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According to Pfizer’s very limited human trials, 87% of pregnant mothers lost their babies after receiving the shot and for those who survived the deadly shot and are able to reproduce, their offspring’s DNA is now forever mutated.

There is now irrefutable proof that the mRNA vaccines are a deadly toxin.

Aside from the relentless debilitating spike protein that’s keeping everyone who’s been jabbed sick, the vaxxines contain metals. Metals that have been observed to self-assemble outside of the body and most disturbingly, metals that assemble inside of the body.

Studies show that these metals are found in the blood of 94% of those who have received a COVID vaxxine.

And these mysterious conglomerates of metal make their final appearance in the dead.

All over the world, coroners are now finding that the arteries of the vaxxinated have been clogged with mysterious growths. Non-organic masses made up of conductive metals, such as aluminum, sodium and tin.

This is what’s most likely causing all the organ failure and heart attacks – hear attacks in our children.

According to the whistleblowers, the doctors are lying about the vaccine deaths to make a few thousand bucks.

Is that why Trump has been pushing the deadly shots?

Killing our own children for a measly million dollars?

Now that the truth about the deadly COVID vaxxines is finally starting to break free, the mainstream media is shifting their narrative and blaming it all on President Trump and they already laid the groundwork back in 2016, when the herd was told to believe that Trump is literally Hitler.

You might argue that Trump is innocent – but he doesn’t.

He brags of all the lives he has saved – and the herd will believe what they are told to believe…

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Its kina like “the lesser of two evils” , besides we still had a choice. Those brainwash ed souls were blinded by dark forces. They were unable to see clearly perhaps?
    “Imagine a vaccine so safe we have to be blackmailed into taking it, for a virus so deadly that you have to be tested to even know you have it. ” i cannot blame trump. He was between a rock. . But there are questions that he should answer. Like fivgee. And chemtrails, and pharmakia(sorcery).

  • Trump is the responsible ass that sign the executive order so he is guilty of all the dead, damaged or else and so are all the medical workers, nurses, technicians or doctors who administered it. By all means the CDC, the WHO etc etc all guilty

  • what a horrible website.. It take endless patience to try to follow an article with the hundreds of embedded ads and distractions.. won’t waste my time again..

  • Anyone who faults President Trump for his actions concerning the COVID shots should first do their homework and find out what he said in one of his Press Conferences in the White House Press Room.

    This is not verbatim but close… He STATED the FOLLOWING: I’ve Been told that IVERMECTIN and HCQ are VACCINES that will STOP COVID. IMMEDIATELY after that statement the press room broke out into a frenzy.

    The next day, if not that night the Entire FAKE Main Stream Media, including FOX where all over PRESIDENT TRUMP like a 800 LB GORILLA .. It was after that he came out with Operation Warp Speed and thereby forced the Criminal Pharmaceutica Industryl to come out with their PATENTED , non vaccine, RNA modifying injection. Remember a real true vaccine cannot be Patented only those things created by HUMANS…

    What the DS wanted to do was lock everyone down for years, like to 2025 or further. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED? I would say no..



    • Anyone who believes Trump took that vaccine is a chump!! Anyone who believes Trump isn’t in on this depopulation of the world is a chump. Sir you need to do more research and find out just how untouchable all of these elite really are. They will all be underground in their bunkers safe warm comfy cozy. While they Nancy Pelosi, Ted Turner, Klaus Schwab, all the hundred millionaire elites wait on us the peasants to die of starvation. Don’t believe me, watch!

      • A bit of commonsense here. If Trump was in on the depopulation of the world, we’d already be there, most of us would be dead and the rest would be cyborg slaves. The cabal powers that be would never be attacking him so vehemently. they would all be buddies together. You need to wake up. AND, YOU ME, AND THE REST OF US WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO STATE WHAT WE WANT AS WE DO NOW! None of this would exist. There is no dissension in facism. Ask the CCP .

