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    Mass Psychosis is also known as Group Mind, Mob Mentality or Herd Mentality. Before modern civilization, we lived in herds and in order to survive in the herd, we conformed to the herd.

    This is where Mass Psychosis all stems from.

    The most popular examples of explaining Mass Psychosis are typically angry mobs and violent riots but these are merely the end results.

    Mass Psychosis begins when an individual mind starts to identify as a member of a group based on any unifying factor. The unifying factor doesn’t even need to make sense.

    For many people, the feeling of unity is enough. Our ego mind innately craves acceptance and by default, will instinctively conform to whatever group it perceives to be the majority.

    In order to successfully conform to the group, the individual must put aside personal intuition and follow the guidance of the group. This makes a person highly-controllable and spiritually stifles the individual, which causes them to crave group acceptance even more.

    Man’s disposition for Mass Psychosis has been written about for millennia, most notably, in ancient scripture and philosophy.

    And we all experience this as human beings, whether we reflect upon it or not.

    Plato argued that due to the nature of Group Mind, democracy always leads to tyranny and subjugation. His concern was the lack of good leadership and philosophized on ways of solving this.

    In 1895, Gustave Le Bon published ‘The Crowd’, wherein he explains the key processes for cultivating Mass Psychosis: Anonymity, Contagion and Suggestibility. This work is known to have influenced world leaders, businesses and tyrants, of which the ethics has been written about for decades.

    And yet, AP and Reuters outrageously claim that Mass Psychosis does not exist, when it is, in fact the corporate media apparatus to which they belong that makes this all possible, waging psychological warfare against a group of the population who believes the media would never lie to them.

    This is why the term “Mass Psychosis” is arguably a better term than “Group Mind” or “Mob Mentality”. A change on the field of consciousness occurs; a devolution from Divine Inspiration into primitive hierarchy, which has no place in a civilized society – and yet, here we are.

    Without Mass Psychosis, today’s leaders would have no power. Just like advertising, everything about politics is about cultivating Mass Psychosis.

    Whereas, the individual pursuit of happiness has inevitably led to beauty and innovation, creating and controlling groups of people, which has been the biggest power play on Earth for all of recorded history, almost always leads to death and destruction, the science and study of Mass Psychosis could be used to enlighten humanity, by educating the individual about the power and potential of the human mind.

    But today, the very same corrupt media being used by wealthy elites to divide and enslave us says there is no such thing as Mass Psychosis.

    Mass Psychosis is humanity’s burden to outgrow. It is why we accept the lesser of two evils.

    Many of us are well aware of the frailty of man and the civilized world. The great psychologist, Carl Jung’s warning to the world was that the individual must come face to face with their own shadow.

    In order to accomplish this, one must liberate themselves from the collective.

    And until enough of us do, society will continue to be led by tyrants and ignorant mobs.

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    • The documentary titled CENTURY OF SELF, an almost 4 hour long exposition on the 20th century highjacking of morals and mass brainwashing through self-focus, ie psychology, psychiatry. Freud, Skinner, Jung, Edward Bernays, et al and all who study and follow them belong in this modern-age playbook on sickness, degradation, demoralization, and narcissism, which they all fomented and encouraged and induced, even and especially in public schools. We see now…DON’T WE??

    • PART TWO

      First we look at the logo, the two RR forming a crown underlaid by a triangle (pyramid). Hmmm … we are in the presence of someone who is signaling his allegiances to the Master class. Only by looking at the logo we can be pretty sure where the video will lead us.
      Before I begin with deconstruction of Reese’s message I will lay down some base line concerning lying and speaking truth.
      There are three ways one can avoid telling truth:
      by directly lying (instead of speaking truth);
      by omitting parts of the truth (instead of speaking the whole truth);
      and by peppering truth with lies (instead of speaking nothing but the truth).

      Now lets look the first sentence by the author of the video above, Greg Reese:
      “Mass Psychosis is also known as Group Mind, Mob Mentality or Herd Mentality. Before modern civilization, we lived in herds and in order to survive in the herd, we conformed to the herd. This is where Mass Psychosis all stems from.”

