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‘The Plan’

JERSEY CITY, NJ - SEPTEMBER 28: (L-R) Former U.S. Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton attend the trophy presentation prior to Thursday foursome matches of the Presidents Cup at Liberty National Golf Club on September 28, 2017 in Jersey City, New Jersey. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

9/11 was an inside job. 9/11 caused us to lose our freedoms and it ushered-in the Surveillance State.

The perpetrators of your enslavement are walking around free. They’re the same people pushing the vaxx.

Tore Maras was a teenaged Navy Recruit when she was tapped to become a private contractor. She ended up working for two firms controlled by former CIA Director, John Brennan, The Analysis Corporation and Global Strategies Group.

On the eve of the 21st Anniversary of 9/11, Tore Maras shared bombshell details about ‘The Plan’ – as it was called – to destroy and control America.

‘The Plan’

1. Hatched by President George Bush Sr;

2. Initiated by President Bill Clinton, who Tore says was actually a front for Hillary and that Hillary was and is still in charge and it was Hillary who launched ‘The Plan’;

3. Former CIA Director, John Brennan was the one who drafted the CIA’s portion of ‘The Plan’; He personally fast-tracked and approved the “Express Visas” of all 19 hijackers who helped execute the 9/11 attacks while he was the CIA Station Chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia;

4. James Clapper, as DNI, was responsible for the cover-up of ‘The Plan’; including his oversight of the fraudulent NIST Report on 9/11.

5. Donald Rumsfeld facilitated and capitalized the war operation of ‘The Plan’ as Secretary of Defense and he implemented the privatized Military Industrial Complex;

6. President George Bush Jr, in his capacity as President knowingly and willingly allowed ‘The Plan’.

‘The Plan’ was about digitizing citizen records from birth to death, monitoring all phone calls and communications, collecting facial recognition, health data aggregation – that was Hillary Care – but Obamacare did for them.

Tore Says Obamacare is ultimately about data collection to implement the Technocratic New World Order.

This is not an ordinary episode of the Tore Says Show. She’s dropping bombs, she’s naming names, and it’s must-watch!

I’ve transcribed the first hour of this riveting 2-hour podcast below.



“That was funny,” she comments. “Now, fast-forward, the bombing [Khobar Towers bombing] happens. You have this bombing, right? Obviously, the Saudis hate us. And the more interesting part was when they had this bombing, the move, that was unexpected is something that I saw happen in ’97 when I was there.

“They had pushed forward a program of fast-tracking visas. And when I tell you ‘fast-tracking visas’, we’re talking giving people visas without checking their backgrounds. And that felt really alarming…

“Just so you understand how long this has been going on, you must understand that this visa program was never actually approved. This was a CIA agency push and this was done right after the bombing and you’d say, ‘That makes no sense. If they hate us, why are we fast-tracking their visas? For people that hate us and have just exploded us? That makes zero sense!’

“Why would John Brennan step in after the bombing and – after being the Executive Assistant to George Tenet – why would he come to Saudi Arabia and expedite visas? And this was unofficial, right? Unofficial.

“Now, here’s where it gets even more interesting. We have the same players, because they’re the Executors. So, while we talk about the Guantánamo Trials for 9/11, it is incomplete, because the masterminds are missing.

“You would have to have had former impeached President of the United States, Bill Clinton, in his capacity of President of the United States – and impeached First Lady Hillary Clinton – for initiating ‘The Plan’. Literally, it’s called ‘The Plan’.

“Former CIA Director John Owen Brennan, in his capacity as CIA Briefer to impeached President Clinton, Executive Assistant to CIA Director George Tenet, CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia, Chief-of-Staff to CIA Director George Tenet, drafting the Agency portion of ‘The Plan’.

“Former DNI Director James Clapper, in his capacity as DNI Director under impeached President Clinton and as NGA Director, assisting in the cover-up of ‘The Plan’.

“And Donald Rumsfeld, in his capacity as Secretary of Defense for implementing the war operation and the Military Industrial Complex – privatized side – to facilitate and capitalize ‘The Plan’.

“And finally, former President George Bush Jr, in his capacity as President, for knowingly and willingly allowing ‘The Plan’.

“And just so you understand, Hillary Clinton wanted to do everything Obama did. In the ’90s, when they took office – and I say ‘they’, because we all know she manages everything – Hillary Care was supposed to take into effect. It was supposed to be put together properly. They needed to propel the harnessing of information. It was impeached President Clinton who was struggling on how to deploy surveillance and data collection systems within the United States.

“And this is where the idea was born: Digitizing citizen records from birth to death, monitoring all phone calls and communications, collecting facial recognition, health data aggregation – that was Hillary Care – but Obamacare did for them. Controlled Undocumented Travel and doing that with the cyber oligarchs we see today, which DARPA helped create.