    • Agreed totally! Correction though:


  • I think Trump needs to recant his stance on this obviously dangerous DEATH JAB. He may have been misinformed by his inner circle of consultants as to the potential dangers of this new experimental m-RNA technology. He certainly must have been aware of the early Pfizer test subjects data that clearly showed unacceptably high Mortality/Morbidity results. Under any other circumstances, if the Drug Regulatory Agencies were doing their jobs properly, this Experimental Jab would have been pulled off the market in a heartbeat. Trump has precious little time to vindicate himself and admit that he made a mistake due to bad advise and apologize to those that have been harmed. I think his patriotic followers would understand and forgive him.

  • You know when he had pushed the vaccine Trump didn’t know what they were putting in this shot, I do believe if he new what they have put in it I do believe Trump would not have push this Poisson on anyone. And no I have not gotten this vaccine, and never will.

  • He gave it to Jared to come up with a Plan for the Nation. Jared said I will and took on 2 buddies who are both in Tech Companies one in Health. They all have no clue about Health or Virus stuff. They ran the Computer Disaster and came up
    with the genius Plan for Lockdowns and Mask Mandates. Fauci was even surprised
    it went so smooth what he had planned for in decades, see Dr. DavidMartin whi knows all the facts. I believe Trump was fooled until this day. He never probably reads about the damage and no one tells him. They even jabbed the Mother Ivana 3 times and she was damaged from the 1. one already.
    A day before she was supposed to stand whitness in a trial inconvenient for some.

  • Sorry Alexandra, I cannot believe what you are saying, are you that stupid, you know better…are you CNN now ??

    • This is all Greg Reese. I just transcribed what he said but I do think he has a point.

      A lot of people are dead and dying. A lot of people are injured.

      It’s a disgrace that he hasn’t come out to stand up for them. He must be blackmailed.

      Yes, he didn’t force-vaccinate anybody but Biden did and now people are dying. Why doesn’t he use this against Biden?

      Trump is the greatest president in my lifetime or maybe ever but this is a stain on him. Period.

      • The greatest president, if he ever got the chance and didn’t die an untimely death; James Trafficant; if you ever get the chance to listen ; check some of the videos on screwtoob

      • Alexandra you are absolutely correct in your assessment. Anybody that has lived as long a President Trump has, at one time or another has done something that they are not proud of. None of us are perfect. Trump is certainly the best President of our generation and even with his imperfections,he is the best one to led us out of these tumultuous times.

  • Another form of TDS(Trump Derangement Syndrome) arising! It too will Boomerang! His base knew vaccine was poison, and he knew they wouldn’t take it! Dems and RINOs wouldn’t take it because Trump said to! What’s left is Normies who didn’t know better and became casualty’s in the war! They had chance to research it!

    • exactly!!! Another point is we felt that once Bill Gates was on it, I knew that his Eugenics and depop scheme was not in our best interest. DJT followed the HCQ, Ivermectin, Zpac azithromycin , zinc protocol of Dr. Zev Zelensky, God Rest his soul! What a man the great Doctor was and will be remembered for his ZStack supplement. In Trumps time, I feel sure in saying the production was all Saline water, but once the next group arrived they had their opportunity to ‘cull the herd of useless eaters’, as Schwabb and Harari so many times told us. I spent a lot of time researching and trying to inform and educated my friends and family to no avail. All the good drs who came out risking life, limb and positions were villified only to find in 2 yrs later they were correct. Thank you to them!

    • Anyone with half brain can tell about Trump’s betrayal.

      If you are to forgive Trump, it’s like saying forgive Biden for his pedo activities as he was blackmailed.

      Is that what you want or will you accept the facts already?

      • Best comment on here. Nobody wants to believe Trump is a traitor to this country. He proved that to me when he told everyone to go home January 6. He proved that to me when he didn’t show up January 6. To fight for our election. He proved to be a traitor when he locked everyone down. If he’d been a martyr for the cause then he’d be a hero. But he is still alive and well. And I’m sure he’s got an underground bunker waiting on him and his family when shit goes south.

