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David Whitehead and Michael Tsarion do a mind-blowing, deep dive into the secret societies that have declared war on the human race. Tsarion says that the US Government is “overwhelmingly” controlled by Knights of Malta.

He says, “Wherever you see Skull & Bones, you’ll see Knights of Malta. Wherever you find Opus Dei, you’ll find Knights of Malta. They’re all considered Catholic organizations but that’s, again false. They own Catholicism.”

The Knights of Malta, the Hospitallers, Templars, etc permeate the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome. The philosophy underpinning the unconventional warfare being unleashed upon us today was originally cooked-up by the Club of Rome, which former MI-6 agent, Dr John Coleman, described in 1994 as:

“One of the most insidious, baneful organizations in existence today, which has done intolerable, immeasurable harm to the United States of America…

“This Committee of 300 told a man called Aurelio Peccei to form this Club of Rome with the main object of bringing down the industries and the agricultural development of the United States.

“He immediately wrote a paper in which he said there are too many people on the Earth and that the United States, with its industrial development, its agricultural development is responsible for this curse of overpopulation.

“I was able to, through my intelligence people get a copy of this insidious document. Basically, what it said was that the Middle Class in the United States of America had to be destroyed, because in the coming push to a World Order, the Middle Class would be the stumbling block.

“The Club of Rome post-industrial, zero growth paper said, ‘This has got to stop. We have to bring down the Middle Class of the United States and the way that we will do this, the way that we will accomplish this task is by crushing their industries.'”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I very much enjoyed this talk! thank you gentlement and Alexandra for bringing this to us.

    I would also add this one small criticism. When it is stated that royal wives and women used the Oracle at Delphi, this was not correct, at least according to ancient commentors. There was specifically a law passed that banned women from “approaching the oracle” in at least Plutarch’s time, meaning they could not come to the Oracle and ask a question on the one day she was open for business on Apollo’s day, 7 days after each new moon. (this info is sourced in my article at the link below).

    It may be they had to pass a law to enforce a tradition already present, or it may be that women did come and the men that ran the temple enterprise wished to shut them out.

    There is also some confusion about snakes at the Oracle of Delphi. The female Oracle was called “Pythia” after a legendary snake goddess, killed by Apollo when he took over the ancient site. “Pythia” translates not as snake, but as “rotting” and it was said that the fumes at the site the Oracle inhaled were the mists from her rotting corpse wafting up from the rocks below the temple. Actual use and handling of snakes or snake venom was never part of the rites at Delphhi, as recorded by many commentors through its long history. Its possible but not probable as it was never mentioned, and Delphi was the most commented upon sacred oracle in the ancient world. Factors which could have contributed to the Oracles’ state of mind during readings could have been a mixture of – fasting, drinking from a spring under the temple (with substances added by priests a possibility), chewing on laurel leaves, and inhaling the fumes proven to have been present at the site by modern scientific surveys.

    For more details on how the operation of the Oracle at Delphi really ran, enjoy my blog post “Expose: The Perfidious Priests of Apollo at Delphi”
    The ancient world and its institutions are absolutely fascinating!

    • Thanks for your insights.

      I have seen the term “pythoness” in a lot of 19th century British literature, though.

      • yes, the Pythia Oracle was often referred to this way by later writers a relic of the idea that the original Gaia goddess that Apollo killed was a snake. The site of the later Delphi Temple itself was already ancient. Gaia had been worshipped and it was a place for pilgrims to attempt “incubation” of prophetic dreams in caves attended by priestesses. One thing to keep in mind is that, as the scholar Barbara Walker shows time and again in her work
        the city building males of the ancient world usually supplanted local even more ancient goddess worship by slaying the female diety which they transformed in their myths into terrible monsters, snakes, dragons, etc…taking over the sacred site and setting up their own gods. This was the beginning of firmly established private property and the state as a war machine. Apollo represented all the fruits of civilization that man gifted society – order, harmony, time for music, poetry and the arts. The wild female nature was to be tamed and harnessed for man’s good. I believe this is why a female Oracle was always kept at the site, selected by and firmly in control of male priests and her message controlled by them every step of the way, at least for most of the centuries Delphi was at its height of fame and power.