“It wasn’t that we advanced in technology, they harnessed all these cyber oligarchs; from people in their garages, like Steve Jobs. All of these people were harnessed and made part of this 4th Unelected Branch of government to deploy ‘The Plan’.

“Brennan and Clapper were responsible for ensuring the recruitment, in 1995 through 2001 was completed, for a scheme to terrorize Americans and others around the world into submission by giving an avenue for solutions by law and implementing technology that would assist.

“That’s the warranted assumption, from the personal knowledge gained after such events. I saw the implementation. This was the plan they had. It was always ‘The Plan’.

“In 1996, when the Khobar Tower bombing happened, the CIA already knew it was going to happen. In fact, there’s evidence of that, that was discovered during whatever investigations they were doing. The actual Executors of the event were people John Owen Brennan had allowed onto the grounds of Building 131 prior to the bombing.

“How do I know this? Because it was documented. And I have sent out FOIA requests for visitor logs and guests of the CIA station chief, John Owen Brennan, that have been denied to date. It’s actually an annex in Bahrain, that began the operation in ’92 and was alleged to have been the mode of cable communications regarding this incident, which the CIA has denied the existence of.

“Remember, 19 US servicemembers lost their lives and it was none other than former DIA Director at the time, Director Clapper, along now with a deceased General Downing, who died of meningitis – whatever – who led the task force in the Khobar Towers investigation.

“Again, the bombing was imperative, to excuse the attack on US soil, years later. It was during that time of the bombings that many of the visa applications from Saudi Arabia were being denied…because of the bombings.

“And in fact, visa applications of the majority of hijackers during 9/11 were denied right before and after the bombings but John Owen Brennan personally overrode the denials and issued the migrant visas.

“In fact, in 1999, myself, I was back in Saudi Arabia when visa applications were coming into question, with a large delegation of “Sa-Sa” persons, like myself, which is a group of Security Alliance Intelligence Contractors, just so you know.

“So in November of 1999, I was pregnant and I didn’t know it, I personally reviewed and was made aware of approvals done by John Owen Brennan, who at the time was going to be officially promoted to Deputy Executive Director of the CIA and I was briefed on the Visa Express Program, because that was to be deployed to European nations, as well as Saudi Arabia.

“And like the 19 US servicemembers that died at the Khobar Tower, 19 hijackers helped execute the 9/11 attacks and all 19 of them received their visas before and after the Khobar Tower bombing and all 19 were done with John Owen Brennan’s stamp of approval from Jeddah.

“In fact, the deployment of Visa Express helped the support staff of less than five of the hijackers enter the United States with legal visas, because they’re not going to execute this plan without having people watching out back, from bag boys, to drivers, to rentals, to food, to anything that you’re doing.

“So, right before the 9/11 event – right before – over 22,000 visas were issued by the State Department to foreign nationals that weren’t all Saudi, either…but they were given the stamp of approval from Jeddah? Without interviews! So they just went there, applied and were like, ‘Here, you go. Go!’

“George Bush, himself was briefed on the program. In fact, he was briefed on the whole map to victory, indicating a list of all nations the US would be able to declare war with, because of this event. That unnamed general you heard, who told Rumsfeld – let’s listen to that, again, so that you can understand just how shameless these people are. They’re shameless! They are extremely shameless. But they laugh about it, too. He tells you this…

“So, in order for them to actually execute the plan of taking over nations, they found that it would be very, very difficult for them to push it through and this was another plan that was set up and this was done under the Clinton administration: How do we ensure that we can have Continuity of Government within the United States and other nations, rather than us continuously go to war – like right now, we’re gonna do it, because the market’s gonna drop, we’ve taken all of the cyber oligarchs and we are harnessing them all…(Most of the stuff you see in Hollywood is written by some intelligence analyst sitting in Langley, OK?  I’m telling you that, now).

“The Plan was that they needed to ensure the Continuity of Government and Clinton was being impeached and this was a problem, because there were defiant people within Congress and the Senate that wanted to ensure that their own person gets in. And they all played Good Cop, Bad Cop, of course and George Bush, Sr came up with a fantastic plan, in Jeb’s area; the child that was left behind by the Bushes: We’re gonna digitize the way they vote, because if we can see a foreigner’s vote, then that’s how it happens…

“I was actually in that meeting, myself, where the discussion of the ‘hanging chads’ was being done: ‘How do we remove human error and go all in on technology, now that everyone’s on Netscape and loving the internet and it’s new…

“At that point, that was discussed and it was created into this big thing but this is how they allocated funds to the Department of Defense – specifically, DARPA – to come up with how to get it done and to create the software that would assist in getting it done.