        • So, as far as Jan 6, you admit that he arrived late on purpose, AND he did NOT tell people to go into the capitol, in fact he told them to “go home” you should be a witness for the prosecution on the fake Jan 6 Committee. But naahh they won’t want to hear truth, they have to find a way to discredit and demonize him, like you are trying to do now but don’t even know you’re really liberating him. HAHAH you’re FOOL here.
          BTW, you’ve got your wires crossed, he did NOT lock down the country, your evil slavemasters did and when he insisted on opening up fauci and his minions attacked him and insisted, States still stay locked down and masked up their citizens. Because President spoke for the federal government employees did not dictate what the States would do. Now, the real traitor is Pence who refused to do his job by the U.S. Constitution that required him to stand up for the duly elected President by the people because he knew the election was a fraud and Trump was cheated out of the Presidency. Also, Trump did not want violence, so go home, yes. He just wanted people there to witness what was an unusual Act of Congress was to be carried out, IF PENCE HAD DONE HIS JOB. He was the Traitor, along with the RINOs. Trump did indeed show up and he had good reason for arriving late, but you would not understand because you’re so confused by your own ignorance. Maybe you’re watching too much of the FAKE NEWS. That’s why he always said its all FAKE NEWS. It’s because it’s full of lies, But the brainwashed and dumbded down still do and become confused if they should happen to encounter some good commonsense elsewhere, that was not supporting the narratives, lies of MSM, but actually telling you truth, but you cant handle it so you become confused.
          Besides, I’m sure he would NOT want to be a dead hero. Only a moron would want that. What a stupid thing to say that anyone would want to be a martyr. Maybe you’re a bot trolling around. All in all, everything you’ve said does not make any human sense. you,,,,What a waste.

        • Trump was fulfilling legal obligations that would enable him to call out the military later if he first publicly requested the ‘potential rioters’ to go home. I read about this 1 1/2 years ago – and don’t recall which Constitutional provision or law that was at play (-I think it was from the 1800’s) – but you can investigate it if you like. – and NO – DON’T ask me why he hasn’t called out the military since then; I don’t know. – But there are plenty who argue that he is STILL the ‘Commander and Chief’ today.

  • Like probably many other FKTV readers I’ve banged my head trying to figure out what motivation Trump has had to keep pumping the bio weapon death shot other than just being plain ignorant or egotistical. After all, his two adult sons speak regularly at Clay Clark’s Reawakening events where all things Stupid 19 are revealed openly. I’m pretty certain they have discussed these matters with him. So is he standing behind these comments because he’s playing politics or is it something more sinister? Was he threatened or bribed to promote them? Or did he have to make some kind of concessions while still in office in order end the lockdown sooner than was originally designed? Your guess is as good as mine. There is still a lot of speculation as to why Trump scrapped his attempt to bring Robert Kennedy Jr on to a vaccine safety advisory committee after Bill Gates stepped in. We all know how evil the deep state is – they play dirty in ways we can’t imagine. In 2020 I voted for a GOP candidate for the first time because I trusted him when he promised no vaxx mandate unlike Biden who I didn’t trust. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • I think Trump got played. He was taking advice from his Deep State advisors who seemed to know more than him. He was going with their advice especially since everyone else were worshipping them (Fauci, Birx, etc). What else is a businessman supposed to do? No one knew differently.

    He should let us know he was played by the Deep State and he is very sorry and ask for forgiveness. I would forgive him.

    • It’s very rare for a politician to admit they are wrong about anything. It took incredible courage for Dan Bongino to come out this past week and admit he’d made a mistake getting jabbed twice after battling cancer.