  • This story reminded me of something from when Sarah Palin seemed like our worst nightmare ha!.

    The DC lawyer- lobbyist extraordinaire who had a big role in promoting Palin and had been an ex roomate in colledge with Bill Clinton was/is named John Coale. Married to Fox news anchor Greta Van Susterin – both were very high level Scientologists as well. HIGH level, major donars.

    Anyway John Coale was a fixture in DC and was WELL known for bragging, in print and in person, “I am a pirate!” At the time it seemed somewhat whimsical, although he was definitely bragging that he showed no mercy to opponents in law or other arenas. In light of this report I think what he was saying makes a lot more sense.

    I’d say even if Coale was not descended from particular families, he could have considered himself a mercenary for them, and this was a way of signalig those “in the know” in DC that he was the sort they wanted to work with. Would love to hear your thoughts Alexandra and others…

  • I’m very interested in this subject; I saw it was four hours in length and was going to watch it tonight only to discover it was yanked. Alexandra, where else did you upload it? Would you email me?
    BTW, did you check your PO BOX?

    • Ugh! I’ll try to find the video on another platform and no, didn’t go Friday, will go later today.

  • The Jolly Roger 🏴‍☠️ is the Knights Templar’ maritime flag. After being betrayed by the united forces of church, (imperial religion) and state (rulers), the Knights Templar; which was the only force to rise from the People and stand between “Church” and “State”, was forced to go underground. Secret societies were often secret to keep carriers of knowledge alive. Many, (if not most) have been infiltrated, like the many towers of power man erects; rule, religion, education, science, finance, etc…
    Divides by race, religion, sex, politics, etc… exist for the sole destructive purpose of subjugation.

    • Agree, the “Secret Society were often secret to keep carriers of knowledge alive” and becomes very moving once one realizes what that knowledge actually is.

  • …this guy has not done all his homework, not researched far enough back
    … no, it goes back thu the vatican to the pharonic high priests to the Sumerian high priests and the Annunaki ‘Over Seers’.
    … the ‘Over Seers/Sumerian High Priests/Pharonic High Priests/vatican high priest who all knew the secrets of the aether and alchemy.
    … there is NO covid.
    … there is no venom poisoning, Dr Tom Cowan has totally debunked it, go to his channel.
    … LMAO, he quotes Wikipedia ?!?!?!?!
    … nope, the snake/DNA symbol oges back 480,000 years to when Enki geniticaly created Huemans.
    … the Mother of Huemanity goes back that far also to Enki’s half-sister, called Ninhursag or Ninmah. He wanted her as his wife, but it was decided that she was to marry her other half-brother, Enlil, to whom she bore a son, Ninurta. Because Ninhursag was the goddess of Medicine, and because she helped to create mankind, she also had the title of Ninti (Lady of Life).and he impregnated her with the genetically modified embryo so she gave birth without intercourse (virgin mary ?)
    … Enki was considered the keeper of the divine powers called Me, the gifts of civilization. Enki’s image was a double-helix snake or the Caduceus, sometimes confused with the Rod of Asclepius used to symbolize medicine.

    Enki created the first seven wise men or “Abgallu” (Ab = water, Gal = great, Lu = Man), also known as Adapa using the blood of slain Kingu.

    Adapa, the first man, fashioned, later goes and acts as the advisor to the King of Eridu, when in the Sumerian king list, the “Me” of “kingship descends on Eridu”.
    … TOTAL BS, u can drink any snake venom and it will NOT hurt u unless u have a lesion in the mouth, esophagus or stomach and even then it would take a massive amount.
    .. ‘they’ use the word ‘venom’ as a metaphor for toxin/poison and that was later changed to ‘virus’

  • Do not underestimate the Sabatian Zevi movement in the 17th century, as an estimated 80% bought in.
    A lot of interesting ideas, but the hatred for womanity is chilling. It makes it easier to see why in some villages in Europe, all females aged 12 and older were killed as witches. I always wondered how Muslim mothers could rear their sons without love for women, but just as some must; other mothers have reared their sons backward. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • These people are so evil and narcissistic. Makes me believe even more there’s nothing that can be done to stop it. Not until the return of Jesus. Things are soon going to get worse.