      That is an upside-down viewpoint. First look at the progression of terms he uses: mass is replaced by group that becomes mob and then herd. This progression is intentional, to offend you, the viewer, right from the start, letting you know what he thinks of you. And now that you are emotionally (subconsciously) disturbed, he proceeds with the preposition that is completely false, that is that people lived in herds before the civilizing system was invented. Before Modern civilization, people were hunter-gatherers, living in small extended family groups, tribes if you will, wondering around and foraging for food. There couldn’t be any herd formation since there were not enough people for the differentiation of societal functions to occur. All members were capable of doing any task needed for survival of the group. It is exactly the Modern civilization that brought to life internal differentiation in societies, meaning mass formation of people was possible and encouraged for the first time. The beginning of the Modern civilization can be pinpointed to the times when different tribes settled in one place and begun farming. They grew their food in one place and quit roaming in search for food. First settlements were formed and population grew. Villages were formed, then defense structures and the proto-system that we know today as civilization was born, internally differentiated into those who produced food, those who set the rules of cohabitation and those who provided security for the food produced. So, … mass psychosis couldn’t stem from times before farming (Modern civilization), quite the opposite the proto-modern civilization was the cause of mass formation, it could only function by keeping separated different strata of society, the working class separated from the priesthood/ruling class by utilization of the warrior class. Even more, it was this modern culture that created and promoted specific layers, different strata of society; the future culture inventing thinking minority, the warriors and the working majority, otherwise the localized farming system wouldn’t function efficiently. With time this separation into class system had become so in-cultured that it is normal for the current ruling elite to constantly strive towards creation of uni-formed masses, utilizing well proven tools of mass formation licensed to inter-media-te classes, to be able to continuously in-form (download) masses with new top-down culture, planned to become their future normality.

      In this regard the AP and Reuters are technically right in their claim:
      “And yet, AP and Reuters outrageously claim that Mass Psychosis does not exist…”

      The ruling class is not after the Mass psychosis, they are in the business of perpetual Mass formation, because it benefits them and the system they are running, using the intermediate class’ minions to do it for them. And to be able to achieve the goal of continuous Mass formation that is essential for the planned cultural changes, the elite is using psychosis (confusion, un-examined fear) as a tool, as means to an end. That is their best tool in the box for Mass formation purposes. And since the elite themselves are not immune to the disease of psychosis, along the way, while they are forcing down the peoples’ throats, a new culture that they have planned for the future, their psychosis is also transmitted and infects the people. The elites were the first to succumb to the schizophrenic psychosis. This psychosis of the elite has now become the norm, the culture of the day, and is transferred down onto the masses hitching the ride along with cultural reprogramming, mentally corrupting all the intermediate classes on the way. It is the elite that is highly contagious with schizophrenia and their psychosis is transmitted intentionally because it gives results and makes Mass formation process efficient.

      So, … Malone and Reese are intentionally mis-attributing psychosis to the masses. If anything, then the masses are the least psychotic part of the society, for now, their lives are still partially grounded in reality, while the Masters have lost all bearings.
      Both authors (perceived good cops Malone & Reese) are also intentionally conflating the formation and the psychosis. Again, formation is the goal and the psychosis is best tool to achieve mass formation. It also gives opportunity to AP and Reuters (perceived bad cops) to be able to latch on technicalities and begin their premeditated staged counter attack on the pair of good cops, which sways the viewers towards automatically defending the good cops’ position (the original lie). This is only possible because viewers don’t see the whole truth behind the production scene of such theatrical infighting performances among agents-provocateurs, all working for the same elite.

      So, … this first paragraph by Reese and planned reaction to it by AP/Reuters is the first lie placed in front of viewer’s eyes and partial truth (a version of lying) as a phony reaction to it. Let me see … viewers were offended (as being mob, herd), then lied to right from the beginning and then partly lied later on again in order to entrench the veracity of the firs lie.

