecting evidence. Why not? Who made decision to have FBI stand down?

      Observation #5

      NTSB video of “inspectors” on ship belong to “you got to be kidding” department. That is not how you do inspection. You video record with narration and use own yardsticks for reference. Also shoot as many as possible pictures with reference tablets. There should have been 5000+ pictures taken with zero-D lens that day. Not sure, take more then fewer pictures. ALWAYS. These clowns look beyond stupid. Why is NTSB sabotaging own investigation?

      Keep digging Alexandra.

        • Turns out, Maersk was the sole user of this ship for the entire 9 years. It went through two owners, the Greek and Singapore based owner but registered in Caymans. Beside of Singapore based operator. Looks like nice way to defraud taxpayers, distance itself from civil liability and slave labor. Note that Biden promised to print money to pay for everything with culprits let off the hook, no questions asked. Larry Silverstien with his WTC lease and insurance windfall comes to mind for some reason.

    • Thermite “Explosion”

      As for electric arching it can generate sparks. I have seen bouncing sparks from severed or downed lines several times over many years.

      Anyway this is all speculation at this point. What I have seen of the bridge so far shows joints pulled apart, but I haven’t seen enough to conclude anything other than the obvious.

      I have also inspected several other bridges in that part of the country, all open and exposed bridge supports, but don’t have the expertise to assume they are actually vulnerable to serious ramming. One thing is clear, Chinese businesses have saved bundles on shipping costs, because Americans don’t mind risking their bridges being taken out by vessels loss of power while transiting bridges. Tugs and concrete dolphins cost money. Bow and stern thrusters don’t work when there is no energy onboard. Dropping anchors only compounds the issue and this instance likely caused the veering out of the channel. Some are blaming the captain because he is Ukrainian, but how does that figure? We simply do not have enough information to be jumping to such conclusions.

    • It would be easy to test for thermite residue
      and criminal to not test for thermite residue,
      and to cover it up like “they” did with 9/11.

    • This is nonsense. The “explosions” are happening AFTER the steel breaks!

      Hello? The ship knocked out the bridge’s support. The bridge then collapsed and steel broke as it came down. So did electrical wiring which sparked. No “thermite” needed!

      • You are, of course entitled to your own opinion but this presentation is not “nonsense”.

        From my experience, sparks raining down is NOT what electrical arcing looks like. Electrical arcing looks like this:


        To me, the bridge looks pre-cut, like the WTC Towers on 9/11.

        “Thermite is a pyrotechnic composition of metal powder and metal oxide. When ignited by heat or chemical reaction, thermite undergoes an exothermic reduction-oxidation (redox) reaction. Most varieties are not explosive, but can create brief bursts of heat and high temperature in a small area.”

        • I have to go along with what Bosco Hurn stated, “electrical wiring which sparked. No “thermite” needed!” What you are watching are sparks from electrical wires pulling apart. The bridge was “truss construction” and the rule with trusses is; one part of a truss fails, it all fails.
          Hope this helps.
          Best, Jeffrey Keene (Asst. Chief F.D. ret)
          35 years in the Fire Service

      • Here’s an intellectually honest engineer/professor whose specialty is bridge collapse analysis. His comments are that he’s amazed it all went down in total collapse.

        If it was built out if cast iron this would be expected as cast snaps. This explains why flashes (thermite?) were needed at key points – for total destruction. Partial destruction means repairs would be made much more quickly which is not what the perps wanted.

      • Bosco Hurn, what I think we’re seeing is this thermite;
        Electricity doesn’t move like that at all. Watch the above video, this is more fitting especially in the dark. Look at the pictures in the day as well, those are clean burn cuts on the metal. The metal would look very different if it were torsion torn. It appears like molten metal. I blame special effects in our media for distorting reality between what a real explosion, electricity burns and explosions & demolition looks like and Hollywierd. We are unable to see reality because we are stuck in Plato’s cave of imaginary distraction.

        • Speaking of Plato’s Cave, watch the video again that Alexandra posted only with the sound turned off so there’s not someone telling you what you are seeing.

          It’s clear that the “explosions” occur AFTER the metal breaks. There is no molten metal dripping or sparks or light beforehand. Also, what sparks and light there is is nothing compared to the thermite displayed in the video you provided.

      • TBF, WTC 7 collapsed 8 hours AFTER.

        Also, If you look at large steel structures collapses, it takes twice as long as this one.

    • Thanks Alexandra for showing all the angles! OFC it’s thermite shaped cutting charges just as the DIY guy made in his back yard. IMO it’s still a mute point. Trades’ fubared now, this is continued economic warfare being waged on us by the plutocrats. How do we take their wealth like they take ours?

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