  • I find it funny that a lot of this symbolism he is discussing, he is actually admitting its relation to the Constellations and the movement of the Magnetic North Pole.
    The caduceus is the human Spine and symbolism of higher energy through certain sexual exercises.
    Its no wonder why the secret society’s went underground, (burning of the witches) history is taken out of context, and one thing for certain, we were Not there, so therefor everything is Speculation.
    The ancients spoke in Mythology and the Bible is an extension of such.
    Mithras killing the bull is ushering in the New Age which happens every 2,160 years & its relation to the movement of the Magnetic North Pole, which is read through the movements of the Constellations.
    The Cross symbolism of the Crux Cross Constellations & Crown Constellations I feel is taken out of context, as well as his theory of the animals, which all are Zodiac Constellations.
    I find our Gift from our Creators gave us, the Sky also known as the Heavens, the Sun giver of Life & the Moon, the understanding of the movements of these gifts in correlation with the Magnetic North Pole, that secret society’s have kept track of to know what Age we are in.

  • Michael Tsarion has been flogging the “Knights of Malta” conspiracy theory for as long as I can remember, and it should be obvious to anyone that Michael Tsarion comes from the Protestant North of Ireland, and he is an avowed anti-Roman catholic and his infantile claim that the Vatican in Rome controls the world via the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order could easily be demolished by a reasonably intelligent 12 year old, because virtually the whole world is controlled by The Kosher Nostra Asiatic Turkic Finnish Mongol Khazar Global Crime Syndicate, also referred to as:”The Synagogue of Satan” because the Asiatic Mongol “Chews” are converts to the Satanic Babylonian Talmud, and it is almost certainly that Michael Tsarion is an agent of “The Synagogue of Satan” whose agenda is to continually attack the Roman Catholic Church which is the avowed enemy of “The Synagogue of Satan” in order to focus attention away from the Asiatic Turkic Mongol Khazar Kosher Nostra Global Crime Syndicate which is the most murderous construct in the history of the planet which was responsible for spreading Talmudic Communism throughout the world, and was responsible for the “Chewish” Gulag in Russia that liquidated an estimated 100 million Russian Christian gentiles from 1917 who were liquidated by the “Chewish” CHEKKA and the “Chewish” NKVD.
    The Federal Reserve in:”The Second Promised Land” of USATAN, and “The Bank of England” are private Central Banks that are controlled by the Asiatic Turkic Mongol Khazar “Chews” as are all Central Banks on the planet.

    • Why couldn’t the Khazarian Mafia be a part of the club. The Opus Dei, was to reestablish the Christian Ideals. Sounds like to me they’re trying to change Christianity. Who would do that better than the Khazarian mafia.

    • “his infantile claim that the Vatican in Rome controls the world via the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order could easily be demolished by a reasonably intelligent 12 year old, ”

      I heartily disagree with this churlish statement. The simple fact that the current Pope is the first Jesuit Pope ever in the history of the church is evidence enough that the Jesuits wield outsize power in the Vatican and in the world. Jesuits have always been the power behind the throne and the foremost hidden hand in church affairs, keeping other factions at bay by having them fight one another, but to maintain this Jesuits always refrained from putting one of their own in as Pope. Now the gloves are off and they don’t even pretend anymore.

  • 1776 : the Bavarian illuminate is established.
    1776 : written in Roman numerals at the base of pyramid on the ONE dollar bill .
    1776 : height of “freedom tower” at ground zero in nyc .
    We remember,We rebuild,We come back stronger. Written on a bean installed in the freedom tower by BHO , 13 years after 911 . Where an eye of horas ceremony was performed at the foundation before construction began .

    • Cabal=fusion of Weishaupt/Rothschild-Bavarian-Illuminati lodge meets Jesuit-Black-Nobility mafia.

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