      I wonder if I should even continue, since this whole video’s content is progressively misleading and all is stemming from the initial lie, eventually blaming psychosis on the masses as being its originators. In the next two paragraphs there is intentional formation of false background scenery (false mind picture is formed in viewers brain), more insults and myopic narrative. And more lying through omission of the whole truth and slight of hand trans-positioning of guilt from the culprits onto their victims. I can now conclude this, my second section, without any doubt that this video is propaganda hit piece produced by Langley-bred spooks, aimed against the powerless unsuspecting people, viewed and targeted as one amorphous mass, the victims of this conspiracy to begin shifting blame for the “necessary” global cultural changes onto masses. Blame-game at its vilest.

      • Wow. Observation:
        When raised with no belief in anything (no religion) and then fed into the government programming mill, then encouraged and expected to go to college to “get my degree”…any degree in anything…BIG MISTAKE.
        The problem with being raised with no belief, no foundation at all, is that you are a prime candidate to believe anything. When you are taught to trust teachers and doctors as authorities, you do. Big mistake.
        Today I see parents still sending their own children to these eduction camps, public schools. They do not take the time even to see what they are actually being taught. Big mistake.
        Let the government do it. I am busy. Working, whatever. Let THEM do it. Big mistake.
        When did parents, so many, drop the biggest ball of all?
        There was such a thing as being taught about the birds and the bees. Never happened. Big mistake.
        There was something in me, even as a young child, that wondered how on earth I would survive this world.
        The continual and insidious degradation of society and devolution of intelligence combined make for this world. GODLESS. BIG MISTAKE.
        I got out of a “prestigious” university and, since I was stupidified already, I came out even more blazing stupid. A screaming liberal. I had no idea. On top of that, one prone to such ways from base ignorance, is only instilled with pride, arrogance and comes out of university a PUNK… a know it all.
        I was literally taught all the propaganda and believed all of it, hook line and sinker.
        Never even realizing it.
        NO BELIEF? Let US teach you!!!
        (Children are grist for the mill, apparently.)
        Many of the students drank profusely, lit couches on fire in the middle of the road after sports, joined Greek societies, and worked as little as possible just to get out, buying papers openly.
        Any semblance of virtue and good Character is shredded in these places, not built, if you go in with no foundation at all. And study liberal arts.
        I was literally lured by a teacher, a secret-Communist, to go study in China. I was only 18. I was originally going to study the innocent cent subject of art, but was yanked into studying “political science,” a most dangerous major.
        Dangerous because when you are a young, stupid punk, you may actually believe that you know what you are talking about when you DO NOT.
        Brainwashed so thoroughly and damaged so irreparably without even being aware of it.
        Isn’t that how they “do it?” Partly, YES. And then used as a pawn? Absolutely, YES.

      • dejan,

        I’ll try and explain your
        critique/proposition in
        fewer words, using a
        different approach :

        It has been said – to explain a ROOT
        Cause of harm done against a once-
        good, high-culture civilization,
        America – that :

        “Fish rot from the head down.”

        Or :

        “One bad apple can spoil the barrel.”

        Or :

        as I’ve proposed, “Utopi-Psychosis in
        a few elite leaders has been destroying
        the West—America.”

        “Utopi-Psychosis” ( my term )
        is a Mental Illness in Libertine Liberals
        who always pursue an impossible
        PERFECTION of Equality/Brotherhood for
        ALL Mankind, which Mental Illness had
        badly infected Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin,
        Hitler ( for his own race/nation ), Chairman
        Mao, Pol Pot—and, today, Loopy-Leftists
        Bernie Sanders & AOC, and the entirety of
        the Marxian-steeped/-infected Democrat
        Party; and, to continue, Hollywood’s
        moguls/actors, much of today’s music/arts
        /comedy/publishing industries, MSM, ACLU,
        Pubic Education’s teachers/administrators,
        and far too many student-victims suffering
        that Utopi-Psychotic, E M O T I O N-driven
        ( never logic-driven ! ) pursuit of PERFECT
        E Q U A L I T Y—to be “F A I R.”