      • Dan was courageous. I remember all my drs, pushing me everytime I went and throwing out the ‘don’t you have any concern for your community, your neighbors?’ I was a working RN for 42 years, I have great concern for my community, but I also have a brain and them telling me a mRNA injection was not going to change my dna did not sit right with me and sure turned out correct. UN Agenda 2020, 2021, 2030 woke me up and I tried to educate even my children who still today think I have gone off the cliff. I believe DJT knew millions would not trust therefore not take an EUA mandated death shot. We didn’t

        • Right. You should’ve told your evil doctor that yes it’s because you had concern for your neighbors that you wanted to warn them of the evil he was pushing. He ought to be shot. but then again Nuremberg trials 2.0 is ongoing.

      • It’s obvious your on the left. Trump took their word that the vaccine would kill the virus. Trump knows he is not a doctor and had no idea the doctors had never isolated any virus. We have let the stupid scientist dupe us again. Every scientist we give any kind of power to, goes and uses us for an experiment like the HAARP. I think there is a huge amount of accountability in a very short time coming up!

  • Trump is innocent. he was sold a bill of goods and ran with it. How can I say this? Because he was trying to get Hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin and Ozone and he was attacked publically. Also, there were two insiders who bragged how they thwarted Trumps efforts, to get other medications available. Also Trump fought the CDC the WHO with regards to lockdowns. The states are the ones who use their Emergency powers to lockdown their own states. Each state politician and governing body are the ones forcing the jab on their citizens…Trump said it is the people’s choice to take the vaccine or to wear masks etc.


    • Thank you! I can’t believe people are so brainwashed in this country. It is an outrage that people think Trump is to blame! There are people who are willingly getting this stupid vaccine. I’m pissed about the Armed Forces getting forced to and the countless people in the medical field also having to do it. It’s not Trump’s fault. It’s this horrible government we now have running our country into the ground.

    • Absolutely agreed. Its a crying shame that so many are duped because they refused to use any semblance of commonsense and do their own due diligence and use their discernment. Trump got the Feds to use the EUA act, to authorize it for experimental use only so it would prolong it for many years as a trial which usually takes years. That was to delay the roll out of the NWO while he was cleaning up the swamp, and the Whitehats dealt with the Cabal. It was also to alert people to pay attention and use their commonsense. An experimental drug cannot be mandated and cannot be approved for general use by the public. So it meant DON’T TAKE THE SHITE. Unless you want to be an experiment, a guinea pig and then you would have to give INFORMED CONSENT, of your own Free Will. No one can force you to do so no employee, no, government no one. That’s the Law. So why the hell did so many idiots line up freely trying to be the first in line to get the experimental jab? Did they even know they were guineapigs? NO because they were so dumbed down by the media lies, and hatred of Trump that they never bothered to reason for themselves. They just lost all commonsense, so filled with hate and it backfired on them. If Trump did not use warpspeed people would be locked down for the next 5 years and killed tens of billions as they would have been jabbed to death in the meanwhile. The lock down allowing the communist chinese to physically takeover the country as it was sold out by the previous governments long time ago but it would have sped up the process of the New World Order. People need to get off their asses do some research and and stop listening to their fake news lies by their slavemasters’ the MSM as they continue to believe the false narratives, not realizing that that is their purpose,to spread lies to keep people dumbed down so they can easily institue their plans right under their noses. Agenda 21/30/50 and the NWO.

  • What comments I read about this video over on Greg’s Rumble channel were absurd! There are some really brainwashed folks out there.
    I thought the video was, as usual coming from Greg, very well done. However, this time I did have a “should have” for Greg:
    I do think it would have been helpful to date these Trump statements re the vax and also provide the VAERS reported numbers at that time (available to anyone that cared to look). This would show that he was pushing the vax and claiming all these millions of lives had been saved long after it was clear that these jabs were causing horrible injuries and many deaths. Very soon out of the gate it was obvious to anyone that was even half awake and had even partial abilities for critical thought, that there was something very wrong with these injections. If I knew this Trump damn sure knew it too yet he continued to push the jab. He should’ve been hollering about this and insisting that the vax roll out be stopped and investigated. What in the hell was Trump thinking?! Sure, in the beginning he was probably lied to but once this thing began to be delivered…well, is he really that stupid?

