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I don’t know who this is but it’s an intriguing snippet of something interesting…

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Been saying similar for 40 yrs.
    It all was formalized by the harbingers of corporate America with their invention of the Federal Constitution. The People didn’t create that document. Corporate America, as constituted in 1787 did, And then it was shoved down everyone’s throats via propaganda and back door deals. Just like today.

  • We The People are tired of being the victims under this tyrannical govt of certain people that do not represent the Constitution and Bill of rights it’s built on.

    We can distinguish between WTP and govt w regard to our values and morals only when we recognize that “man” is sin fallen and fall short of the Glory of God. There are those since man was created that have apposed God and everything he planned for us. We screwed it up and that’s why have a hard time keeping it “on the path” as he refers to. It’s a Spiritual war against us. That’s why we need a Savior, Jesus! He’s your only hope! Keep fighting the good fight, finish the race to lay hold of eternal Life….not death.


    We The People

  • He’s spot on.

    It all started in 1776 with the opposition of forming a more perfect Union that others didn’t want. Maybe GW shoulda been a king? But he knew better and the opposition started laying the ground work to thwart our new independence and freedoms from a totalitarian king and satanic church religion across the waters from which they came.

    Trump for SOH…..EXPOSE THEM ALL AND REMOVE THEM is the plan. Geatz started our plan. Now WTP need to act on it while the demonicrats iron is hot and melt their world.

    We The People

    • A “more perfect Union?” If a Union is perfect, how can it be made more so? Gouverneur Morris wrote that nonsense, and said several other contradictory things therein. Yet Americans blithely accept it all as Truth.
      Liberty cannot be Legislated. Only tyranny.

  • Our enslavement happened in Atlantis times the black race were the slave masters then karma led them to have to pay for their deeds and payback was given in America / Atlantis . History class is gonna be brutal when the mass rectocranial inversion recovery process commences.

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