        In short, as I had imparted to talk-show host,
        Michael Savage, in the mid-1990s :

        “Liberalism is a mental disease!” ( clinical
        evaluation, not just name-calling ).


    • The AVATAR Creatures need to be removed, along with their “Trans-humanism devices” that MOST people are ADDICTED to FIRST!
      The RIGHTS of the “First-Born” of Humanity MUST be restored, because THEY ARE THE GODS ON PLANET EARTH!

    • Instead of worrying about hypnosis or mind control being the thing that keeps us from accepting one system of lies over another perhaps we should endeavor to free our minds from the slave mentality trap we are in. When we gain control of this planet from the demons soon and it will happen we must start over with a new beginning. Universal law will be here and lying is a sin so most of the crap we know will be thrown out including whole sectors of our economy. After the party we start rebuilding our lives and the world in the image of our creator, we may have fallen but we will get back up with alot of help from our new friends.

    • This video is so misleading throughout to the point I have no idea how to go about it. I will proceed with my deconstruction in several consecutive posts since one post would be too long to read. Let me begin with Dr. Robert Malone who is doing the same job as the rest of the video above does. Lets read about Robert, shall we:

      “- -”

      Now lets return to his opening statements of the video:
      “When you have a society that have become decoupled from each other [sic – people have become decoupled] and has free floating anxiety in a sense that things don’t make sense, we can’t understand it. And then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point [cue “the virus” cartoon and his hand focusing viewers attention] just like hypnosis, they literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.”

      Manipulator at work. Luckily he makes mistakes and his subconsciousness reveals his footing.

      Two sentences for two different audiences.
      The first sentence is addressing the public – YOU, members of society with free-floating anxiety – that swamped all meaning and nothing makes sense anymore. We (you) don’t get any causing factors by Robert for why are we (you) in this state of mind, how or who put us into this state. No, manipulators (could be Robert or video editors in this case or both in collusion) always omit the full picture and they start with a presumption of a starting position (state of unevidenced facts) that must be accepted by us (you) as a non-debatable starting point. This starting point also avoids the fact that some minority of us (you) have not lost our sense of meaning and are not succumbing to free floating anxiety, so Robert is trying to presume the fact (as all the Media propaganda does nowadays) that there are no dissenters among us (you) and there is no sanity to be found among the masses. Very demeaning first sentence isn’t it: we (you) don’t deserve an explanation for why we are where Robert found us (you) to be and why he sees us (you) as a giant monolithic blob without internal variety, as if we (you) are already walking-dead unable to examine our (your) position in real time, as if we are children to told from time to time what is happening around us.
      And then comes the first direct lie to our (your) face that serves as a transition of his position, a marker for him changing his point of view. He says in conclusion of the first sentence:
      “… WE can’t understand it.”
      Here he has already changed his audience (focus on the camera No.2), it is no more us (you) he is talking to, now it is We (“them”) he is addressing, and the lie being that we, the royal We (they, not us/you), are detached from what is happening, that “they” are mere impartial observers. When in reality It is they (We) who are the cause of this public anxiety, it is their (We) mass psychosis production theater that is forcing psychotic tyranny on the masses, it is their bunch that is trying to “share” the schizophrenia downwards onto us (you), schizophrenia that triggers anxiety in some (but not all of us/you) and even bigger lie within a lie is that they can’t understand what is going on and how it will all end. I had to laugh there since they themselves write in their own books – that they publish through their publishing houses in which they are boasting – about how they prefer a state of chaos and confusion (or war) to advance their agendas for changes of culture (this time it is the New normal culture before it was We are the change, before Democracy bringing bombing, … New deal,…), for very specific and well think-tanked premeditated cultural outcomes. They know exactly where the current confusion and anxiety is leading us (you) and what kind of culture will the future hold for us (YOU) and them (WE). Our (yours) decoupling from life is artificially manufactured by them (We) under the guise of social distancing, artificial fear mongering to split the sexes, contest generations, explode countries and religions, … that means people didn’t magically become decoupled, it was top-dog psychopaths who fear-propagandized masses into binary (digitized) isolationist individualism and nihilism.