    • He gave it to Jared to come up with a Plan for the Nation. Jared said I will and took on 2 buddies who are both in Tech Companies one in Health. They all have no clue about Health or Virus stuff. They ran the Computer Disaster and came up
      with the genius Plan for Lockdowns and Mask Mandates. Fauci was even surprised
      it went so smooth what he had planned for in decades, see Dr. DavidMartin whi knows all the facts. I believe Trump was fooled until this day. He never probably reads about the damage and no one tells him. They even jabbed the Mother Ivana 3 times and she was damaged from the 1. one already.
      A day before she was supposed to stand whitness in a trial inconvenient for some.

    • I agree! I too was a supporter of Trump voted both times for him and faced a lot of criticism…but I am can’t deny the decision he made to push the vaccine, sure he didn’t force people but his influence is a powerful tool. Let’s be honest if he was tricked can we really afford to have him be our Chief and Commander if he can’t discern or lack the wisdom to lead a people? As I am reminded of a scripture in the Bible we the people must never forget that our trust is in God first. Jeremiah 17:5
      “Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.”

  • Love Greg but this by far is not the entire picture and therefore erroneous like the mainstream herd followers.

  • Listen to the experts , follow the science… what the heck is a businessman politician doing pimping big pharma toxins anyway?… government making money from industry is a form of fascism not republicanism. But wait until they (government) force the conscience of the people to keep a day of worship to save the poor, help the environment , or retribute an angry god… then they will make an image to the beast of Daniel 8 – the union of chuch and state- a similarity to the romish beast that ruled the dark ages -and every constitutional right repudiated …. Baal worship ( nature or sun- worship) is on the rise out of the bottomless pit.

  • According to a Canadian doctor, he found a rare metal and says unlikely comes from contaminations.

    And the circuits looking thing might be of experimental nano biosensor.

    Even if the findings are too difficult to understand or unconvincing, there still is no good reasons to take any of the poison shots produced by the companies with criminal record, and approved by lying agencies.

  • I have seen the last few long Trump speeches–at rallies, etc–AND HE IS NOT ANY LONGER EVEN MENTIONING THE VAX OR HIS ROLE IN IT.
    He should openly apologize for having been set-up [he would be forgiven

    Show me some recent bragging please.

      • Did Trump try and get Ivermectin and Hydroxiclorquine and Ozone to the public and was he not stymied every step of the way. Is Trump a scientist or researcher or was he trusting those who were in charge. Trump was being sold a bill of goods by those who were in charge of providing him information. Are you seriously that blind to everything that went on. wake up!

    • I virtually attend every Trump Rally, and the one shown was about a year ago. It was the first time that Trump got “Booed”, and he didn’t like it. Since then, I have listened carefully at every Rally for any mention of the “Vaccine”, and there has been none.
      The “COVID-19 Vaccine” Narrative is quickly collapsing, and soon, there will be Hell to pay. Fauci’s desperate “ejection” from the burning Vaxxine “aircraft cockpit” is proof of that.
      I think that you are right; if Trump could and would admit that he was wrong, that his “Warp Speed” Vaccine Plan was hijacked and that he got played, We the People would quickly forgive him. I would.
      But he needs to “Strike First” and do it now, because you can bet that the Opposition is currently weighing who and what they are willing to sacrifice in their zeal to “Get Trump”, and I am not sure that Trump can withstand a Political hit like that.
      No Worries about me; I’m many things, but one of them is Faithful to Trump and Our Cause.

      • I would not forgive trump. He /wasis in a position to KNOW. there is no excuse. He is a puppet and an apprentice at best. It would have ruined his career if he spoke truth at that time. Too bad, we lost our jobs and income bcuz we love the truth. trumptydumpty sat on a wall, the wall he did not finish building. Failure in my eyes. Meanwhile, he has not said anything about fivgee or chemtrails, or pharmakia. These are all life threatening issues. Trump is owned and he is serving his masters. I serve the LORD.
        Things that trump cannot say.? askin4afren

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