“And you guys have heard Chris Curtis, himself confess in Congress of how he was hired by a Chinese-named company and the Government – and he even slipped and said, ‘George Bush’…he said it, himself, in order to be able to control elections, because they needed to ensure that their own people would have the ability for the Continuity of Government, from the minute Reagan was shot, until 2020 was done.

“They needed to ensure that continuity. So, elections was one. ‘We can’t go into all these places and just plunder. We should do it in a more peaceful way. We can create riots and then, come in as the Good Guy and offer them ways to elect things. And so the software was created.

“In 2004, Paul Brinkley and Robert Gates, who also then became CIA Director of a very specialized division in the Department of Defense, within a year, were funded and they got this done. And at that point, Chris Curtis’ software failed, because they got caught – kinda. And he confessed to Congress. Where is he now? In Florida. It’s ridiculous how, for the love of money, people will do anything.

“And it was at that point that we actually sold machines and went down to Venezuela and we told Chávez, ‘Hey, Dude! Here, look. We’ll help you win elections all the time. People will think they’ll be voting for you and you’ll be winning…and in the meantime, we’ll be training the software to be even better…

“And you know who’s idea this was? A former Ambassador to NATO, like Donald Rumsfeld. He was also the Chief US Liaison to the Republic of China. His name was David Bruce…His father-in-law was a Mellon, like from Mellon Bank. He went to the American School in London. He was one of the biggest intelligence assets our nation had in the ’50s, all the way up to the late ’70s, with Gerald Ford.

“Helped implement all of this and after the Nazi war, he was the ambassador to France and Germany and the UK and then, China, of course. So, this isn’t just some happenstance person. It was his idea of rigging the elections, because that’s something that the Chinese were already doing, because people weren’t allowed to question authority.

“I wanted to throw in names of actual people that did this.

“And just so you understand, Bruce was no stranger to psychological operations, as his children were huge proponents of the Council of United Civil Rights Leadership, and it was his daughter and her, husband Stephen Currier, who met with Martin Luther King, Jr and it is alleged assisted in his assassination, as they felt that him being assassinated would give more merit to the grievances people had. Just so that you understand context, here.

“So, as we move on, we had multiple portions of the war plan; what they were gonna do in order to dominate for oil and geography, because not a lot of people understand just how important the Middle East and the land of Turkey, geospatially are.

“How important they are. They link up 3 continents: Africa, which is an untapped, wealthy continent, Europe and Asia. And they give access to it all. And every large nation wishes to have access to that land and dominance.

“Now, as all of these parts; which is 1). the ‘Let’s terrorize Americans so we can digitize and control them. Therefore, we can create the monitoring systems that we can deploy over in other countries, too.’

“2). This was all in conjunction with the Crown and other big leaders, such as the Chinese, the Russians – sort-of, not really Gorbachev – wasn’t really his cup of tea. Putin played both sides of the fence very well and you can see him coming up really hard, now.

“Now, as we see, the elections were more the non-violent route and this was a very important project.

“9/11 was imperative. The market was going to collapse, because they were going to collapse it, because they wanted technology to fizzle and bust and this is why we had the Tech Bubble Bust.

“And post-2000, even though technology was rapidly advancing and people were getting more immersed in it, for some reason, everybody lost their money during the Tech Bubble…

“How did we lose money but everything’s being implemented? That’s because the Government took a hold if it. And you were too busy worrying about your safety to look at it. And this is how you make a shift in the market.

“And so we have John Brennan executing ‘The Plan’ to get people to fall on your knees, begging out of fear. And forfeiting their rights for that.

“At the same time, the Department of Defense, under Rumsfeld was working really, really hard and fast on biological warfare and this is where anthrax comes in. That is what he was working on.

“He was more the person thinking that ‘What we have to do is control the people from the inside out. Not only from outside forces but inside.

“Either we make them dependent on medication or we change them, where the strongest survive and therefore, we can provide everything they’ll need and they’ll be happy. I think we’ve heard Klaus say the same words, Klaus Schwab…

“And this all came from our own government. Many people would like to say that it was ‘this person’ and ‘that person’ and they were all fronts. It was the US Government. It was Rumsfeld. Remember, he sat on the board of Gilead. OK? He sat on the board.

“Bush Senior started the process, the process was attenuated with that Redneck from Arkansas. It was his wife that did it. She wanted to be President but the ’90s wouldn’t let her, so he just pretended to be President while she was really in charge. 

“And so, the plan was born. This was ‘The Plan’. ‘The Plan was for dominance. I know, we as a nation want to be strong and we want to stand and compete. And that is what true competition is. That is what true people do. But these people did not have that.

“9/11 is how they got to you. 9/11 is how they got away with violating our privacy, throwing more people in jail, curbing our speech, becoming the Thought Police and smothering us in technology, like nobody’s business.

“They pushed us faster into technology than we could blink. I’m a Gen Xer. I remember a time when we had corded phones and TVs that were static…”

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