      In the second sentence Robert’s audience is firmly established as THEM (We).
      Imagine that now he is addressing a panel of “them” and explaining his role in the process of culture changing. He is making a sales pitch to them (his Masters) by showing them his leadership skills while hoping he gets an opportunity to assume a stewardship role sometime in the future he is helping to build, a pitch that goes something like this:
      Distinguished royal excellences, eminences, and all gathered global dignitaries … blah…blah, …
      …”and then their [speaking of us/you] attention gets focused by a leader [like myself that is subtly injected by the Media you/them own globally] or series of events on one small point [cue “the virus” cartoon and his hand focusing audience’s attention] just like hypnosis, they [meaning us/you] literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.”

      Here camera No.2 cuts Robert, but …
      … one can almost imagine how this (shepherd’s) sales pitch would continue … Dignitaries gathered tonight, I dare ask you now, isn’t that a marvelous plan that we (Masters’ think-tanks) follow as a blueprint for all our future coordinated actions across the globe?

      Two short sentences containing so much spoken, intimated content and even more subconsciousness spiking out, telling us volumes about Robert’s position in the grand scheme of things.

      Following the deconstruction of video content of Robert’s overture, next comes the editor’s cut analysis. Soon.

    • This can go both sides too!
      Controlled opposition!
      Beware of these wolves in sheep clothing!
      EVEN this site also!!!

      • FYI that’s the title of a year -+ old documentary that was at one time on Amazon a prime. It’s about how our old nemesis Mr Saul Alinsky corrupted the Catholic Church by inserting himself into their war on poverty programs in the 60 ‘s. Very interesting and revealing how they went for it hook line and sinker with those Community Action Programs. The were a major promoter of Marxism and never had a clue.

    • Mass psycho is the practice of accepting the lie of one person as the truth. The biggest lies in the world come from government psychopaths—and people consistently believe them.

      They tell use that covid-19 has been lawfully declared emergency status. It has not.

    • Eric Hoffer wrote about the Mass Mind in the early 50s. And he pinpointed exactly what the problem was and what to do about it, all in terms the common person can understand.

      PSYCHObabble is a dead end for it fails to get at the root of human motivation.

      • jb ( and Alexandra ),

        The ROOT Cause is brain hemisphericity :

        Left-Hemisphere LOGICAL vs. Right-Hemisphere EMOTIONAL.

        My premise and conclusions were presented
        in the early 1980s : “The Donahue Syndrome,”
        or more defining title : “My Organic Psychology
        of Politics.”

        Early childhood exposure to hard lessons vs. the arts is the
        key to whether one becomes a REASONER or EMOTER—as
        th past 70 years, or so, children have been too EMOTIONALLY
        conditioned in schools to SING and DANCE and DRAW and
        HAVE FUN instead of learning to T H I N K/Reason. Now,
        because of decades of miseducation!, kids (and teachers) may
        believe 2 + 2 = 5—and that teaching/learning HAS TO BE
        F U N (( read Aristotle’s warning not to go there, as any good
        education is HARD, much the same as the very HARD work
        required to become an accomplished ATHLETE )) !


        • It is so that in America, back in the day, in Public school, students in the 8th grade studied LATIN, ALGEBRA and CLASSIC LITERATURE de rigeur.
          If they didn’t pass, they were sent to trades or work. What is wrong with that?

        • Jung?
          Skinner, Freud, Jung, et al were the sickest, most devious minds the world has ever known. The absolute scum of the earth.

        • And Rick, if you’ve not actually seen the common core math, do. It is impossible even for parents to figure out. The children get so frustrated that they start acting out. THEN, they are labeled as ADHD and put on hard core psychiatric medications such as ADDERALL, which is methamphetamine, no different.

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